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Celebrity Spotings: Fox, Carey, Ali and More

4: 25 p.m.

(6th and C) -- Michael J. Fox talks to folks around the corner from the Newseum.

11: 15 a.m.

(Portajohns)-- Near the Capitol

No celebrity treatment for Halle Berry and her ex-husband Eric Benet who waited in line for a Portajohn near the Capitol. "I was standing in line for an hour, but I'm blessed to be here," Benet said as he bent over to place toe warmers in his black and white Adidas.

9: 36 a.m.

(1rst and E Street NW) -- Getting to the Event

Singer Mariah Carey is wading in the middle of a large crowd at 1st and E Street NW and she can't move. People are snapping photos.

8:35 a.m.

(555 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.) -- Newseum

For today, this museum is living up to its name as a mecca for all things media. Charlie Gibson was escorted to his balcony perch by museum employees. Cokie roberts is chatting calmly in the hall.

"Where's CNN?" James Carville just barked at security guard.
Meanwhile, the bundled crowds have started to trickle onto Pennsylvania Ave. sidewalks but plenty of room remains.

8:31 a.m.
Among the VIP's being driven in was boxing legend Muhammad Ali who just looked and waved when he was asked what the moment meant.

7:30 am

(17th and Constitution) -- Getting to the Event

Actor Samuel L. Jackson shared a few choice words with a member of the Secret Service after his vehicle got tied up in traffic on Constitution Avenue.

A D.C. officer said "I guess he's mad because his police escort hasn't arrived yet. We treat everybody the same here."

-- Ovetta Wiggins, Hamil Harris and Roz Helderman

By Washington Post Editors  |  January 20, 2009; 4:26 PM ET  | Category:  Celebrities
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Denzel Washington had a hissy fit about his seats at the Inauguration. He had a great seat in the Orange section near the very front with a great view of the platform, but complained and complained. He actually climbed over the small concrete wall to find another usher to complain to after the first Marine user and the Capitol police officer he approached were not finding him a new seat. After he moved around, he finally ended up standing throughout the entire ceremony. In the meantime, Tyra Banks, also seated in the same section where Denzel initially was located, had her bodyguards block everyone from taking pictures of her. Halle Berry, on the other hand, was very friendly with the crowd and even shook people's hands. Tom Hanks and Jamie Lee Curtis also were very friendly to the crowds. Oprah was immediately surrounded by fans and other celebs when she arrived, but Stedman was right there to protect her. But Denzel's and Tyra's behavior was shameful. Get over yourselves, already.

Posted by: mountaindonna | January 22, 2009 6:39 PM | Report abuse

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