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Stop, Share and Taste the Poetry

April is National Poetry Month, and it goes out with a bang this Thursday (the 30th), with the second annual Poem In Your Pocket Day. Translation: Put some lines in your pocket, and share with friends and random strangers during the course of your day. You never know what might happen when you break into verse. To get the poetry party started, I’ll go first and dish up something from the mixed-up files of KOD: Hindsight Mow the lawn Mow the lawn On and on It goes Go to work Wear a clean shirt That’s how the story goes Meet your wife Whom you think you know Then one day the soup is scorched and there’s nothing To eat but the salt of your tears. The recipe lost, The chef out of sight. Hindsight gives you a pain in the ass because no one told you. Smoky mind, And children...


By Kim ODonnel | April 28, 2009; 07:30 AM ET | Comments (3)


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