I wish I could say I made up this word, but a feisty blogger in Los Angeles beat me to the punch. There’s no dictionary-style definition just yet, but I’m placing my bets that blog minx Eddie Gehman Kohan will get to that in the first year of the Obama administration.

Gehman Kohan, a food writer and blogger based in Los Angeles, launched Obamafoodorama on election night as a “daily diary of the Obama foodscape, one byte at a time.” Born out of The Haphazard Gourmet Girls, a group blog on food safety, sustainability and agriculture policy written by Gehman Kohan and her sisters, Pleasant and Meghan (aka 'Cupcake' ) Gehman, Obamafoodorama is everything and anything that makes any agricultural, comestible, edible and gastronomical connection with the First Family.

You want to know what Sasha and Malia are having for lunch at Sidwell Friends? You got it. What Obama ate on vacation in Hawaii last month? Covered. In addition to the celeb-style gossip dispatches and speculation about the commander in chief’s favorite eats and drinks, Gehman Kohan dishes up newsy bits, such as the latest on Sen. Tom Vilsack, Obama’s pick for Secretary of Agriculture, and what’s happening in the world of food safety (or lack thereof).

In addition to coining Obamafoodorama, Gehman Kohan has added a few other words to her vernacular; she refers to Obama as “Bam” and his supporters as “Obamanians,” who are attending today's “Onauguration.” Alas, I tried tracking Gehman Kohan down, but it seems she is swept up in the Great Washington Inaugurosmorgobama for the time being. If she surfaces, I’ll file an update.

For obvious reasons, today’s chat is postponed. Come back and chat with me Thursday at 1 ET.

By Kim ODonnel |  January 20, 2009; 7:30 AM ET Food on the Web
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