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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 04/ 1/2010

Fenty proposes $8.9 billion budget

By Washington Post editors

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty proposed an $8.9 billion budget blueprint Thursday that he said does “more with less,” eliminating hundreds of jobs and freezing employee pay raises.

To close an estimated $500 million gap, Fenty would raise hourly parking meter rates in some areas by a quarter, increase the city's 911 fee and impose a one percent tax on hospitals.

Applications for residential parking permits would increase from $15 to $25. Parking meter rates in some areas would also from 75 cents to $1 an hour.

The increase does not appear as if it will impact downtown parking rates, where it already costs up to $2 an hour to park. Those rates increased last year.

The budget calls for cutting 385 full-time positions; about half of those are vacant. Another 200 or so jobs would be eliminated through buyouts or attrition.

Fenty’s proposal, presented to the D.C. Council at a briefing, sticks to his pledge not to raise general taxes and increases per student spending for the public schools system.

The plan sets the framework for one of the city's most challenging budgets in a generation, a debate that will stretch through mid-June as the council puts its stamp on how the District spends tax dollars and raises revenue.

The mayor’s plan also relies on millions from a reserve fund that elected officials have increasingly tapped to help balance the books during the recession.

Chief financial officer Natwar M. Gandhi, who attended the briefing, urged Fenty and the council in a letter "to take steps to augment, or at minimum, replenish the General Fund Balance that has been depleted during the current year."

-- Nikita Stewart and Tim Craig

By Washington Post editors  | April 1, 2010; 11:30 AM ET
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Increase taxes in Ward 8 to allow for more gentrification and less crime! This would also reduce the wellfare burden on tax payers in DC.

Posted by: WhatBubble | April 1, 2010 11:54 AM | Report abuse

WhatBubble you are a "Biden" idiot.

You suggest singling out a tax onto the poorest population in the District. Besides that being discrimitory and illegal, it is also cruel and mean spirited.

It is attitudes like yours that gives gentrification such a bad connotation. I presume you are one of the recent white residents to move in the District, by your tone and overall nastiness.

Such attitudes are what is going to undermine Fenty's re-election. They just turn so many people off, across the city. Most who vote are not selfish jerks in this city.

Posted by: concernedaboutdc | April 1, 2010 12:26 PM | Report abuse

Not a white person!

Posted by: WhatBubble | April 1, 2010 12:51 PM | Report abuse

wasn't that ghandi dude stealing everything not nailed down?....what's he still doing here?

little lord fenty is a fool.

Posted by: SofaKingCool2009 | April 1, 2010 12:56 PM | Report abuse

So what are these Govt workers going to do to get free money when they get put on the meat-wagon? They obviously will have no skill set that no private company needs or wants. Oh well, I guess unemployment checks will do until Fenty starts rehiring the same lazy no good workers to sit at a desk..


Posted by: tmi1 | April 1, 2010 1:01 PM | Report abuse

Gee, Mr Grey's candidacy is having a salubrious effect on Wilson Building inmates already.

Just fire all the Marion Barry appointees. The PG County unemployment rolls will suffer, but DC will see no loss of services, and savings in fraud expenses will be tremendous. Fenty and his fellow scoundrels will be even richer.

On-street parking fees need to rise until they match garage rates. Then it can be eliminated altogether. I'm sure Virginians will agree, since they supposedly hate big-government and "socialism" so much.

Posted by: Hans1924 | April 1, 2010 1:22 PM | Report abuse

It is attitudes like yours that gives gentrification such a bad connotation. I presume you are one of the recent white residents to move in the District, by your tone and overall nastiness.

This is so true every year we need to deal with this population, that does not have the minimal idea of the city, making arrogant comments and pretending as usual that they can appropriate of what ever suit then.- It is time to get rid of Fenty and his suporters such as the people with so overall nastiness and greed.

Posted by: FrankRicardo | April 1, 2010 1:25 PM | Report abuse

Let's do some math here because this sounds funny to me.

Let's say the average pay for all 385 of these jobs are around $50,000...for the sake of including the salary range of managers and directors = $19,250,000.

But, the budget gap is a whopping $500 million.

Even if he raises the hourly parking meter rates, increase the city's 911 fee, imposes a one percent tax on hospitals, increases residential parking permits from $15 to $25, and increases parking meter rates 75 cents to $1 an hour...

that means that his imposed increases would have to amount to $480,750,000.

Folks, look for the most aggressive campaign of price hikes, unseen costs and ticket writing in this city you've seen in a long time!

Posted by: cbmuzik | April 1, 2010 1:35 PM | Report abuse

@cbmuzik: Reducing the workforce by 387 positions (1/2 funded but sitting unfilled)is not going to do too much to put a dent in the overall deficit. However, you do have to factor in benefits. The District has already undergone a 15% workforce reduction in 2010 and the D.C. Fiscal Institute has warned the CFO and Mayor that they will not be able to fire their way out of this deficit situation.

Unfortunately those fired do not include the 100k+ "friend of friend's" cronies that he has hired who hold "special assistant" positions across this government. Those fired generally make between 20-60k per year and fulfill the grunt work positions that none of us really pays attention to unless it doesn't get done. Like plow snow or sweep the trash or abate rats. We have an EXTREMELY top heavy government.

Fenty also clammers that he is instituting an accross the board salary freeze. (Scratching my head) Dan Tangherlini, as city administrator, instituted this freeze in 2006 and it is still in effect. Ohh, except for those cronnies I mentioned above. They were still entitled to promotions, raises, bonus' as well as COLA.

I don't hate on people making money, however, the Mayor is outright lying when he says that he is being fiscally frugal. He is about the most financially wasteful Mayor the city has seen.

The WP has even reported that in 2010 city agencies OVERSPENT their budgets, thereby, creating the deficit situation we now find ourselves in.

Fenty talks out of both sides of his neck.

Posted by: concernedaboutdc | April 1, 2010 2:14 PM | Report abuse

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty proposed an $8.9 billion budget blueprint Thursday that he said does “more with less,”

He could do "more with more" if he'd get out of the way and let the cab drivers stimulate the economy like most cities do.

Posted by: starclimber9 | April 1, 2010 4:30 PM | Report abuse

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