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Posted at 8:52 PM ET, 08/16/2010

2 Howard U. students held up

By Erica Johnston

Two robbers, one with a gun and one with a taser, held up two Howard University students in their off-campus quarters last week, taking laptop computers, cash, cell phones and tennis shoes, the university police said. One student was injured.

The incident, described in a campus alert, occurred about 11 a.m. Friday in the 200 block of Elm Street NW, a few blocks from campus.

After a student answered a knock at the door, the robbers forced their way in and carried off the items, according to the alert.

One student suffered a cut ear and facial abrasions, the university police said.
A university spokeswoman said that Howard policy calls for issuance of alerts about crime on or near campus.

-- Martin Weil

By Erica Johnston  | August 16, 2010; 8:52 PM ET
Categories:  Crime and Public Safety, DC  
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Young people, please use common sense! Don't answer the door for strangers or even for friends who come unannounced! You are in the city, not some hick town in the country. People are watching you move in and they aren't watching because they are neighborly!

Posted by: Ross65 | August 16, 2010 11:56 PM | Report abuse

the gunmen's were Jamal,Trayvon,and Mooluka.All suspects were angry that their 'gubment money',ran out before the first.

Posted by: warrenbrown3 | August 17, 2010 12:37 AM | Report abuse

Ross65, amen to your comment.

LOL@warrenbrown3. You are such a racist. I hope you remember these racist words you posted on this blog on your dying bed. Hopefully, Jamal, Trayvon, and Mooluka will be your pallbearers

Posted by: Ward4DC | August 17, 2010 1:29 AM | Report abuse

Yes, yes, yes, WarrenBrown: you are such a racist. I'm sure the assailants and the victims were all white. There are so many white robbers in DC and white students at Howard it's gotten very worrisome.

Wait, now I'm the racist for not assuming that they were likely Asian. Mea culpa/my bad. Peace.

Posted by: RealityCheckerInEffect | August 17, 2010 7:44 AM | Report abuse

What difference does it make what color the suspects are?

Truthfully though, Washington Post blogs are a forum/venting session for racist who have to keep their mouths closed at work and out in public. They don't have to courage to confront the people they have a problem with so this is their avenue. blogs have no problem with stirring up racism!

Posted by: millineumman | August 17, 2010 8:27 AM | Report abuse

You know it is sad that this person warrenbrown3 will use an article like this to boast racism..are you nuts. This are young adult trying to get their education..this could be your kids or a relative living in another city maybe trying to very careful with the words that you use in life, they may come back to you one day. Or better yet, try doing something with your life, instead of looking for a moment to mean and dirty..hopefully they have learned that you have to protect yourself and all times, a thief works 24/7.

Posted by: shadon1 | August 17, 2010 8:41 AM | Report abuse

TV news account said the students had $4,000 in cash stolen. I suspect the robbers targeted these people because they knew about all the cash.

Posted by: buffysummers | August 17, 2010 9:14 AM | Report abuse

millineumman, you got it right! I'll bet my last dime that the "warrenbrown3's" that post their racist rhetoric on blogs wouldn't have the NERVE to say these things out loud to someone's face! Like another poster commented, what difference does it make what race the suspects are? Grow up and get a life THAT MATTERS!!

Posted by: getaclue3 | August 17, 2010 9:20 AM | Report abuse

@buffysummers exactly, I immediately thought the same thing. Who keeps 4K in cash just lying around in a shoe box? They were targeted, but this is random to say the least, I don't see it being the beginning of a crime spree or anything. Clueless fools who more than likely was running that mouth about how much they, or should I say, Mommy and Daddy had [given them] in terms of material and monetary wealth. Should've used common sense.

Posted by: lulu202 | August 17, 2010 9:41 AM | Report abuse

It sounds like the students were the local college weed connect. I wouldn't be surprised if the "robbers" were actually more like "classmates".

Who just keeps 4K lying around in a shoebox? Folks who need to make chnage while they are selling Ganja.

Posted by: BLKManCommonSense | August 17, 2010 9:58 AM | Report abuse

TV news account said the students had $4,000 in cash stolen. I suspect the robbers targeted these people because they knew about all the cash.

Posted by: buffysummers | August 17, 2010 9:14 AM
Who has $4,000 in a off campus dorm in DC of all places? If that is true, then they needed to get robbed. I don't even answer the door sometimes when I know who it is, so I know I won't answer a door to a stranger.

Posted by: PublicEnemy1 | August 17, 2010 10:12 AM | Report abuse

Um yeah, the 4K in cash does change the story. Why didn't these robbers hit any other rooms in the dorm? I used to live (in the dorm in another century) :-) It is not unusual to have someone knocking on the door at anytime of day or night. But I didn't know of anyone keeping that type of cash around in a dorm room unless they were dealing!

Posted by: PepperDr | August 17, 2010 10:16 AM | Report abuse

Dr Pepper,
This didn't happen in the dorms.

Posted by: DCteacher | August 17, 2010 11:12 AM | Report abuse

Thieves and muggers in this city are getting bolder. Attacking students now. They must feel really manly and powerful.

Posted by: kcflood87 | August 17, 2010 12:21 PM | Report abuse

Must have been Asians mad about the Racist Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Posted by: jiji1 | August 17, 2010 2:16 PM | Report abuse

It is quite the shame when you let in two guys that you don't even know, supposedly, and they rob you of $5k worth of stuff and you don't even know who they are.

But then again we have only their word that they were robbed of $5k worth of stuff by two guys armed with a gun and a taser. Maybe they actually lost it betting on sports or something.

time will tell.

Posted by: tokenwhitemale | August 18, 2010 4:49 AM | Report abuse

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