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Timing is everything. In truth was planning an ethics blog before all the banks started failing. (What does it say that the largest bank failure in U.S. history was reported today and the news met with a collective shrug?)

So it's just a happy coincidence that our own ethicist, Clinton Korver, has started a blog in which he'll field business ethics questions, right now during this, well, ethically strained moment in business and leadership history.

Korver, author of Ethics for the Real World, will be fielding questions on ethical dilemmas, big and small. The first question is a good one, about a venture capitalist that wants to moonlight as a VC outside the purview of his day job. If you have a business ethics question you'd like to see answered, you can email him here.

By coincidence, entrepreneur David Silverman just posted a short entry about the ethics of selling. "Is mindless enthusiasm the most important aspect of sales or is it a deep knowledge and respect for the product being offered?" he asks. "Is it wrong to "put you in this car today" even if the salesperson drive a different brand or doesn't drive at all?"

Turns out, Silverman recounts a shocking personal experience that informs his opinion on this topic.

Finally today, two more on the Wall Street meltdown. Thomas Redman and Tom Davenport agree that this crisis was, in part, sparked by analytics and data. But while Redman argues we need better data to fix the problems, Davenport says we need better philosophies.

By Scott Berinato  |  September 26, 2008; 2:25 PM ET  | Category:  Economy Watch
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