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Your Favorite Fresh Herb and Why

A fairly wet spring here in the nation's capital has done wonders for my backyard herb collection which barely made it through last summer's drought. My erstwhile-pathetic pot of oregano has morphed into a lush carpet of tender green leaves, popping with a woody perfume. And because it's doing such a number on my olfactory receptors, I'm using oregano in the kitchen whenever I have a chance - with feta cheese, in vinaigrettes, pizza sauce, omelettes, a pot of beans, to name a few. My very happy oregano. (Kim O'Donnel) Admittedly, my current crush on oregano has blinded me from the bounty of summer herbs currently on parade, and really, I must snap out of it before snow begins to fall. But it got me thinking: With such herby riches within my reach, how do I choose? I asked a handful of herb aficionados around the country the following question:...


By Kim ODonnel | June 12, 2008; 10:00 AM ET | Comments (22)

Looking for Sage Advice

In the spring, my dear friend Jennifer with the green thumb gave me a big pot of culinary herbs as a housewarming gift. Containing a mix of rosemary, lemon thyme and sage, the pot went straight to the back deck, joining the lavender and oregano. All summer long, I snipped sprigs from my lively herb garden and brought them into the kitchen for extemporaneous bursts of color and flavor, throwing them in everything from vinaigrettes to garnish. My wildly growing sage, ready for the kitchen. (Kim O'Donnel) Snip there I'd go again with the oregano, the thyme and my newly sprouted basil. But the sage, which was growing like crazy, was largely ignored, and frankly, other than Thanksgiving stuffing, I was at a loss over what to do with it. It was a shame, really, because sage (aka salvia officinalis) is quite beautiful and fragrant in a men's cologne sort...


By Kim ODonnel | September 19, 2007; 11:16 AM ET | Comments (30)


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