Thanks, Pretzel Guy

Scott Watson

Just a quick "thank you" to the popcorn / pretzel guy working behind Section 238 last week (he declined to give his name, saying he was "just doing his job"). Your good service is appreciated.

Being momentarily distracted by the game, he was quick to apologize when he realized I was waiting in line. I assured him it was all right, and told him I needed to grab a quick pretzel. Rather than hand me one, he explained that all night long, the pretzels had felt "wrong" and weren't quite up to his standards - "although they sure taste good!" he assured me. He then told me I should "check one out" before he'd sell it to me. He was right; it tasted fine, despite being one of the funkiest-looking pretzels I've ever run across.

Although the exchange was inconsequential, it confirms my frequent observation that the ballpark is staffed with friendly, helpful people. Even the autocratic usher is decent, despite being misguided and wrong-headed; he's just mistakenly doing the "best" job that he can, and when not knocking heads, he can manage a smile. The maddening concession problems [long lines for the simplest goods; insane "personalized" service for items that lend themselves to an assembly line] are the result of design and management flaws, and not attributable to "bad attitudes" like I saw at RFK. Maybe management can make it easier for these friendly people to do a good job, and we won't all get caught up in the frustration I see so often in the park.

By Scott Watson  |  July 14, 2008; 3:49 PM ET  | Category:  Scott Watson , Stadium Staff
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The vendor on our aisle at last sunday's game was really annoying. He set down his box on the last seat of the row and proceeded to stand there for most of the first 6 innings (neatly blocking my view of home plate).

Posted by: confused easily | July 18, 2008 10:15 AM

That's when you order something from the fellow and when he turns around to watch the game...throw it at him. He'll get the idea to move eventually.

Posted by: solutions quickly | July 23, 2008 10:38 AM

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