The Case of the Missing Cell Phone Charger

My cell phone isn't the greatest. Essentially, if two tin cans connected by string could also take really fuzzy pictures, you'd have my phone.

New cell phones have batteries that probably haven't needed to be charged since the before the NHL playoffs began.

My phone's battery needs to be charged more often than Ohio State fans go on a riot.

So it was somewhat alarming when I realized that I left my cell phone charger at the random seat in the press box where I was sitting on Friday during the walk-throughs for the Division I teams at Gillette Stadium.

Thankfully, it was still there when I arrived on Saturday morning. I felt luckier than Navy must've felt after it was gifted four goals by UNC in the first round this year.

Vowing never to lose my cell phone charger again, I filed my semifinal stories not from my seat, but from an open-air portion of the press box one level below. On Sunday morning, I went back to that spot for some fresh air--and was greeted by the site of a cell phone charger. My cell phone charger.

This time, I grabbed the charger like Steve Looney getting a groundball and kept it with me at all times, even when I moved from my seat in the PB (too much sun) to a spot a couple rows higher to file my advance for the title game.

And that was the exact same spot where I found my charger the next morning.

By Christian Swezey |  June 3, 2008; 12:44 PM ET
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"On Sunday morning, I went back to that spot for some fresh air--and was greeted by the site of a cell phone charger."

Shouldn't it be "sight"?

Posted by: MNMNT | June 3, 2008 1:46 PM

I've been waiting with baited breath for this story.

Posted by: Incredulous | June 3, 2008 1:58 PM

I know. I wish I could be paid to write about missing cellphone chargers at my work and get paid for it. Or I could be employed by the government where the only requirement for employment is breathing.

Posted by: MNMNT | June 3, 2008 2:50 PM

You didn't fly back until Tuesday morning, so we weren't around to remind you to pick it up. Did you remember to bringit home?

Posted by: Eddie Timanus | June 3, 2008 4:28 PM

Cap'n Simile strikes again.

Posted by: Jaysfan | June 3, 2008 8:03 PM

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