Wimbledon: Longest match ever (Live coverage, VIDEO)

It's over! John Isner finally outlasted Nicolas Mahut areon the third day of their record-breaking first-round match at Wimbledon, 70-68 in the fifth set. The match was suspended because of darkness Wednesday with the score tied at 59 in the fifth set.

We provided regular updates here as the match continues.

11:45: Isner wins! 70-68.

11:44: Match now 11 hours long, over three days.

11:43: Isner up 69-68.

11:41: Alligator on Mahut's shirt either gasping or yawning.

11:39: 68-all.

11:35: Isner up 68-67.

11:34: 67-all.

11:33: Mahut up 40-0.

11:30: Isner up 67-66.

11:28: Heard this before? Mahut holds serves. It's tied at 66.

11:23: Isner wins the 13th game of the day and now leads 66-65.

11:22: Isner took a 15-0 lead but Mahut won the next four points and the game. 65 apiece.

11:19: And Isner takes the lead again, 65-64.

11:16: Tied at 64.

11:15: By the way, this is a first round match. Other players have already advanced to the third round.

11:12: Isner holds serve for the 83rd straight time and takes the 64-63 lead.

11:10: Make that 83 in a row for Mahut. All tied at 63.

11:08: Each player has held serve 82 consecutive times.

11:06: Isner takes the lead, 63-62.

11:05: Isner just served his 77th ace of the set. Mahut has 75.

11:02: Mahut is having issues with some cameramen when he serves. Earlier he had to stop mid-serve because of a distraction and before another he yelled, "I'm serving!" Not that he's having much trouble anyways. He held serve again. It's tied at 62.

10:59: John McEnroe is in attendance. "I'm tired just watching this," he said.

10:58: There is no let up in either of these players. Another Isner ace gives him the 62-61 lead.

10:55: Mahut holds serve. All even at 61.

10:54: This fifth set alone is longer than any match in history.

10:51: Another Isner ace gives the American a 61-60 lead. Both players have held serve so far.

10:49: Isner wound up winning the first game to take a 60-59 lead but Mahut held serve to tie it again at 60.

10:46: Isner just reared backed and served his 100th ace of the match. He's serving for game point.

10:42: Two minutes later than scheduled the match began. Isner double-faulted to give Mahut the day's first point.

10:39: The match will resume in one minute, at 3:40 p.m. London time. The match was suspended last night at 9:10 p.m. London time.

10:37: The players are warming up now. Isner will serve first when the longest match in professional tennis resumes.

10:33: The players are being escorted to Court 18. A huge crowd awaits them.

10:31: ESPN has begun its coverage of the match. Right now they're talking about how the personal trainers have played a big role over the two days. Looks like Mahut is having some stomach problems that could affect his play.

June 24, 2010; 9:46 AM ET  | Category:  sports
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What's funny is that the very reason this amazing match is taking place is what's wrong with modern tennis, right? Big servers who don't have a complete game and can't break serve. It's not very interesting to watch if not for the extreme length of the match.

Posted by: JamesEReed | June 24, 2010 11:27 AM

I wonder if they are letting each other keep it tied, either consciously or unconsciously?

Posted by: bowmanrand1 | June 24, 2010 11:34 AM

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