Psst. You Got Cukes? I Got Oregano. Wanna Trade?

These are the kind of conversations the folks at Veggie Trader would like you to be having on their new Web site.

(Photo courtesy of VeggieTrader)

A cross between Freecycle and Craigslist, Veggie Trader is an online classifieds service connecting home gardeners within their respective food sheds. In order to buy, sell or trade (and I think even to browse), you need to register with the site, which is free. Searches can be done by zip code and/or category (e.g. fruit, veg, seeds). If you live in Alabama, for example, and like figs, you might want to get in touch with “Edith,” who reports that her fig tree “will be loaded with figs around the end of July.”

According to its blog, VT had 3,000 registered members by the end of May, but the listings remain rather lean in the early days of the site. (To wit: A search for traders in Seattle brought up nada within 25 miles.) But I reckon -- and am willing to bet the overgrown patch of oregano in my front yard -- that by zucchini harvest time, the search returns for my zip code will be flush with trading possibilities.

Talk about Eating Down the Fridge! Imagine posting your wish list for eggplants, paid off in broccoli, without exchanging one cent. Let the produce bazaar begin!

By Kim ODonnel |  June 3, 2009; 7:00 AM ET Food on the Web
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I'm hopeful as well. I can't find anyone within 25 miles of my zip either.

Posted by: ecrstern | June 3, 2009 10:07 AM

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