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A View From Section 128

So after a hiatus due to switching employers, I was unable to attend a Nationals game for a while. Okay, almost a full two months. Inexcusable, I know. Yet I remain unapologetic. I like being me. My first experience at Nationals Park was in the 400 section and the view...

By Lindsay Applebaum | June 26, 2008; 06:46 PM ET | Comments (0)

Phew! A Cheaper 5 Guys

As many of you now know, there is a Five Guys at Nationals Park behind section 243 in the outfield. I must tell you that when I first heard that my favorite burger place would have a new location at the stadium I was simply ecstatic. Unfortunately my enthusiasm was...

By Washington Post staff | June 22, 2008; 06:43 PM ET | Comments (6)

A Fun Night Despite a Canceled Game

I was at the ballpark with my friends last night, and we waited there the entire two plus hours before the game was canceled. Believe it or not, we had a pretty good time. Even on a second try, the stadium staff didn't fix all the grammatical mistakes in their...

By Amy L. Kovac | June 5, 2008; 08:19 PM ET | Comments (8)

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I traveled a lot in May, which sadly coincided with each Nats home stand. So I was fired up to get back to the park last night. What made the night even more exciting was going with a friend who had never been. Pulling into Lot H, located on Half...

By Amy L. Kovac | June 4, 2008; 01:28 PM ET | Comments (9)

A Presidential View

A colleague of mine from Texas, Capital D, visited me recently and, rather than conducting our business over dinner at our traditional meeting spot on Capitol Hill, he offered to pick up tickets for a ballgame at Nationals Park. Being a Texan, Capital D likes to think big -- real...

By Lindsay Applebaum | May 30, 2008; 08:14 AM ET | Comments (9)

Hot Dog Love

My friend Heather noticed several hot dog options at Nationals Park, so we walked around with my little notebook the other day to get a tally. Take a wild guess how many different kinds of hot dogs there are at the ballpark. Four? Eight? Try 18! The game was starting...

By Jon DeNunzio | May 27, 2008; 02:46 PM ET | Comments (0)

My Choice for Top Fry

I wouldn't normally associate French fries with baseball, or at least enough to give them too much thought seeing as how the staple food of much critique (and sometimes lament) would obviously be the hot dog. But with so many options at Nats Park, I decided to give them all...

By Amy L. Kovac | May 22, 2008; 12:23 PM ET | Comments (0)

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