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Stan Lee Explains Why Obama is in Spider-Man

obamaspidey.jpgWe told you last week that Barack Obama will make his debut in Spider-Man. So how why did creator Stan Lee decide to bring the President-elect into Spidey's world? The Post's Michael Cavna asked him that very question in an interview:

MICHAEL CAVNA: So how, exactly, did President-elect Obama come to appear in a special "Spider-Man" comic book?

STAN LEE: It was an obvious thing to do. It was the editors there [at Marvel] who made the decision. I think it's great. I had read [recently] that the president-elect was a big fan of Spider-Man and Conan, that he reads them -- maybe he still reads them, I hope!

[Note: Obama has famously posed with a statue of Superman.]

When I read that, I autographed a Spider-Man poster and sent it to him. I fully understand that he probably hasn't had time to respond to me yet, and that's okay. [Laughing.] He might be busy.

MC: If Obama did return the favor and reciprocate somehow, what would you want in return?

SL: I'd just like a Cabinet position. For comic books. I'd be secretary of comics -- something simple.

Read the full conversation.

By David A Nakamura  |  January 14, 2009; 11:30 AM ET  | Category:  Answers , Celebrities , Entertainment , Media
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