Halloween Looking Glass

I was Elvis once.
A can of Campbell's soup, too
A faded photograph reveals that
I was a football player
Back in the day
And a for a brief moment, I
Transformed into Pippi Longstocking
(I think).

O'Donnel Halloween, 1976. (Kim O'Donnel)

The details are sketchy
But as my mind's eye travels
Back in time
I can see the old neighborhood
And the 100-pound cut-out pumpkin
Perched on the wheelbarrow in the front yard
On Penarth Road.
My father's doing.

He loved Halloween.

I can smell the damp leaves
That rustled under our feet
As my brothers and I, and our assorted friends
(I can see Julie Lerner, who lived around the corner)
Set out at dusk
Plastic pumpkins in tow
For our evening of
Candy begging.

...Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something
Good to eat....

I can hear the chanting
The trick-or-treater's plea
The candy mantra
The howling of pediatric goblins
A nonstop chorus of oohing and aahing
That traveled into the dark of night
Reverberating like a soundtrack on full blast.

I can feel
My legs
Weak from the evening's journey
My plastic pumpkin is now heavy
I'm ready to count my loot
But my brothers
Greedy and now maniacal, keep going
Until their pillowcases are full.

Is it my eyes playing tricks on me -- or the pumpkin? (Kim O'Donnel)

I can see the mountain of sweets
On the living room floor
The wrappers a collage of color
Emitting sugary fumes from within
Clark bars, Sugar Babies (one of my favorites), Goldenberg's Peanut Chews
Smarties, Tootsie Pops, Razzles, Pop Rocks, Candy Necklace
It was nothing short of ecstasy.

I can taste all the candy
As if it were one big bite
Of heaven.

Happy Halloween!

By Kim ODonnel |  October 31, 2007; 9:49 AM ET Candy , Family , Kitchen Musings
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please post recipes and cooking information, please?

Posted by: please | October 31, 2007 2:39 PM

Personally, I liked Kim's poem - don't understand why people feel compelled to be nasty. Food is about more than "information and recipes." Loosen up and enjoy.

Posted by: don't be mean | October 31, 2007 5:20 PM

I love your poem! I read it earlier today, and just now read it out loud to my daughters as they were sorting out their night's haul. They thought it was the perfect Halloween poem.
Thank you!

Posted by: Amy | October 31, 2007 8:29 PM

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