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A 'Long Lunch' at the Ballpark

From Tom: Yes, I am a creature of habit and a bit of a baseball purist. I like to stay in or near my seat the entire game and keep score. I really don't care about the in-game entertainment or other "cute" stuff, but I understand its value -- especially...

By Brooke Family | June 6, 2008; 8:39 AM ET | Comments (9)

A Fun Night Despite a Canceled Game

I was at the ballpark with my friends last night, and we waited there the entire two plus hours before the game was canceled. Believe it or not, we had a pretty good time. Even on a second try, the stadium staff didn't fix all the grammatical mistakes in their...

By Rachel Gibson | June 5, 2008; 8:19 PM ET | Comments (8)

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I traveled a lot in May, which sadly coincided with each Nats home stand. So I was fired up to get back to the park last night. What made the night even more exciting was going with a friend who had never been. Pulling into Lot H, located on Half...

By J.P. Finlay | June 4, 2008; 1:28 PM ET | Comments (9)

Rain Delay Report

We skipped the game on Tuesday night, handing our tickets over to our mailman, who wears a red DC cap as he makes his rounds through the neighborhood. Here's hoping he brought his rain gear! I did get this report from a buddy who normally sits in the upper deck:...

By Brooke Family | June 4, 2008; 12:39 PM ET | Comments (1)

Sitting in the Rain

After "I'll respect you in the morning," tonight the biggest lie is, "We are monitoring the weather and will keep you updated as information becomes available." Forty minutes of sitting in the rain and nothing has been told to the crowd at Nationals Park....

By Ed Ramras | June 3, 2008; 8:43 PM ET | Comments (10)

A Baseball Date

I have an idea for a great baseball date. It might actually be a nice surprise if your special someone would like something more romantic but thinks you're just going to another ballgame. A good place to sit and eat your romantic lunch is along the waterfront, before you hit...

By Rachel Gibson | June 3, 2008; 9:44 AM ET | Comments (0)

Road Trip Nightmares

The familiar voice of the PA announcer filled the park: "And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. It's ... the racing presidents!" The crowd roared, but I ignored the rest of the announcement. I'd seen it all before. Let the rookies and rubes watch the big screen. But...

By Scott Watson | June 2, 2008; 7:47 AM ET | Comments (0)

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