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Cook's Grab Bag: A Call for Clean Water and Emeril Co-Stars

Offer to pay for your tap water next week so that others may drink out of harm's way. That's the focus of Tap Project, UNICEF's week-long fund drive at restaurants nationwide, including more than 90 in Washington. Beginning this Sunday, March 16, here's how you can get involved: Dine out at a Tap Project participating restaurant (you will need to type in your zip code to get a search return for D.C. area eateries) and pay for your tap water. Your minimum $1-donation will help UNICEF's efforts to provide access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in the developing world. One dollar buys 40 liters of clean drinking water. Water-related disease (diarrhea, dehydration) is the number two killer of children under five in the developing world, according to UNICEF. Tap Project launched last year in New York, where $100,000 was raised from tap-water-funneled funds at 300 participating restaurants. This...


By Kim ODonnel | March 11, 2008; 07:46 AM ET | Comments (0)

Kim Cooks Up a Book

My editor tells me I'm allowed one full-blown shameless plug, so here goes: I am the proud mama of my first-born cookbook, "A Mighty Appetite for the Holidays." It is a cute little (7x7) soft-covered book that is small enough to tote on your daily commute or to tuck into a carry-on bag on your flight over the river and through the woods. The book is divided into two sections -- the Thanksgiving feast, from soup to nuts, and the festive month of December that includes four holidays, a winter solstice and a new year. My goal is to gear you up with a battery of recipes (with plenty of room for improv and variation), inspire you to try new ingredients and expand your culinary horizons, and maybe, just maybe, entertain you with stories about the mercurial marriage of family, food and the festive season. Here's cookin' with you, kid....


By Kim ODonnel | November 2, 2007; 07:12 AM ET | Comments (12)

Food To-Do List: Giada at Dupont Market

Sometimes I don't feel like cooking, yet still like to stoke the culinary fire with activities outside the kitchen. Below, a few items of interest which have piqued my curiosity and will surely get me out of the house. And if you've got something to add to this food to-do, by all means share in the comments area. This Weekend Shoppers at the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market will get a helping of celebrity eye candy with their bags of produce this Sunday morning. Giada De Laurentiis, Food Network Italian darling and cookbook author will be strolling through the market, with a film crew and entourage in tow. FTV star Giada De Laurentiis. (Food Network file photo) The babe sighting will commence at 10:30 a.m., when De Laurentiis will begin tasting her way through the market, as part of a segment for her show, "Giada's Weekend Getaways," which airs Friday nights....


By Kim ODonnel | May 18, 2007; 10:33 AM ET | Comments (2)


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