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Inauguration in Today's Post: Three Days to Go

michellefashion.jpgHow do you celebrate an historic milestone during a troubling time in the country's history? That's the challenge for Barack Obama's inauguration planners, reports Alec MacGillis in a front page story. He writes: "The official welcoming event in the District is tomorrow, a star-studded show in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Planners will try to infuse the celebrity gala with sobriety by having the musicians and actors deliver thematically linked performances instead of just a collection of greatest hits -- though those selected to give readings include Hollywood stars not known for their gravity. To further ground the celebrations in the needs of the moment, the main theme Monday will be community service -- that is, until nightfall, when revelers will head to a slew of inaugural eve galas."

And who gets to read about and watch all the inaugural events? In some cases, only people who are watching certain networks that have shelled out the big bucks for exclusive broadcast rights, reveals Paul Farhi in the Style section.

Speaking of big money, Obama already seems to be helping one sector of the economy.

Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly offers advice for the many stars coming to town, including the location of the Scientology headquarters. Speaking of outsiders, Republicans will be here watching, too. Obvious quote of the month: "This is a somber period for Republican activists,'' said Jim Shalleck, who was vice chairman of Arizona Sen. John McCain's Maryland campaign. "President Bush is leaving with very low approval ratings, Republicans were wiped out at the polls, and the party is kind of in the wilderness.''

To buy a tux or to rent one, that is the question as men prepare for the inaugural balls. And the cheap solution for women.

And, finally, since we're talking clothes, a big responsibility for the First Fashion Icon.

By David A Nakamura  |  January 17, 2009; 8:00 AM ET  | Category:  Post Coverage
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