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If you're planning to blog, photograph, record or otherwise take note of next week's election, then your posts can be a part of The Post's election coverage, thanks to a partnership with the news networking site.

Just browse to this Washington Post page on socialmedian and add your blog, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube RSS to the Election 2008 news network. Whatever you post on Election Day and the day after will appear on pages devoted to user views of the election -- and on other sites, including, that grab the Election 2008 display widget.

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Sen.McCain states he has the experience that is needed and Sen.Obama does not have what it takes to put us on the right track.

Well this is what I say:

The man that built the Titanic had experience.
The man that built the Ark did not.

Which one survived and which one sunk?
We are already drowning, choose the Ark.

Bianca Flank

Posted by: bmforeverinchicago | October 29, 2008 12:14 PM

Wake up America ,when Clinton left the whitehouse you had a strong economy your relations with the rest of the world were great .8 yrs later look at your standing today and ask yourselves do you want more of the same.

You have a chance to make your country great again don't listen to scare tatics from the republicans because you have been ruled by fear for too long.

Give this young man a chance to make your country great again because i believe this man loves his country and wants only the best for its citizens .

This is from an outsider looking in but we sometimes see more than those directly involved ,so from across the pond
vote wisely and make america a proud nation again.

Posted by: logga8 | October 29, 2008 12:41 PM

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