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Obama Roadtrip Web Site Hacked

An independent Web site devoted to organizing large roadtrips to Barack Obama's inauguration was hacked last night by pranksters who sent out a profane e-mail announcing the trip was canceled, site organizers said. The site, obamainauguration2009.com, has been taken off line for the time being. It is not related to the official Presidential Inaugural Committee organizing activities.

In a phone message, the organizers said the site's security was breached and that the roadtrips were still a go. They are being organized in cities across the country; people who signed up paid a fee to ride charter buses and commercial jets to Washington. The founder is Horace Mackey of Atlanta, who sought to provide affordable travel options for inauguration attendees.

The pranksters sent an email out to hundreds who had signed up that read: "No Roadtrip [expletive]!" The e-mail, and a cached version of the Web page inclues a list of items supposedly bought by Mackey -- including air flights, hotel stays, gas and meals at McDonald's and Hooters. The e-mail also included the following paragraphs:

Hi Its me, And I got all your money!!!! NOBAMAROADTRIP!!!!!!!! I'm gonna spend it and have spent this money the way I wanted. Check it out---- I spent it and it ain't [expletive] you can do about it especially now that you all are mailing in payments!!! Whooppeeee for meee!!!! YES!!!! Send it on I need more money than ever before! Look at my bank account suckers!!!!!!! YOu [expletive] outta know betta but you didn't!! hahahahahaaaa!!!!! look how i spend your hard earned money!!!! so long. send me more because i'm running out as you can tell.

And a cached version of the Web site included the words:


On a phone message at Mackey's number, a woman explains the e-mail was the work of hackers.

Update 5:53 p.m.: In an interview with the Post's Nikita Stewart, Mackey said he was online at 1:20 a.m. this morning when he got the bogus email from the hackers of his site.

"When he first did it, I thought it was just an e-mail. Then, I realized it was the website," he said. "It's killing me because I'm going through backflips and hurdles to keep this going."

Mackey said he was upset because now he has been innundated with calls from the media and customers. He stressed the trips, which are originating from New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Ohio, Dallas, Houston and other cities, are still a go.

"People get nervous naturally," he said. "Dollar for dollar, everything's been paid."

By David A Nakamura  |  January 6, 2009; 2:03 PM ET  | Category:  Around the Web , Transportation
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Another, really - really bad day for the DEMOCRUDS.

Posted by: hclark1 | January 6, 2009 2:49 PM | Report abuse

We are roadtrip passengers from Oklahoma and we'll be on the bus from Dallas.

The Horace Mackey (http://www.inaugurationroadtrip.com/) website and email was hacked. Fake and fraud emails are being sent by the hacker. As a grassroots movement, we have offered our website and email capabilities to Kathey, Horace and John Mackey today.

Sad this had to happen to these great dedicated folk. Be patient and give them your support and prayers!

I want to emphasize to any potential roadtrippers that your money is safe and the road trips are on! AJ http://www.1aj.org

Posted by: heritage1 | January 6, 2009 7:36 PM | Report abuse

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