Across the Pond: More Toads

The news on the economy isn't any better in Europe and Asia. And neither is the leadership, says Gill Corkindale, writing from London.

Corkindale focuses on British PM Gordon Brown, who gave a speech on the economy in December that she says, was a "masterstroke."

But, "The financial crisis has well and truly exposed Brown as a ditherer, incapable of making decisions under pressure." His hesitation, she argues, has a palpable effect as markets lose confidence when leaders don't lead. She goes so far as to suggest British subjects have more faith in a BBC business reporter than the government. "He's often several steps ahead of the treasury ministers," she writes of BBC reporter Robert Preston.

So, what's it like to be an MBA student right now? Stewart Friedman asked some B-schoolers how they felt about their chosen career path in light of the crisis. One smart aleck said "No worries. I'll just go into consulting." Friedman's larger point is that he hopes, and believes, that
many will choose a public service career. The opportunity to Do Good may start to make inroads against the opportunity to do well.

Guess which budget gets axed first in a rotten economy? The IT budget of course. IT blogger Susan Cramm says cutting IT's funds is "like taking candy from a baby." Why is IT the Rodney Dangerfield of budgets? Cramm says, "Unfortunately, many CIOs can't lead a discussion that will result in smart reductions," so the CFO, lacking evidence of money well spent, just hacks away.

Finally, today, read Richard Norton Smith's excellent essay on what the next president must have to succeed. Smith, a powerhouse presidential historian surveys the paragons of leadership from our past and finds they all have one strength, one leadership ability, in common. You'll have to read the story to find out what it is.

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As the World Leaders see our Govenment lie and rob taxpayers there is no trust. AIG got 85 Billion dollars and quickly had a party and spent 400,000 dollars and got another 37 Billion from the Fed. Paulson is giving money to Goldman Sachs and other polictial friends of the White House and a German Bank that Daddy Bush sits on the board. Not a dime has gone to save the banks or help the people. Paulson will come up with another lie for more money to bring the grand total of debt to 53 Trillion dollars by the time Obama takes office. Now if McCain/Palin steal the election the USA will become a Third World Country. With Global News the World knows the US is run by crooks, liars and thieves and no one wants to invest with those kind of people.

Posted by: Jackie | October 9, 2008 12:56 AM

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