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Getting Personal About Pots and Pans

It was a simple question, or so it seemed: What's Cooking reader "Clueless Bride," who's planning to register for cookware, asked for guidance about picking pots, pans and anything else to make her soon-to-be newlywed kitchen sparkle. She got lots of advice all right, but what she probably didn't anticipate was being put on the spot about registering in the first place! (That's what you get when you ask a bunch of highly opinionated readers for their advice.) Her question in yesterday's chat spawned a lengthy, all-over-the-map thread that inspired today's blog post. The skeletal crew that is my baterie of pots and pans. (Kim O'Donnel) As many of you know, I'm a newly wedded bride, so many of the planning issues on "Clueless Bride's" to-do list are still fresh in my mind. The hows and whys behind a bride's choices for her wedding day are highly personal, with deep...


By Kim ODonnel | January 9, 2008; 11:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

Indie Cookware/Cookbookery

Open House was the name of a cookware/houseware store on Bala Avenue, one of the few main drags in my hometown of Bala Cynwyd, Pa., a stone's throw from Philadelphia. Open House was a locally owned shop with untreated hardwood floors much like an old-time hardware store. It stood on a corner, with storefront windows, about six blocks from our house on Penarth Road. I remember going in with my mother, and we'd poke around at all the cool stuff -- placemats and pottery, platters and glassware, pots and utensils. I remember classical music filling the room. Maybe my mother can fill in the dots, but it was a magical place for me. A taste of the Kitchen Witch in New Orleans. (Kim O'Donnel) Flash forward 30-some years, and I've still got a yen for independently owned cookware and cookbook shops. They're a dying breed, I know, as are small...


By Kim ODonnel | June 27, 2007; 12:10 PM ET | Comments (0)

How Should Kim Spend Her Cookware Gift Card?

A hundred bucks fall from the sky, right into your line of vision. Attached to the bill is a note that says, "I'm your kitchen genie, and I've been watching you hard at work. It's time for a reward. Go buy yourself somethin' nice at your neighborhood cookware store [insert applicable name here]." Essentially, that's what happened to me recently when two friends out of the blue handed me a $100 gift card to spend at a nearby cookware shop. What a treat -- and good timing, to boot. In the midst of moving into a new home, I'm weeding through my kitchen inventory and letting go of broken measuring cups, a cracked citrus juicer, chipped glass mixing bowls. I'm pondering the state of the new space, asking myself if I've got more storage and if the space will allow for new tools to play with. It's a jigsaw puzzle...


By Kim ODonnel | May 22, 2007; 09:32 AM ET | Comments (31)

Kim's Top 10 Kitchen Basics

In the eight years I've been hosting What's Cooking, my weekly Web chat, one of the questions most frequently asked is this: What do I need to cook-ready my kitchen? In many respects, this is a vague question, as it fails to take into account factors such as budget, skill level and culinary area of interest. For purposes of this exercise, though, let's assume our cooking novice is tight on both money and physical space. Cook in question is keen to cook at least three nights a week and wean himself off dinner in a box. Which tools will make that all possible? I'm especially suited to answer this question -- and not just because I'm a trained cook and food writer. For years, I lived paycheck to paycheck. Small and cramped were the operative words to describe my apartment kitchens in my 20s and 30s. Still, I wanted to...


By Kim ODonnel | February 26, 2007; 06:52 AM ET | Comments (51)


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