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Voting Rights Group: Use 'Taxation' Plates in Parade

Today, the voting rights group DC Vote distributed an "Open Letter to President Obama," which included the following inauguration-related requests:

Change the license plates on the presidential motorcade. President Bill Clinton added the DC license plates, which bear the revolutionary slogan "Taxation Without Representation," to the presidential limousine and motorcade before he left office. President George W. Bush promptly removed the plates, signaling his opposition to democracy for DC. We ask that you demonstrate your support by restoring the "Taxation Without Representation" DC license plates to your motorcade before you travel down the Pennsylvania Avenue parade-route after your inauguration. This simple act will signal to millions of Americans across the nation that you are committed to democracy for ALL Americans. Already, the issue has garnered hundreds of media stories and has mobilized the people of the District in calling for a change of plates on the motorcade.

Mention DC voting rights in your inaugural address. As you take the stage, just one day after the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, you will have the opportunity to highlight the modern civil rights struggle by calling on Congress to extend voting rights and full democracy to Americans living in the nation's capital. Your message will reach tens of millions across the nation and around world.

What do you think? Should Obama send a message about D.C. Voting Rights during the inaugural? If so, how? If not, why not? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

By Washington Post Editors  |  January 13, 2009; 5:05 PM ET  | Category:  In the Community
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