Suspect Didn't Believe Holocaust 'Existed,' According to Neighbor

A woman who opened the door at the suspect's apartment, in a neighborhood outside downtown Annapolis, decline comment.

Neighbors who asked that their names not be used, said they recently invited the suspect to their home for a drink, and he unexpectedly brought up his belief that the Holocaust did not occur.

"He didn't believe the Holocaust existed. It was just off the wall," said one of the neighbors.

--John Wagner

June 10, 2009; 3:23 PM ET  | Category:  metro
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One report on local channel NBC4 (Jim Iovine and Michael Clancy) stated that that the alleged gunman at the Holocaust Museum, Von Brunn "during WWII he served as PT-Boat captain, Lt. USNR, receiving a Commendation and four battle stars." I do not believe this is true. My own father was a PT boat skipper in W.W. II and a check of Capt. Robert J. Bulkley's authoritative book, At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy ["with a Foreword by President John F. Kennedy"](Washington: Gov. Printing Ofc., 1962), and Appendix C "Awards and Citations" and the index - finds no reference to this crazed individual. I recommend all reporters double check their sources before using them in news stories.

Posted by: ScottBlair | June 10, 2009 3:46 PM

Well, I have to say this: my mother comes from Germany and she doesn't believe the holocaust happened either. We have had some very strong arguments about it. She was there and belonged to the Hitler Youth organization. Her own father had the stuffings beaten out of him more than once for speaking out about his hatred of Hitler. No amount of pictures shown with the starving Jewish people and other 'imperfects' or the open mass graves will convince her it ever happened. She said those pictures were of the people dying from Tuberculosis and other diseases. I wasn't there but I know what I've been taught and I have spoken with the woman from our own little Holocaust museum and I just don't see how it could NOT have happened. My heart truly goes out to everyone involved in this. This is what hatred will do to people.

Posted by: phillips9251 | June 10, 2009 4:29 PM

Killing is never justified. And by the way, this Man's book never states the Holocaust didn't exist. The Jewish killings existed. If you would take the time you to read that the real situation was exagerated to get the United States involved in WWII. Sound familiar? I have read a large portion of Chapter 6 in Von Brunn's book and learned that the United States got involved in WWII due to Jewish led propaganda much like the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" lie we are so familiar with today. It always amazes me how the masses go for these lies over and over. Here once again the Jewish Supremecy will leverage this to their advantage. I might remind you that we need a count on the Palestinians recently killed! Long live the honest, hard working, German people for we will win not because we are chosen, but we are simply better!

Posted by: mrjayallen | June 10, 2009 5:33 PM

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