Nats Ambassadors: Tough Job, Good Job

Scott Watson

I feel sorry for the "Nationals Ambassadors" who greet the Nats Express from RFK every game. They have to walk such a fine line. It's a line that every Nationals Park representative probably confronts at every game.

When the Nats Express pulls up at M and 3rd streets SE, a Nationals employee boards the bus as an "Ambassador" there to greet fans to the new ballpark. They are literally the first face of the ballpark for any first-time visitor taking advantage of RFK's free parking.

But now that it's late May, the bus is usually full of degenerate baseball addicts, many of whom have been to the Park 10 or 15 times. I'm one of them, and sometimes all I want is OFF that bus! A smiling, cheerful employee taking a minute to explain where to go and how to get to the stadium only slows me down and keeps me packed in that bus. And I'm one of the sober degenerates; the tailgaters who got to RFK at 5:15 have even less patience. We can't be a welcome sight to the Ambassadors.

But every bus, for every game, gets a cheerful, friendly, and quick explanation of where the park is, when the buses run, and how the patrons can have the easiest time getting to the game. For a newcomer, the face of the Nats remains a smiling and welcoming one.

Despite my impatience, I can only say, "Job well done!"

By Scott Watson  |  May 22, 2008; 2:30 PM ET  | Category:  Driving , Nats Express Bus , Scott Watson , Stadium Staff
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Looks like this blog has run it's course. All that's left to discuss is the bus greeters.

Posted by: (419+1)*0 | May 22, 2008 5:55 PM

Hey, what do ya want for nothing, Ernest Hemingway? "He was an old man who sat alone in the Scoreboard Pavilion and he had gone eighty-four days now without a half smoke from Ben's Chili Bowl." I didn't know about the bus greeters before and now I do and that's enough for me ...

Posted by: Mister Parker | May 22, 2008 11:31 PM

The one thing I like about Watson is that he actually goes to the games and then blogs. I'm not sure about the other Grounds Crew bloggers but if they have been going to the games they damn sure haven't been blogging about it. Watson is always good for a few blogs and keeps them short when he knows he's reaching for material (see above blog). Right now he's #1 in my Grounds Crew Ranking.

1. Watson
2. Solem - until I figure out what this kid is talking about and whether he's serious or sarcastic I am withholding demotion.
3. J.P.- the early front runner and normally gets the most reaction out of the readers. MIA lately.
4. Cole- been a regular contributor but we're still waiting for her breakout.
5. Deblaker- seems to be stuck in a bike blogging rut.
6. Baker- his recent blogs move him up in the standings.
7. Gibson- her metro article caught some flak but we expect her to move up before the end of the year.
8. Brook
9. Ferguson- HIS metro article torpedoed his ranking.
10. Not sure I've noticed any of these other people blog. Shouldn't there be a mandatory minimum blog requirement which if not reached results in your dismissal and replacement?

Posted by: Fushezzi | May 23, 2008 8:32 AM

Solem should be at the bottom of the list, all he does is drink and then write about why the balls are white with incoherent arguements.

Watson could teach Solem a lesson or many.

Posted by: Sect. 112 | May 27, 2008 9:24 AM

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