What Really Makes a Leader Successful?

Tapping the right individuals for leadership positions is an essential executive task. But often the wrong people are selected. That's because many hiring executives overvalue certain attributes (raw ambition, operational proficiency) while undervaluing others (ability to inspire, willingness to take risks).

To avoid these mistakes, understand the truth about those overvalued attributes. Take raw ambition: The most exceptional leaders don't exhibit strong ambition. They display modesty on the outside--while being fiercely competitive on the inside. And what about operational proficiency? Top leaders thrive in ill-defined, complex situations and see opportunity in confusion. By contrast, operationally proficient individuals rely on policies and procedures--and that can alienate others and stifle innovation.

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On September 15, 2008, Fox News reported that a radical extremist group called ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now which was formed by the same group that formed the 1960’s violent radical group SDS – Students for a Democratic Society, was planning to conduct massive voter fraud in New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida to insure an Obama victory in November.

Why is this report credible or important?

1. ACORN is the largest extremist organization in the US with an estimated 850,000 members.
2. ACORN, through some of its subsidiaries has been implicated in voter fraud in past elections in Washington State, California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida. (In Washington State in 2004 ACORN, through a subsidiary, had contracted with the DNC to register voters. It was discovered after the election that ACORN registered 2,000 voters by simply copying names out of the phone book and forging their signatures. These 2.000 fraudulent voters were enough to steel the gubernatorial election from the Republicans.)
3. ACORN and some of its subsidiaries are already under investigation in several states for voter registration fraud for the upcoming election.
4. The DNC is well aware of ACORN’s election tampering history and yet has contracted with ACORN to conduct voter registration drives in many states.
5. If ACORN is successful in steeling the election for Obama, the facts will not be fully known until after the election is certified, so even though there was massive voter fraud most likely the election results, even though fraudulent, would stand.
6. Until recently ACORN’s attorney has been that man from Illinois who has steadfastly insisted that he has had no connections with extremists groups: BARACK OBAMA! Fox TV showed video of Obama litigating election fraud cases for ACORN in Seattle Washington and Illinois.
7. If the US Attorney finds gross negligence on the part of the DNC in hiring or recommending other organizations hire ACORN or its subsidiaries to register voters while they knew of ACORN’s illegal history, the DNC’s leadership, including Obama, could be tried for Federal Election Tampering.

Don’t take my word for this. Google: ACORN – election fraud. You will find out more than you want to know about ACORN and probably about Obama too.

Posted by: Mike | September 17, 2008 1:00 PM

interesting post, but this really begs for more detail as you never really address what makes someone a leader.

and what in the world do the Acorn comments have to do with this blog?

Posted by: jen | September 17, 2008 4:14 PM

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