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Personal appeals aided marriage bill

Lobbyists and advocacy groups on both sides pushed lawmakers on same-sex marriage, but direct appeals from constituents -- including gay couples and black churchgoers -- had a stronger impact on state legislators.

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[Republicans'] nepotism charge doesn't stick because it's an unpaid position that doesn't give Peter O'Malley any power or prestige he doesn't have already. He has long been recognized as the chief architect of his brother's electoral success and one of his most trusted advisors."

justdafactsSteveLebowitz, 1:40 p.m. | Peter O'Malley takes helm of Md. Dems | Weigh in
Election 2010

Governor's Race

  • Is Mary Kane being kept in the shadows (Oct. 27)
  • McCartney: Gubernatorial candidates dodge hard questions on taxes (Oct. 27)
  • Down in polls, Ehrlich tries to focus on January (Oct. 25)
  • O'Malley stretches truth on Ehrlich lobbyist label, but criticism sticks (Oct. 25)
  • Washington Post poll: Ehrlich losing traction (Oct. 25)
  • Tough times not producing votes for Ehrlich (Oct. 23)
  • Parties rev up machines for early voting (Oct. 22)
  • Radio debate focuses on health care, education (Oct. 21)
  • Ehrlich a veteran of conflict, compromise (Oct. 20)
  • For O'Malley, how much detail is too much? (Oct. 19)
  • O'Malley, Ehrlich converge on Prince George's (Oct. 17)
  • O'Malley, Ehrlich vigorously debate social issues, Purple Line (Oct. 15)
  • Candidates spar in tense Baltimore debate (Oct. 11)
  • At rally, Obama urges voters to reelect 'a great governor' (Oct. 7)
  • Candidates join casino fight (Oct. 6)
  • Black vote crucial to O'Malley (Oct. 3)
  • Poll: O'Malley's lead grows | Ehrlich: Poll is 'out of whack' | DeBonis: On the wrong track, but they like the conductor (Sept. 30)
  • McCartney: O'Malley, Ehrlich need to clarify promises (Sept. 29)
  • Editorial: Tag-team taxers (Sept. 28)
  • O'Malley aide pulled negative report from Web (Sept. 28
  • Ehrlich plan to cut sales tax has big implications (Sept. 25)
  • Md. school ranking varies with grader (Sept.11)
  • Ehrlich gambles on Montgomery (Aug. 31)
  • O'Malley has financial upper hand (Aug. 14)
  • Candidates have fuzzy views of each other's policies (June 11)
  • O'Malley add portrays Ehrlich as big-oil lobbyist (July 27)
  • O'Malley pledges $1B for school construction
  • Ehrlich hits campaign trail with new running mate (July 2)
  • O'Malley off to unconventional start (May 2)
  • O'Malley kicks off reelection campaign (April 28)
  • Ehrlich launches bid in Rockville (April 8)
  • Congressional Races

  • Incumbents all win party nods
  • Senate: Poll: Mikulski maintains big lead | No debates in Senate race | Mikulski leads despite drop in popularity | Data
  • District 1: Campaign ads overwhelm Marylanders | Fact-checking Kratovil tax claim | Concerned Taxpayers group: Two guys targeting two Reps | Survey shows Kratovil down three points | Kratovil continues negative ads, calls Harris 'extreme' | Vulnernable reps given credit for homebuyer bill

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