Fun at the Batting Cages

Rachel Gibson

Speaking of inexpensive fun, I was really impressed with the batting cages. For only $2 you can get eight swings against Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez.

Rachel at bat (By Diego Rivera)

It's so great. They've managed to rig it so it REALLY feels like you're batting against a star pitcher. You don't see the pitching machine because it's behind a big screen that shows video of your favorite pitcher on the mound.

The pitcher winds up, pitches and I'll be darned if it doesn't look exactly like the ball comes out of his hand!! I almost squealed, "Where the heck is the ball coming from?" Evidently, there's a barely perceptible slit in the screen from which the ball comes through at the exact point that the video pitcher's hand releases the ball. Maybe you all have seen that before and it's old news, but I thought it was fantastic.

You can choose from 10 star pitchers or the Philly Phanatic. Just tell the attendant before you enter the cage. I thought the Phanatic's pitches might be slower and easier to hit, but I learned that all the pitches are coming at 65 miles per hour, so pick who you want. Tip: The third to last pitch is always low and inside.

Only downsides I see: Um, a Nationals pitcher would be nice. Also, some of the little kids had a hard time with the height and speed of the pitches.

There's a similar pitching area where you can pitch to a video batter, but I haven't tried it out yet.

By Rachel Gibson  |  April 15, 2008; 9:00 AM ET  | Category:  Rachel Gibson
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I spend that much at the batting cages in the 'burbs, and there's nary a Randy Johnson to be seen. And from what I've seen, the line isn't insane at all.

Now I know what to do when Colome strolls in to relieve. And my section sits just above the batting cages. Sweet!

Posted by: Grumpy | April 15, 2008 9:08 AM

Where are these batting cages? Are they near the Playstation area?

Posted by: Ian | April 21, 2008 8:28 PM

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