The Legend of Cry Baby Bridge

by Zoe Travers '10
Staff Writer

Someone has finally put baby in the corner.
"I've heard it's scary, but maybe it's because I'm a wimp," said Amy Belinky '09.
Cry Baby Bridge is a popular, spook spot located on the line between Prince George's and Anne Arundel Counties. One of the oldest bridges in Maryland, Cry Baby Bridge has been a place of legends for decades. Many people believe in its folklore.
However, English teacher Matthew Buckley is skeptical. "I've known the story forever and it's probably an urban legend, but I haven't been there before. I feel like there's a Cry Baby Bridge in every town."
Do you know the story?
"I only know the bridge is in Bowie, but besides that nothing," said Ceonna Parran '10.
The most well-known myth surrounding the bridge is of a pregnant teenager living during the 1970's somewhere in Anne Arundel County. Abandoned by the baby's father, she gives birth to the child, much to the dismay of her family. According to the story, the girl is ridiculed and tormented by her family's constant physical and emotional abuse. Not knowing where to turn, she goes to the bridge, drowns her baby, and jumps in after; ending her own life.
Supposedly if you go to the bridge and are emotionally distressed, you can hear the baby's cries.
Another version of the myth says if one were to sprinkle baby powder on the bridge, put their car in neutral, and roll to the other side; baby footprints would form in the powder.
Other versions of the myth say the girl did not jump but was murdered, along with the baby, by her father. Rumor has it that late one night, he murdered the girl and her child, drove his dark car to the bridge, and dumped the bodies. People who believe in this version say on some nights when they drive over the bridge, they see a set of headlights and a black Sedan trailing them. However, when they turn their heads, the car disappears.
So is the tale true? To find out for yourself, visit Cry Baby Bridge on Governor's Bridge Road in Bowie and experience the legend.

Julia Weaver '09, Features Editor, helped with the researching of this article.

By Bishop McNamara HS |  November 18, 2008; 12:42 PM ET Art & Culture
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