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Minute by Minute -- A Look At Javale McGee

In cyberspace the past couple days, a season-long conversation about Javale McGee has flared up. On one side are those who argue that McGee makes the Wizards better (looking at +/- data) and that when he plays more, the team has a better record.

On the other side are those who argue that McGee is capable of dominating individual games because of his overwhelming athleticism, but that he fails to do so regularly for several reasons, including that:
-- he's unskilled
-- he doesn't know how to play
-- he continues to suffer from lapses in concentration.
The "McGee is a good player being hampered by bad coaching adherents" point to the team's 5-2 record when McGee plays 36 minutes or more. Sounds impressive. Especially when you look at McGee's per minute numbers when he plays that much.

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