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An "intel dump" is a briefing presenting a snapshot and analysis of current events. I first heard the term during an Army training exercise in the California desert, when my commander told me to go into the command post tent to get an "intel dump" from the brigade's intelligence officer. Her brief covered the enemy situation, friendly forces, and the other facts I needed to know to plan my platoon's mission.

The term stuck with me. Shortly after launching a blog in late 2002, I started calling it "Intel Dump" to describe what I wanted to provide with my writing.

At its new home on washingtonpost.com, Intel Dump will explore national security and intelligence issues and how they relate to American diplomatic, military and economic power. The blog will focus on Iraq and Afghanistan because of their importance for American national security, but it will also look beyond those conflicts to emerging threats, intelligence issues, public diplomacy, state and local anti-terrorism efforts, veterans issues, and more. If you have a tip or want me to discuss a particular issue, please write to me at inteldump@gmail.com.
From July to November, Phil will be on leave from Intel Dump, with several guest contributors blogging in his absence.

By Phillip Carter |  April 4, 2008; 8:59 AM ET
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