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The Ever-Changing Recipe for Marriage

In less than two weeks, Mister MA and I will celebrate two years as two wedded peas in a pod. Although no longer newlyweds, we’re definitely not old hat at this work-in-progress called marriage. Wedding day, March 2, 2007. (Dan Murano) One would think that with the passage of time and accumulation of dirty socks on the floor, you’d know your partner even better than before, but a recent turn of events has given me cause for pause. After nearly four years of sipping French-pressed coffee together, I recently discover – on Facebook of all places – that he’s not so crazy about my caffeinated method and much prefers the brown crayon brew made from an automatic drip. My question: Why put up with my coffee and keep silent? And what else are you going to spring on me, pal? Lesson learned: You know what you know until it no...


By Kim ODonnel | February 17, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (19)

Cooking Up a Wedding Registry

Of all the things to do before your wedding day, you’d think that picking out gifts would be the fun and easy part. I found it downright agonizing, so much that I considered avoiding gift registry altogether. Hearing of this news, my mother loudly protested, arguing that “people will want to give you things to celebrate your wedding, Kimberly” and so I caved. As nice as it is to receive gifts, it’s a lot of hard work figuring out which ones you want, particularly if you’re interested in equipping your newlywed kitchen. And that means getting on the organizational stick, taking inventory of your (and your other half’s) stuff and being painfully honest with yourself about what you like, what you need and what you’ll really use. You’ll want to ask these questions as well: Will there be a merging of kitchen gadgetry and tools or are you both starting...


By Kim ODonnel | September 10, 2008; 07:50 AM ET | Comments (19)

A Meal Fit for a Marriage

It's been two weeks since I last showed up in this blog space, as I had to step away for a bit and go get married. The pool at Evamer, the morning of the wedding. (Liz Kelly) That's right; I'm now a married lady, with vows, rings and smooches exchanged and a magic carpet ride on Vieques, a small island just due east of the mainland of Puerto Rico. Our journey, which began Sunday, Feb. 25, was off to a wintry start, with enough snow to force delays and a night holed up at the Hyatt Dulles. We resigned ourselves to a snowy afternoon sucking back cocktails at the hotel bar, but as luck would have it, the hotel was undergoing renovations, which meant the bar as well as the restaurant were a makeshift combo deal in a nondescript banquet room. Within 24 hours, I forgot all about our snowed-in...


By Kim ODonnel | March 12, 2007; 10:43 AM ET | Comments (0)

Red Velvet Cupcake Bride

Ever since I issued an all-points bulletin for bride and groom cupcake toppers that looked kitschy but not decrepit, brides from all across wedding land came out of the woodwork. The "senior" toppers, second from right; the younger replacements, left foreground. (Kim O'Donnel) Many of you encouraged me to get over my bridezilla self and make use of the geriatric toppers in question, arguing that they would be good for laughs and stories 10 years hence. You're probably right, but this persistent bride kept looking. Some of you scoured the Internet and sent me links to potential topper candidates. The collective spirit of kindness (and bridal empathy) has been touching, to say the least! My dear friend Leslie embarked on a topper search in her home town of Seattle and the home to Archie McPhee, an emporium for everything that is goofy and irreverent. She declared her mission a success...


By Kim ODonnel | February 12, 2007; 10:26 AM ET | Comments (22)

Here Comes the Bride's Menu

Some of you may know that I'm a bride-to-be, in nitty-gritty countdown mode. Five weeks from tomorrow, this previously engaged girl is finally gettin' hitched, and she's officially a nervous bride. The nuptials will take place far away from the nation's capital, on Vieques, a small island just off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Green Beach, Vieques. (Kim O'Donnel) Mister Groom and I, we fell in love with the low-key vibe and natural beauty of the place during a vacation last year, plus we wanted a warm, beach destination for vow exchange rather than urban pavement. Nearly everyone I talked to assumed that the reception menu would be my biggest priority. The tricky thing about a destination wedding is the distance; with 1,500 miles between me and the island, the opportunities for sampling caterer menus went out the airplane window. Our original catering choice was the chef/owner of a...


By Kim ODonnel | January 25, 2007; 11:59 AM ET | Comments (42)


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