Phew! A Cheaper 5 Guys

Gillum Ferguson

As many of you now know, there is a Five Guys at Nationals Park behind section 243 in the outfield. I must tell you that when I first heard that my favorite burger place would have a new location at the stadium I was simply ecstatic. Unfortunately my enthusiasm was curbed when I first went there to find nothing but incredibly long lines and insane prices, with the cost of my usual bacon cheeseburger, fries, and drinks totaling at $20.50. Therefore I embarked on a search for the quality of Five Guys in and around the stadium that would not tear my wallet to shreds.

On my search through the Navy Yard area, I actually found another Five Guys. Located at 1100 New Jersey Ave which is right across the street from the Navy Yard metro exit that doesn't go towards the stadium. My favorite part about the place is that instead of paying $20.50 for my meal I only had to pay $10.33.

It's convenient, the service is good, and hey, it's Five Guys, so you can't go wrong! Might as well save some money when you get it.

By Gillum Ferguson  |  June 22, 2008; 6:43 PM ET  | Category:  Food , Gillum Ferguson
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At least the Nats let you bring a reasonable amount of outside food into the park. Within a couple of blocks of the park there is also a Subway and if you're walking in from the Navy Yard, their MWR people have a stand with hot dogs, etc by the parking garage.

Posted by: Sec 419, Row E | June 22, 2008 10:02 PM

Food is one of the biggest disappointments of the stadium. Not only costly but largely ill-prepared. Greasy. Inconsistent portions. Cold. And if you watch the preparers, it is obvious many of them don't have a clue regarding food preparation. But, hey, at least we finally have a baseball team....kinda.

Posted by: Anonymous | June 23, 2008 2:53 AM

Hey YOU, YOU CAN'T BRING THAT FOOD INTO MY SECTION. You didn't pay the over-gouged prices at the concession stands and made a smart choice by buying it cheaper outside the stadium. Who do you think you are, taking food out of my children's mouths by buying food outside the stadium. Don't you know that for every $20 you spend at the concessions, my wife makes 3 cents! That's important to us. Besides, the other $19.97 got to our gracious owners who don't want you messing up the stadium. So leave now and throw away your food. Go pay for one beer what you could pay for 6 at Giant.

Posted by: Nats Usher | June 24, 2008 9:38 AM

You know, I'm just surprised it took you until June 22nd to figure this out. That Five Guys has been there for awhile.

There's also a Subway and a Starbucks. So instead of spending $6 on a poorly made latte at one of the Mayorga Coffee stands, you can spend half the money for something a bit more consistent right down the street. And the lines really aren't that bad prior to games.

Posted by: Nats Fan VS | June 25, 2008 8:31 AM

Phew! A post from Ferguson...we thought you were traded.

I love all the posters, especially Watson who is not afraid to call management out, but it seems that him and a few others have been carrying this blog for the last dozen weeks or so.

And in another post, someone asked what's happened to Emilie. Well, given the unwarrented abuse most of her posts attract, I wouldn't blame her if she ditched this place. It's too bad, because she's a fan and gave a viewpoint. Too bad some others didn't just take it as that and kept their annonymous website attacks in check.

Posted by: Annandale Annie | June 25, 2008 11:07 AM

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