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Kim's "20"

This month’s Saveur is the annual “100” special issue, a list of 100 people, places, trends, tools and ingredients that tickle the editors’ taste buds. Typically a roundup of big-name tastemakers and high-end products, the list is a who’s who of foodies and what’s what in chowhound-dom. But this year, editor James Oseland has shifted gears, instead celebrating you, me and everyone we know – the home cook. You’ll meet Margherita Chiaramonte, of Sicily, who shares her recipe for Zuppa di Grano Cuturru (greens and bulgur soup) and Mei Teck Wong, a housewife in Singapore who’s got a knack for making supper based on what’s in the fridge. In his editor’s note, Oseland refers to these women (plus a handful of other home cooks from different corners of the world) as “unsung kitchen heroes” who exemplify “a basic truth … that cooking is one of the most fundamental, and beautiful,...


By Kim ODonnel | January 22, 2009; 12:46 PM ET | Comments (6)

Home Coffee Brewing 101

I remember the first time I walked into a Peet's Coffee store in San Francisco in the mid-1980s. It felt so exotic, and wow, you could buy bags of beans to take home! I was between my freshman and sophomore years in college, and a new coffee drinker, starting my day off with a tantalizing cup of Maxwell House brewed automatic drip-style, served with one teaspoon of Carnation Coffee-Mate and one Sweet-n-Low. I remember packing a bag of beans in my suitcase to share this way-cool California coffee with my mother. Back East, we didn't know much about coffee, except the oft-burned brews that were poured at the local diner or bakery, and Peet's would remain a fond memory years before I ever set foot in a Seattle Starbucks store in the early 1990s. (A few interesting worlds-colliding tidbits in West coast coffee history: When Starbucks opened its first store...


By Kim ODonnel | December 19, 2007; 09:36 AM ET | Comments (20)


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