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The Greatest Threat?

By Clint Douglas As Erin wrote, it's not clear how much foreign policy the candidates will talk about tonight. When they do get around to debating their differing visions of America's place in the world, however, they'll likely be confronted by the perennial question: "What is the greatest threat to...

By Marisa Katz | September 26, 2008; 5:36 PM ET | Comments (9)

So Much for the Foreign Policy Election

By Erin Simpson Well, after last minute "will-he-or-won't-he" drama, it looks like we're gonna have ourselves a debate tonight. But will it focus on foreign policy (the agreed upon topic) or instead the bailout and this week's market histrionics? That seems like anybody's guess. And while my professional interests are...

By Marisa Katz | September 26, 2008; 3:48 PM ET | Comments (2)

Thou Shalt Not

By Robert Bateman Back in late 1991, my battalion deployed to the Sinai Desert as a part of the Multinational Force and Observers. This force, consisting of military forces from eleven different nations, stands on the border between Egypt and Israel and ensures that both sides are adhering to the...

By Marisa Katz | September 26, 2008; 11:02 AM ET | Comments (11)

LPC Marksmanship*

By Robert Bateman The United States Army seems to have a nearly limitless capacity to screw things up by the numbers. We do a lot of things well, even under the most trying conditions imaginable. But it might be fair to say that just behind our ability to shoot the...

By Marisa Katz | September 25, 2008; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (20)

What's Wrong With Weak States?

By Janine Davidson Tom Johnson and M. Chris Mason have an excellent short piece, "All Counterinsurgency Is Local," in the latest Atlantic magazine. They critique the NATO counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan for its ill-conceived emphasis on strengthening national-level governance and its disregard for the smaller districts, where the real center...

By Marisa Katz | September 24, 2008; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (4)

A Crisis of Competence

By Shawn Brimley Like many of you, I've spent the last week trying to wrap my mind around the woe on Wall Street, and how it will affect those of us on Main Street. I watched all the Sunday talk shows and read the press accounts, but I remain confused....

By Marisa Katz | September 23, 2008; 9:14 AM ET | Comments (11)

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