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Polls: Your D.C. Visit

How are you getting to Washington? Where will you stay? What events and attractions are you most excited about?

Vote in our polls, or tell us about your travel plans in the comments.

By Christopher Dean Hopkins  |  December 12, 2008; 2:19 PM ET  | Category:  Housing , Point of View , Transportation
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We were going to take the train from NC to DC, but decided a car would be a little cheaper and not necessarily more difficult, because we'll be leaving the Saturday prior and staying with some friends in VA. We lucked out in that respect. Our main goal of course is to see the swearing-in from any vantage point, but I'm also looking forward to simply being anywhere in the city on Tuesday.

Posted by: rowuncw | December 14, 2008 11:39 AM | Report abuse

My family and I are looking forward to this historic event. The roundtrip flights, hotel and car were a good deal (purchased in September), but I am concerned about making it to BWI for a 5:15 PM flight after the swearing in. We plan to walk for 45 minutes to an hour to and from a remote parking site, and take back rods (if any) to the airport. We will see!

Posted by: nicksak | December 15, 2008 12:01 AM | Report abuse

I plan on watching the whole thing on T.V. I will be very comfortable...greg

Posted by: gre45 | December 15, 2008 6:49 AM | Report abuse

UK traveller - having been glued to the blogs for all of 2008 me , my 15 year old daughter and niece are coming over from the UK on the Friday before, staying in New York then taking the Amtrak to DC first thing Monday morning...managed to find a hotel back in August and all booked up well in advance(cool planning as all this was BEFORE the convention!) and will be crammed onto the Mall with millions of Americans!! Moment in History!!!!

Posted by: mark4sense | December 15, 2008 8:24 AM | Report abuse

I notice that most locals are staying as far away from DC as possible. Me included. Those of you coming from out of town, good luck. It's going to be a nightmare.

Posted by: PMMM | December 15, 2008 9:24 AM | Report abuse

I was born in Washington DC, raised my kids there, and escaped to California during the depressing Bush years. I was a teenager when Martin Luther King, Jr. made his famous speech during the March on Washington. I wasn't allowed to go. My dad thought the whole city was going to burn to the ground, with riots everywhere.

I wouldn't miss this for anything. Let me hike for miles, let me be a sardine on Metro, let me stand in the crowd of millions yelling till I'm hoarse. I'm gonna cry like Jesse Jackson!

See Dad? It's all working out!

Posted by: jankearney | December 15, 2008 10:39 AM | Report abuse

God bless all you brave souls coming to DC and cheering our new president.
I, however, will be home with hot chocolate (and a little brandy) :-) watching the whole thing on my new flat screen, high def TV.


Posted by: MUPPET | December 15, 2008 1:30 PM | Report abuse

I'll be leaving the Thursday before the swearing in and heading up North to be with my kids. I'm a Washingtonian and will not be in the area for the confusion and crowds. Good Luck to those of you coming to town. You will need it!!!!

Posted by: dihcroepac | December 15, 2008 1:51 PM | Report abuse

I was born and raised in DC moved to California many years ago. Many of my family members still reside in DC. Coming to DC to this historical event is so important to me. I have a backup plan. The swearing-in ceremony and the parade are my top priority. I hear if you do not get close, there may be large screens set up. Going to a ball would be wonderfull however, economics dictate something more cost effective. The family has planned their own formal including a cutout of our new president, the hiring of musicians and great catered food.

Posted by: margotroache | December 15, 2008 3:02 PM | Report abuse

Certainly it would be interesting to attend the Inaugural festivities given all that it is expected to be.
However, watching it on TV is going to be my best bet on taking it all in.

Posted by: Victoria5 | December 16, 2008 2:17 AM | Report abuse

I can't wait to be part of one of the most significant historic moment and share it with my attorney daughter who lives in DC a city I can't get enough of it when I visit it.
God bless the US and our new president one I predict will be a great one.

Posted by: postDC | December 16, 2008 10:00 AM | Report abuse

I am a native Washingtonian. I've been a live witness to at least 4 inaugural parades. I was part of the throngs of protesters at W's first coronation. So, I'm very used to crowds and logistical challenges. My granddaughter and I will be somewhere along the parade route, kept warm by the knowledge of what we will be a part of and will be witnessing. You couldn't keep us away.

Posted by: dcampbell1 | December 16, 2008 10:48 AM | Report abuse

Since I already had plans to come to Annapolis in January, I intend to stick around to witness the inauguration.

I am a native of Annapolis, MD but have lived in Columbus, OH since I was a teenager. My grandmother, who will reach her 100th birthday January 13, still lives in Annapolis. The family will celebrate her birthday with a gathering January 18.

My actual presence in DC will depend on the day's weather forecast and WMATA's transportation accommodations for persons with disabilities. I would really love to be there in person, if at all possible. (Even considering riding Metro in the day before and getting a table at a 24-hour diner.) But personal safety must determine my course, since my physical challenges are a factor.

Last summer I worked the phone banks at Ohio for Obama. In the final weeks of the campaign, I was privileged to attend two Obama rallies in Columbus. At the first, I got to shake hands with Michelle Obama. At the second, I was one of 60,000 who gathered on the Statehouse plaza. Now I am trying to visualize that crowd's positive energy-- multiplied x 50!

Is there any wonder why I would want to be in Washington DC to see this through?

Posted by: deborahguy | December 16, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

I was born in DC and lived in Arlington for 7 years before moving away to FL, then to CA, then to NE, then to MA!! I am now back in Northern VA and employed here, having to drive the Beltway every day to and from work! Crowds I've had enough of! I will be sitting in my top floor apartment with my new flat screen HDTV bought just for this moment in history! I'm sure I will "feel" the excitement just being five minutes from DC but my vantage point will cost me nothing. I'm a 65 yr old Caucasian female and I have waited for this day all of my life but never expected it to happen, most especially, with a man of such character, integrity and yet humility! The night I heard Barack speak at the 2004 DNC, I said to myself right then, "If THAT man EVER runs for President, he's got MY vote!" And he got it along with that of my entire extended family! Welcome to Washington, DC, Visitors!

Posted by: marywants2no | December 16, 2008 12:32 PM | Report abuse

My Husband and I will be traveling to Washington, D.C. from Miami, Florida, by car. We are very excited about the trip, which is 16 hours. We are leaving Florida on, Thursday January 15 and arriving in D.C. on Friday the 16th. We will be staying five nights (16-20) at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington, VA. We made reservations right after the DNC in August and was able to book our room at $257.05 a night. We will attend 'The Spirit of Hope Presidential Ball' at The Patterson House Mansion (the only ball in Washington DC at a real mansion!) In addition, this mansion once served as the actual White House!) We will be walking to the Swearing in Ceremony since Sheration in approximately two miles from the Capitol.
We are happy to be part of History.

Posted by: CLMMIT | December 18, 2008 9:27 PM | Report abuse

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