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Campfire Cake

I have my nose in Mary Karlin’s new book, “Wood-Fired Cooking,” my mouth watering at the sound of her garlicky grill-smoked clams and wood-roasted artichokes. I’m trying to decide what will be first on my wood-fired-inspired menu, and then I stumble upon a recipe for chocolate cake. A slice of chocolate cake after being "baked" on the grill. (Kim O'Donnel) But this is no ordinary indoor domestic goddess kind of cake; instead, it’s got all the makings of cowgirl cookery (or a very rogue Girl Scout). Instead of the Suzy Homemaker oven, this cake comes to life over a pile of smoldering coals, and yes indeed, you can call the neighbors and tell 'em all about the cake you baked on the grill. What’s more, there are no eggs in this cake. There is no butter, either. In fact, there is nothing dairy or egg-ish about it (unless you make...


By Kim ODonnel | June 9, 2009; 08:05 AM ET | Comments (9)

Roughing It on the Fourth

ARLINGTON, VA., July 4 -- Unlike many of you, I did not spend my Fourth of July at a fireworks party, or any kind of party, for that matter. Work was in the way of my having fun, so I had to suck up my disappointment and simply buckle down to the many tasks at hand. The original premise of this post is to share my finds on the various products on the market geared for cooks who like to rough it. At one o'clock in the afternoon, while the sun was blazing and I was in the air-conditioned comfort of my kitchen, the idea of taste-testing various freeze-dried camping meals seemed a bit unnatural, but I carried on with my experiment (We'll get to the results shortly). Around five in the afternoon, the sky turned an eerie shade of green-black and started to rumble. Within 10 minutes, all the...


By Kim ODonnel | July 4, 2006; 11:06 PM ET | Comments (1)


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