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The Downturn Blues

Fascinating chat with Steven Pearlstein on The Post site today about the mortgage mess. It appears that John Q. is starting to get a little fed up with the financial industry's bailout. Look, I'm just going by measured comments like,...

By Scott Berinato | July 25, 2008; 2:15 PM ET | Comments (0)

Stop Wasting Valuable Time

Most leadership teams fritter away precious hours on unfocused, inconclusive discussions. Results? Delayed decisions, wasted resources, and ill-informed strategies. Here's one way to make better use of your leadership team's time-and craft sounder strategies: Put real choices on the table....

By Editors | July 25, 2008; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

So Long, Facebook Friend

Erick Schonfeld's TechCrunch post about the plummeting value of ads on social networks is definitive. "Nobody can make money on social network ads," he writes, and that's just the first sentence. Since January, Schonfeld reports, one company's guaranteed rate on...

By Scott Berinato | July 24, 2008; 10:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Pump Up Your Persuasive Power

In an era of cross-functional teams and intercompany partnerships, masters of persuasion exert far more influence than formal power structures. How to use your persuasive power to capture an audience, sway undecideds, and convert opponents? Understand and leverage deeply rooted...

By Editors | July 24, 2008; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (4)

The One Number You Need to Grow

Many companies invest heavily in measuring customer satisfaction, assuming that increased satisfaction leads to improved customer loyalty and hence growth. But most satisfaction yardsticks are complex and yield ambiguous results. Worse, they don't necessarily correlate to growth or profits. There's...

By Editors | July 23, 2008; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

What Makes Your Company's Leader Special?

Companies spend huge bucks on leadership development, only to get lukewarm results. Why? They rely on leadership competency models identifying generic traits (vision, direction, energy), then develop leaders who fit the model. Result? Vanilla executives who aren't equipped to manage...

By Editors | July 22, 2008; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (3)

Subprime Frogs and Other Financial Industry Wisdom

I loved Michael Rosenwald's analysis of consumers' frog-like behavior during a financial crisis. While it's dangerous to attribute all human behavior (economic and otherwise) to simple fight-or-flight brain processes -- we're not frogs -- it's also useful to understand these...

By Scott Berinato | July 21, 2008; 2:30 PM ET | Comments (2)

Send a Clear Message About Time Management

Why do so many organizations sink into chaos? Managers mouth vague marching orders about "results," "company direction," "accountability," and other fuzzy concepts. Followers -- left to develop their own interpretations of what the boss means -- waste time by working...

By Editors | July 21, 2008; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

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