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Posted at 7:10 PM ET, 07/26/2010

CO incident sends couple to hospital

By Erica Johnston

Corrected, 6:04 p.m.: The headline was updated to reflect that it was CO, not CO2.

Two people in Montgomery County experienced possible medical problems Monday afternoon as an indirect effect of the storm.

The elderly couple had apparently been exposed to carbon monoxide from a generator used after their Colesville neighborhood lost power, a county fire and rescue spokesman said.

Capt. Oscar Garcia said the incident occurred at a house in the 13100 block of Buccaneer Drive, where the generator was operating on a screened porch. He said the couple were taken to a hospital for a checkup.

Garcia recommended keeping generators at a distance from houses, with exhausts pointing away.

-- Martin Weil

By Erica Johnston  | July 26, 2010; 7:10 PM ET
Categories:  Crime and Public Safety, Maryland  
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The headline should read CO for carbon MONoxide, not CO2 for carbon DIoxide.

Posted by: marcferrara | July 26, 2010 8:12 PM | Report abuse

Yeah, carbon DIoxide is what we exhale.

Posted by: PorthosAD | July 26, 2010 9:19 PM | Report abuse

Tonight's Quiz:
The Washington Post messed up this headline because:
A) They don't bother to proofread anything they post.
B) They don't have anyone on staff who knows basic grade school chemistry.
C) Both of the above.
D) Huh? What's wrong with it?
E) Other (insert suggestion here ______).

Posted by: nan_lynn | July 26, 2010 11:50 PM | Report abuse


Oh yeah, that's right. CO2 is that evil gaseous man-made substance that's going to make the entire earth boil within a decade, if we all don't convert to Luddites.


nan_lynn wrote: "The Washington Post messed up this headline because:"

E) Despite being the most important of all plant foods, CO2 is evil. Because a handful of over paid elitist Leftist govt scientist hacks, have fudged their data for decades. All, in an attempt to convince the gullible public that if BIG govt isn't given the powers to control absolutely everything we citizens do, we're all doomed to die horribly painful deaths, as earth's atmosphere boils us all to death.

Ding Ding Ding!

That's it!


Well, that's (another of) the false meme(s) being very heavily pushed (of course, at our expense) by the political Left, anyway.

Doesn't anyone read to see the actual scientific truth of this matter?

I guess not...

Posted by: Just-Tex | July 27, 2010 1:52 AM | Report abuse

Hey Brain trust at post CO2 is carbon dioxide and isn't dangerous, despite what the global warming propaganda people say. CO is carbon monoxide and that is what kills people. Doesn't anybody pay attention in science class these days.

Posted by: nubeldorf1 | July 27, 2010 6:47 AM | Report abuse

CO2 can kill you just like CO. That's why kids who get trapped in abandoned refrigerators suffocate. They breathe their own exhaled breath (CO2) and die from Oxygen deprivation. BTW, gas motors produce CO2 also, but CO is the more toxic gas to humans.

Posted by: PepperDr | July 27, 2010 9:19 AM | Report abuse

This paper is a joke.

Posted by: beesknees | July 27, 2010 10:32 AM | Report abuse

Thank goodness you guys are catching these flubs these idiot reporters are doing. Wondering where they got their education.. Carbon Monoxide = CO
Carbon Dioxide = C02.
They even mentioned it properly in their report however put the wrong info on the headline. Dumb!
I though they were going to report that some kids decided to inhale CO2 for fun... and had to be taken to the hospital.

Posted by: BobbyW1 | July 27, 2010 10:35 AM | Report abuse

This may not be a mistake. An efficient generator may emit CO2 rather than CO (just as newer cars emit water and CO2 instead of carbon monoxide). In my basement, I have a CO2 detector that will go off if a ventilation problems result in a build up of CO2 in by basement (I have a furnace that runs on natural gas.)
If your are breathing an mixture of air which is to heavy in CO2 and to sparse in oxygen you will suffocate.
PS The references making jibes about CO2 and global warming are just stupid.

Posted by: halo666 | July 27, 2010 10:48 AM | Report abuse

Proof that chemistry should be required for journalism majors in college.

Posted by: nuke41 | July 27, 2010 12:00 PM | Report abuse

As many have pointed out, the initial headline stating CO2 shows the absolute ignorance of the staff of the ComPost.

Carbon Monoxide. Mon or mono = 1, or CO.

Carbon Dioxide. Di = 2.

While it is true that if you are in an area whose O2 (oxygen for all you journalism types out there) has been displaced by CO2, you can also suffocate. But CO2 would not be a dangerous byproduct of the generator.

There is the old saying "Ignorance is bliss" so I can only presume the author (Martin Weil) must be the happiest guy at the ComPost.

Posted by: Disbelief | July 27, 2010 1:58 PM | Report abuse

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