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April Food Mag Roundup; Introducing Eco-Bites

This month's batch o' food glossies has been selected because they make me happy and satisfied, like a good meal. Rather than complain about the mags that failed to feed, I simply omitted them from the list. Cooking Light Despite all of the private lessons over the years, I remain a pasta dingbat. I haven't given up all hope, particularly now that I've read through Lidia Bastianich's extensive how-to feature on making the dough by hand (as in no pasta machine whatsoever, even a hand-cranked version). One day this spring, I'll follow Signora Lidia's steps and see if I can finally change my pasta fate. Jewish cooking authority Joan Nathan has penned a terrific recipe feature on making Seder a multi-cultural affair that draws on recipes from several countries. In the back of the book, there's a helpful companion piece on Kosher wine picks for Passover. I'm also intrigued by...


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March Mag Roundup

If I held onto every food magazine that arrived through my mail slot every month, the house would probably begin to look like Miss Havisham's and you might have to come and dig me out from the epi-literary rubble. This exercise of assessing the state of monthly food glossies is just as much for your benefit as it is for mine -- the fine combing forces me to weed out the tossers from the keepers and helps me from becoming a pack rat! (well, sort of.) So instead of asking whether a magazine is worth the newsstand price (a moot point when you're a reduced-rate subscriber), I'll focus more on its "keeper" value, whether it deserves to take up a few more inches of space on your already crowded shelves, a relevant question for both committed subscribers and one-time newsstand flirts. Below, in alphabetical order, this month's lineup of glossy...


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February Food Mag Roundup

A new batch of food magazines has hit my desk. Herewith, highlights from a selection of edible glossies decorating the newsstands for the next 30 days. Bon Appetit There's a lot going on in this issue -- almost too much of a good thing. The cover promises "The Green Issue" -- and the inside delivers a bounty of eco-news on dining, travel and products, plus a mini pull-out shopping guide of winter produce. The talent is considerable, too; cookbook author Deborah Madison does an "Earth-Friendly Dinner Party" with seven recipes, chef Dan Barber (Blue Hill Farm) encourages you to eat your vegetables, and novelist Ann Hood travels to Tuscany to eat agriturismo salami. The book is brimming with three new columns: "The Cooking Life" by "Orangette" blogger Molly Wizenberg, "Family Style" by "Next Food Network Star" winner Amy Finley and "Health Wise," with a rotation of writers (this month it's...


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Food Mag Roundup: A New Year, A New Batch

With a hearty helping of positive feedback on the holiday magazine roundups in November and December, I've been motivated to make this a regular monthly feature. Expect a variety of least five magazines to be mentioned every month, with an invitation to chime in on your favorites and additional pubs worth mentioning. Here's what I've got on my desk at the moment... BON APPETIT Theme: "Best of the Year" -- trend spotting for the year ahead. Does Theme Deliver? I guess, but it all feels a bit thin to me. There's a fun travel piece on how to eat your way through Mexico City, deemed BA's "destination of the year," but the rest of this feature leaves me wanting more. I wanted to know, for example why brown butter is its "flavor of the year" or why there's a photo of chocolate pudding pie on the cover when we've just...


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