MTV Portrays Female as Sex Objects

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By Karen Vanegas

Have you heard beauty is more than just physical appearence? Well, has the music industry? I don't think so. Notice how most of the music playing now has lyrics and videos that talk about a girl physically, as if there were nothing more to her. The music doesn't mention if the girl has a beautiful personality or has intelligence, it only mentions the size of her breasts or behind. The people who buy this music also buy into the female stereotypes.

Image from an MTV video. (Courtesy of MTV)

Most students at McKinley (67%) feel that women in videos are portrayed as sex objects. Eighty-four percent think that there is more to a female than her physical features.Yet the media still finds ways to interest us in females as sex objects in videos and songs.

Why aren't men portrayed as objects? Because they can't sell. Why do girls listen and buy the music, knowing how the lyrics and videos portray females? This music helps men feel dominant over females.

"Most of the music industry is dominated by men, which is the reason why most of the music playing today and videos portray women as objects, and that there's nothing to us other than the physical appearence,"said Judy Moore, teacher of T.V Media. "They aren't able to sell men, so they use women to sell their music."

In the billboard top 100, six out of the top ten songs have lyrics that talk about a girl physically, like some sort of object. Ironically three of those songs are sung by females singers, who talk about their own bodies. The top song is Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back": "I'm bringing sexy back. Them other boys don't know how to act. I think you're special. What's behind your back."

It is followed by the Pussycat Dolls-a female group. Their song "Buttons" wouldn't be so popular if it were sung by a male group: "Baby, can't you see? How these clothes are fitting' on me? And the heat coming from this beat I'm about to blow."

These songs wouldn't be in the top ten if they had different lyrics.I don't buy music that degrades females.If more of us refused to buy music that degrades females, the music industry would stop making it.

By Anna Kinsman |  March 7, 2007; 11:07 AM ET Special
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The problem is that the industry has to portray women as sexually 'liberal' and free in order to adhere to the political correctness imposed on everyone by feminism. Girls have to be shown to be sexually equal to men, often taking on the masculine sexual role in a video. It's really sad. You never see an innocent girl not interested in sex in a music video. If we saw a man pursuing a modest girl with a personality the femminists and thought police would be screaming, anything that shows masculine and feminine for the beautiful things they really are is in trouble for not reversing the sex roles and having women act like men. That's what has made it 'normal' for a woman to be promiscuous and hence a sex object, she flaunts her body around and acts as though she is one, and it's sad. We can thank feminism for this and the almost non-existant romance that has delighted men and women for centuries. We are the ones missing out and it's starting to stretch at the seams.

Posted by: Jane | March 17, 2007 9:46 AM

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