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Single-game parking now available

No lineups yet. I'll get them to you soon. But here's a little release that might interest some folks that plan to drive to games. Straight from the press release:

The Washington Nationals today announced they will offer individual game parking passes to fans for all 2008 home games at Nationals Park . The opportunity to purchase individual game parking is only available online by visiting

Individual game parking is available in the following locations:

Green Lot HH $15 per game
Orange Lot W $20 per game
Red Zone $40 per game

"After careful review of the experience of the first weekend, the team is pleased to make available yet another amenity for fans, daily parking spaces at various price levels," commented Stan Kasten , President of the Washington Nationals.

To take advantage of this opportunity, fans must pre-purchase the parking passes at the team website, Passes cannot be purchased on-site at specific garages or lots .

By Barry Svrluga  |  April 4, 2008; 4:31 PM ET
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I'll continue the metro.

Posted by: svxcountry | April 4, 2008 4:41 PM | Report abuse

too bad national bohemian is an original BALTIMORE beer..

Posted by: | April 4, 2008 02:26 PM

Senate beer on the other hand was a Washington, DC original.

Posted by: 6th and D | April 4, 2008 04:05 PM

Don't forget SENATE insurance!

Posted by: svxcountry | April 4, 2008 4:46 PM | Report abuse

I was thinking of going with my 5-year-old son to Nats Park tomorrow to buy him a Curly W pretzel and a few Ben's dogs, and to watch tomorrow's game on the jumbo screen. Rain will probably get in the way of that. He is playing T-ball, and I am bribing him with snacks to watch more baseball with me (akin to bringing home pork to make someone part of your Constituency). However, his kindergartner attention span would be derailed by cold rain.

I think I will likely drive to RFK or take Metro, but I am glad more parking is available. I am glad to help pay for the stadium with ticket and concession taxes, but it doesn't seem best to finance the stadium with parking tickets.

Claudio Vargas turned down the Mets, apparently. I was excited about his availability, at first, but you all really brought me around to the advantages and better enjoyment of having John Lannan be on the staff, instead.

Posted by: Positively Half St. | April 4, 2008 4:59 PM | Report abuse

personally, i think that's a copout, 419. the lerners themselves don't have to do any of the work. other than, possibly, final approval on budget/ads. that's why they hire people, to do that stuff for them. that's the job of the marketing staff. the marketing staff doesn't have to handle stadium construction, player development, any of that. their sole job is to incent people to come to the game. if the lerners are distracted, that's fine. the marketing people are the ones who need to accomplish this and make presentations to management/ownership. the front office shouldn't be so distracted by running the team they ignore generating fans/attendance.


Nothing wrong with any of your ideas, CiL, but keep in mind it's only just about two years to the day now since the Lerners were announced as owners of the team. It's only since July 2006 that they've actually been in charge. In that time they've had to deal not only with marketing a team in a lame duck stadium but also moving into a new stadium and dealing with all the attendant changes that involves. And all that starting from ground zero, since the previous owners (MLB) did diddly squat, the bare minimum. Would you prefer that they had instead invested resources in secondary things like a fan fest, MASN shows, trying to solicit hotel partnerships, etc, at the expense of possibly dropping the ball on the major issues involved with the new park, such as setiing up the Nats Express?

Posted by: Section 419+1 | April 4, 2008 04:41 PM

Posted by: 231 | April 4, 2008 5:01 PM | Report abuse

Oh wow, this is like against Stan doctrine - it probably pained him to announce something other than "use public transportation".

Our man Stan is coming full-circle. Atta boy.

Posted by: Corey | April 4, 2008 5:03 PM | Report abuse

Hey +Half St, you ought to go to that Open House tomorrow. You never know who you might run into there. Other Irish flute players, like. I even ran into a famous bodhran player at RFK once...

Posted by: Section 419+1 | April 4, 2008 5:04 PM | Report abuse

Hah! Someone figured out my secret identity! Of course, you must also know I haven't played enough lately to earn the title "player".

I have a puzzle on my hands, now. Who is 419+1?

Posted by: Positively Half St. | April 4, 2008 5:07 PM | Report abuse

"I have a puzzle on my hands, now. Who is 419+1?"

Based on long-standing Nats Journal research either:

1) Not coverage is lacking

2) Someone with split-personalities that carries on lengthy disagreements with himself

Thank you, another mystery solved. What's next?

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | April 4, 2008 5:17 PM | Report abuse

231, I agree. 419, this is what you asked previously: "What are the Nationals not doing in the way of marketing that they should be doing?"

I and others identified things the Nats are not doing that they should be doing--and you seem to agree that at least some of them are good ideas. Now you're suggesting that the Nats don't have enough resources at their disposal to do it all. But that's a different question, and as 231 says, it is not--and should not--be a zero-sum game.

If the problem is resources, then the answer is to hire more marketing people. And in any case, even if you think that beefing up the marketing team might be impossible for the Nats to do, that doesn't change the fact that the marketing could be better--which is the statement that you initially took issue with. Now we're talking about *why* the marketing hasn't been better, as opposed to whether it *could be* better in the first place.

As to the Saturday open house and offering mini-plans, there's absolutely no reason why the Nats would need to focus on offering full-season plans to the exclusion of mini-plans. They can hold back seats for each, just as they held back potential season ticket seats from people who purchased 40- and 20-game plans. The 2 markets are quite different from each other.

Posted by: Coverage is lacking | April 4, 2008 5:17 PM | Report abuse

Why pay $40 to park to see an upstart team of the future? Come on up to beautiful OPACY and pay $10 to park on a poorly lit street in front of one of our infamous row-houses and see the ninth consecutive season of mismanagement and ineptitude. And don't forget those mouthwatering crabcakes!

Posted by: O's Exec | April 4, 2008 5:20 PM | Report abuse

My problem with season or partial season plans isn't will, it is the scheduling of multiple people in a family. A mini plan might be something I could handle. I have a feeling that spontaneous arrival at games might work best.

Posted by: Positively Half St. | April 4, 2008 5:34 PM | Report abuse

why would anyone pay for parking, the rfk shuttle is amazing. and its free.

Posted by: love | April 4, 2008 5:38 PM | Report abuse

everyone puts a different price on convenience, love.

Posted by: 231 | April 4, 2008 5:41 PM | Report abuse

Very true. Everyone does put a different price on convenience AND love.

Oh. You were talking TO love.

Posted by: NatsNut | April 4, 2008 5:43 PM | Report abuse

You're cracking me up, NatsNut! :)

Posted by: natsfan1a | April 4, 2008 5:48 PM | Report abuse

That was such a nerdy newspaper joke.

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | April 4, 2008 5:55 PM | Report abuse

P.S., I love it

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | April 4, 2008 5:56 PM | Report abuse

BTW- The Columbus Clippers game offers a matchup of Nationals' past vs. Nationals' future. Garrett Mock makes the start vs. Tomo Ohka.

If you want to catch an inning or two on internet radio before the Nats start, you can go to this page and choose the home ffed for tonight's game:

Posted by: Positively Half St. | April 4, 2008 5:59 PM | Report abuse

C'mon Barry, you slacker. LINEUPS, LINEUPS, WE WANT LINEUPS!

Posted by: BIM | April 4, 2008 6:16 PM | Report abuse

You're a nerdy newspaper joke. ;)

Posted by: NatsNut | April 4, 2008 6:22 PM | Report abuse

(thanks 1a!)

BIM: LOL!! I was thinking the same thing. Glad YOU said it.

Poor Barry.

Posted by: NatsNut | April 4, 2008 6:24 PM | Report abuse

you cant put a price on me 231, my true worth is could even say im worthless

Posted by: love | April 4, 2008 6:27 PM | Report abuse

wait i think i mean priceless

Posted by: love | April 4, 2008 6:28 PM | Report abuse

Yep, gotta hand it to the City of Baltimore and the Orioles. When you go to an O's game, there's plenty of options in terms of parking. When the O's are selling out OPACY (something that'll start happening again in the near future as the O's fly to 1st place and national dominance) parking isn't a trouble at all.

Orioles baseball + delicious crabcakes = Fun for the family.

Posted by: O's Exec | April 4, 2008 6:29 PM | Report abuse

Orioles thanks.

Posted by: SC Nats Fan | April 4, 2008 6:37 PM | Report abuse

"I and others identified things the Nats are not doing that they should be doing--and you seem to agree that at least some of them are good ideas. Now you're suggesting that the Nats don't have enough resources at their disposal to do it all. But that's a different question, and as 231 says, it is not--and should not--be a zero-sum game."

No, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that the team has been forced to market a moving product the last two years, so the many good suggestions here about how an established team ought to be marketing itself really don't apply - yet - so it's not fair to judge the Lerners by that standard and call them a failure. By "moving product", before you ask, I guess I'm saying it hasn't been a level playing field for them. How can they enter into package agreements with hotels when they don't yet know which seats will be available as single-game tickets for the hotel to offer them in its packages? As for why not offer all manner of mini plans now like the O's and other teams do? Probably because they are still trying to build the full-season ticket base. This is the year to do that, because now is when they will have the most available inventory of seats to attract the full-season plan market demo. Any seat they sell for single game or mini plan now is a seat they can't offer to someone interested in a full-season plan this year - and for years to come as well, because the large majority of STH renew their same seats from one year to the next. After they have tapped their potential full-season plan market to the max - which they should probably do this year - then I would expect them to try to fill in the gaps with a bigger variety of mini-plans.

As for the personnel issues, I read recently (maybe it was even something Barry wrote) that a big percentage of the people staffing the Nats FO are not baseball people but rather people who have come over from basketball and hockey. At first it seemed strange to hear thta, but thinking about it it starts to make sense. When the team came here four years ago, they had to build a FO from scratch, and there was no established pool of baseball people (marketing, ticketing or whatever) here in town to tap for labor resources. If they wanted to hire people with baseball experience, they would have had to steal them from other MLB teams - and since MLB itself was the owner of the Nats, the likelihood of doing that was pretty small. Just throwing bodies at a job does not guarantee success, so while it's easy to say the Lerners could hire more marketing people, what good would that do if they weren't the right kind of people?

Anyway, it's Friday night and I'm tired of writing all this stuff. If you guys don't get it, then I guess like the Washington Post says, you just don't get it.

Posted by: Section 419+1 | April 4, 2008 6:58 PM | Report abuse

O_EX: Yeah, see double-A baseball at major-league prices. And how about that 10k "crowd" the other night. Yup, I absolutely want to spend 3+ hours in transit to see that. (sorry everybody, I had to feed the troll given this bait).

Posted by: BIM | April 4, 2008 7:00 PM | Report abuse

As for my "secret identity", I've revealed where I can be found for 20 games a year. That should narrow it down a bit..

Posted by: Section 419+1 | April 4, 2008 7:02 PM | Report abuse

419+: I agree with your clarification. This is the year that the Lerner family & Kasten establish the base-line for the new stadium. The 2009 Marketing strategy should be able to have more focus on mini-plans (10 or fewer games) and extended parking / transit options, as well as a concerted Fanfest package to market the team to various urban areas (DC/MD/NoVa). It takes time (and patience) to build a solid foundation.

Posted by: BIM | April 4, 2008 7:16 PM | Report abuse

I hear that it's pretty easy to get grabs in Baltimore.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 4, 2008 7:20 PM | Report abuse

i get your point, 419. but having worked in the marketing business for a while, i can tell you that it's not as radically different to market one entity over another than you think. and not having direct experience doing something doesn't mean you know nothing about it.

the lerners have owned the team for almost two years now, more than enough time to "steal" experienced marketing people from other baseball organizations (both MLB and minor league teams), just as they have with the rest of their organization (scouting, development, coaching, etc). they've had two offseasons to address those types of job turnover. and kasten isn't new to marketing a franchise and probably brought his own people with him.

as far as "what if it's the wrong people" goes, well then that would be a black mark on the front office. part of what makes a successful organization is hiring the right people. if they did a lousy job of choosing marketing personnel, then they screwed up.

hotel packages? they work just fine, even if you don't have specific individual seats set aside because you're still selling ST packages. give them pricing based on sections. if people want to purchase a package, the concierge contacts the team for what's available and actually buys the tickets when the demand happens. you don't have to buy it all ahead of time, speculation isn't how this would work.

this isn't even addressing advertising the *team* itself (i.e., the product on the field instead of just the parking or lack thereof). or individual players. or who's coming to town next week, so get your tickets now. (you didn't address any of that.)

this stuff isn't rocket science. and while you think i (we?) don't get it, those of us unhappy with the marketing job think you don't. :P

Posted by: 231 | April 4, 2008 7:26 PM | Report abuse

lineups anyone?

Posted by: svxcounty | April 4, 2008 7:29 PM | Report abuse

"For most baseball graybeards, me included, a 3-0 start for the Nationals was surprising, an aberration of sorts considering they achieved it against two of the best teams in the division, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

But to the astute Bowden, one of the most capable general managers in the business and the architect of this young team, it's a positive hint of seasons to come.

The trait I like most about Bowden is that he's refuses to get too high, too low. He was obviously devastated by Thursday's jarring setback mostly because of how it evolved.

By the same token, he wasn't celebrating the 3-0 start and certainly not suggesting Nationals fans plan for a postseason in Washington in October.

"I've been doing this too long," he says. "I remember in 1995 [he was Cincinnati GM then] we were 1-and-8. They came to me and said this is a disaster, what do you think? I said, 'I think we're going to win the division; we're the best team in our division.' "

The Reds won the division that year and advanced to the League Championship Series before losing to Atlanta."

Hal Bosley, Baseball Perspectives,

Posted by: WTF???? | April 4, 2008 7:32 PM | Report abuse

? 231 = CiL ?? Not that I have any overbearing evidence, but both authors seem to have the same single-minded belabouring of a point.

Posted by: BIM | April 4, 2008 7:33 PM | Report abuse

Am I not getting something about our GM? Can I not see past the highlit hair, the nickname "Ol' Leatherpants" (still used in Cincy, where they knew him well), the curly W Segway, the failure to get a long term deal with Zimmerman followed by the "we own him anyhow - he's mine" like he was back on the ol' plantation?

Posted by: Boethius | April 4, 2008 7:39 PM | Report abuse

(Repaeat as necessary until prison-riot levels are reached).

Posted by: BIM | April 4, 2008 7:39 PM | Report abuse

Can we start guessing lineups or is he going to post at gametime?

Posted by: svxcountry | April 4, 2008 7:45 PM | Report abuse

svz: Go to radio coverage, if you can get it (107.7 fm in DC/local). Charlie & Dave are doing the pre-game now.

Posted by: BIM | April 4, 2008 7:49 PM | Report abuse


There are certainly a lot of things about Bowden that attract a lot of attention (including the items you mentioned)... but it really is hard to argue with his overall success, since the implementation of "The Plan (tm)".

Sure, there are specific moves that one might disagree with, and not every trade and acquisition comes out as shining as you might have hoped... but we are light years ahead of where were were even at the end of last season, not to mention where we were at the beginning of 2007 or 2006, or...

The fact that someone might actually put it in print is, I think, rather impressive.

Posted by: Wigi | April 4, 2008 7:52 PM | Report abuse

Sheinen may be covering the game for the Post, rather than Barry. Lineups might not be as big a deal to him.

Posted by: BIM | April 4, 2008 7:52 PM | Report abuse

new post...

Posted by: svxcountry | April 4, 2008 7:59 PM | Report abuse

"this isn't even addressing advertising the *team* itself (i.e., the product on the field instead of just the parking or lack thereof). or individual players. or who's coming to town next week, so get your tickets now. (you didn't address any of that.)"

They did "who's coming to town next week" ads last year, and I have no doubt they'll do them again this year. Last year the ads had to highlight the groundskeeper, the usher and the peanut vendor, but I'm sure this year they'll be able to fit in a mention of a player or two every now and then, since they have more raw material to work with now.

The season is young yet. We haven't even seen our first home stand. Yet in the midst of the season ticket ads and take Metro ads, I've still heard more than a few "Single game tickets are on sale now. Go to" ads on non 3WT stations. People know the game is played every day, they know the season has started. I think that's enough. Once the dog days of summer arrive they can start harping on whatever players or incoming teams are hot in the ads.

Posted by: Section 419+1 | April 4, 2008 8:03 PM | Report abuse

Are they celebrating Saint Patricks Day in Baltimore today? Nearly the entire park is in green...oh, wait...those are empty seats. damn...

Posted by: TimDz | April 4, 2008 8:16 PM | Report abuse

No way.


? 231 = CiL ??

Posted by: natsfan1a | April 5, 2008 8:06 AM | Report abuse

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