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Davis, Zimmermann: Minor League Players of Year

Sorry for disappearing on y'all this morning. Was working, not loafin'. Don't worry about a late-season slide. Just wanted to pass along work real quick, though, that the Nats have given out their annual minor league awards -- the two big ones.

Minor League Player of the Year: Leonard Davis

Davis, 24 , is an outfielder who ascended this year from Class A Potomac to Class AA Harrisburg to the late, great Class AAA Columbus. His totals for the year: a .310 average, 28 doubles, 25 home runs and 76 RBIs. Davis is something of a late bloomer -- he's turning 25 this December -- but he'll likely be added to the 40-man roster this offseason, team scouting director Dana Brown told me. That will protect Davis from the Rule 5 draft. He'll be given a look next year in spring training. Davis is the team's eighth-round pick from 2004.

Minor League Pitcher of the Year: Jordan Zimmermann

Zimmerman, 22, spent time with Potomac and Harrisburg this season, finishing a combined 10-3 with a 2.89 ERA in 25 games, 24 starts. He'll have a strong chance to make the major league rotation out of spring training next year.

By Chico Harlan  |  September 23, 2008; 12:53 PM ET
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Don't know if you all saw this...

WASHINGTON -- Saturday's game between the Nationals and Phillies in Philadelphia was scheduled to be at 7:05 p.m. ET, but will be televised nationally on FOX at 3:55 p.m. instead.

The Phillies are battling the Mets for the National League East title, while the Nationals are looking to be spoilers in the Saturday afternoon game. Philadelphia is 9-6 against Washington this season.

Posted by: FOX | September 23, 2008 12:56 PM | Report abuse

New posted:

Bob, I confess that for me to still be right I'm going to have to play games with definitions. But since we all know being right is far more important than contributing to the collective pursuit of truth, I'll go ahead and do so!

Teixiera is entering his free agent prime, which is, by definition, after his career prime has started. Unless something goes wrong, most players will not be a free agent until after their sixth year, per major league rules. So your very youngest free agents are going to be about 27, most more likely 29 or 30.

This puts Teixiera at the beginning of his prime as a free agent!

And I've got a bridge I can sell you, too.

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | September 23, 2008 12:56 PM

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | September 23, 2008 12:58 PM | Report abuse

Hah! You're pretty slippery, 506. Ever think of becoming an agent?

Posted by: Bob L. Head | September 23, 2008 1:05 PM | Report abuse

If I do become one....

Directions: choose the cynical answer that most matches your personal storm cloud

(A) the Nats are never going to sign a deal with my players!

(B) I'll even convince the Nats to sign a deal with my players!

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | September 23, 2008 1:09 PM | Report abuse

I posted the Fox info in the prior thread, #1 commenter, but it bears repeating.

Congrats to Davis and Zimmermann (and to the P-Nats on their league championship - woop! - I just never get tired of saying that...)

Also, Chico is tanking (not really).

Posted by: natsfan1a | September 23, 2008 1:12 PM | Report abuse

Any truth to the rumors that the Lerners are petitioning to reduce the 40-man roster by half?

Posted by: ohplease | September 23, 2008 1:36 PM | Report abuse

So, Leonard Davis will be added to our 40-man roster and have a chance to make the team in Spr09. Something's gotta give in terms of our outfield for next season:

- Presumptive starters based on performance: Milledge and Dukes
- golden boys in the eyes of the GM who are under contract for next season and who are untradeable b/c of injuries and performance: Kearns and Pena

Thats 4 right there guys. Everyone who talks about keeping a "5th outfielder" on a 25 man roster is smoking something. You cannot waste a roster spot on a guy who plays that rarely, especially on a team like ours.

Other OFs on our 40-man: Bernadina, Langerhans, Harris
Other OFs on our 60-day DL who will have to be put back b/c we like him: Maxwell

Thats a lot of outfielders. And we want to add Davis to this mix. Harris is our 2nd leading home run hitter and our best defensive player and probably deserves to start above everyone else. What do we do?

Posted by: Sec131 | September 23, 2008 1:37 PM | Report abuse

Harris stays (can play infield, too), Langerhans and Bernadina go down or go home, and Davis has a chance to play his way into Wily Mo's Spot.

Don't rule out Kearns being traded.

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | September 23, 2008 1:41 PM | Report abuse

I would add Davis as a bench guy who can play 3rd (not that Zim needs any rest over there)and 2B, as well as the outfield. I know it's the minor leagues, and all, but 25HR are nothing to sneeze at. Especially for a kid who never played above A ball.

Posted by: Section 138 | September 23, 2008 1:42 PM | Report abuse

I hope to see Zimmermann given a shot in the rotation to start the season if he has a strong ST. Having Lannan, Balester and Zimmermann as the young core of our rotation learning on the job and taking thier lumps will be far more entertaining than watching Hill, Redding, Perez and Bergmann slowly fade away to nothingness...

If we are going to upgrade any position on the team this year I think it will be Starting Pitching. I think there is almost zero chance of signing a Sabathia or Sheets type FA, but I'm hoping that trader Jim can move to upgrade SP the same way he did OF last off-season.

The question is do we have the parts necessary to get a young SP via trade similair to what we put together for Milledge and Dukes last year. I see Palasco and Olson being on the block from Florida since almost the entire Florida roster is hitting arbitration this off-season.

What would either of those (or similiar SP on other teams) cost? What other young SP are potentially available?

How would you all feel about this rotation for September of '09

Posted by: estuartj | September 23, 2008 1:57 PM | Report abuse

Aren't we confusing the 25-man with the 40-man in this dilemma? The former has room for Milledge, Dukes, Kearns and hopefully Super Willie. Pena can stay on the DL until he's healthy and would then pass through waivers on the way to Syracuse. Where he can play with Davis and Bernadina.

(BTW I went to the Clippers website to check out the AAA roster and they have deleted the entire team already! We're not yet up on the Sky Chiefs site, so our guys are kind of floating in the Natmosphere for the moment.)

Posted by: Bob L. Head | September 23, 2008 2:05 PM | Report abuse

Ummm, so Hillary wrote a letter to her "friends" at Sky Chiefs baseball congratulating them on the affiliation:

Posted by: Bob L. Head | September 23, 2008 2:08 PM | Report abuse

When Hillary Clinton calls you top-notch you know you suck.

Posted by: estuartj | September 23, 2008 2:12 PM | Report abuse

Bob, I call you out on going out of your way to use the word "Natmosphere"!

Posted by: Section 506 (Before moving) | September 23, 2008 2:12 PM | Report abuse

estuartj, I'd take Nolasco over Scott Olsen any day from the Marlins. Olsen is a bit of a head case with a predilection for off-field shenanigans, and I'd say we don't want to upset the precariously balanced apple-cart of this season.

On the field, Nolasco is a fairly proven and relatively high-level commodity, even in the oft-tumultuous environment of the Marlins. 205.1 innings this year, one complete game, a 15-7 record, with a 3.55 ERA and 1.12 WHIP, with 176 K's and only 41 walks to boot.

On the flip side, Olsen was 8-10 this year, pitching 190.2 innings (no real substantive difference there), with a 4.2 ERA and 1.32 WHIP, striking out 107 while issuing 67 walks.

In short, Nolasco is the better pitcher, but if the Marlins are choosing how to allot their limited funds between the two (and the rest of the arbitration-eligible roster), they would be wise to pick Nolasco, I'd think. Our impression of Olsen is a bit skewed since he went 3-0 against us this year (meaning 5-10 against the rest of MLB).

Posted by: faNATic | September 23, 2008 2:12 PM | Report abuse

Also, evidently Syracuse is now simply the "Chiefs" and not the "Sky Chiefs." And there logo is a train. Hmmmmn.

Posted by: Bob L. Head | September 23, 2008 2:15 PM | Report abuse

My guess is that, unless Davis absolutely blows everyone away, he starts in AAA and moves up as an injury / trade replacements sometime in the year.

I suggested this before, and it pains me to say it as Milledge's #1 fanboy on this site, but if Elijah is moving to CF, I would not be surprised to see Milledge traded in a deal for another corner OF, 1st baseman, or starting pitcher. I think this year has shown the Mets undervalued him, or moved him for a short term need. He's played a whole year without controversy and looks like his offense is an asset. Some team may still try him in CF, but the Nats figure with Elijah's speed they have maybe an elite CF. A team looking for defensive range and a top of the order hitter might be willing to offer a bigger production hitter for him, especially if we are also willing to put in a second tier minor league pitching prospect.

Posted by: PTBNL | September 23, 2008 2:21 PM | Report abuse

faNATic, "Olsen is a bit of a head case with a predilection for off-field shenanigans, and I'd say we don't want to upset the precariously balanced apple-cart of this season."

Do the names Milledge and Dukes not jump straight to your mind when you read that? We are quickly becoming the island of misfit toys (best x-mas movie ever IMO), but I could care less as long as they don't get suspended and play solid baseball.

As for what the Marlins will do, I concur - if they are keeping one and not the other I'd ship Olsen.

Should we deal for him and what would he "cost"?

Posted by: estuartj | September 23, 2008 2:23 PM | Report abuse

Davis'2008 stats at each level
2008 Season
POT CAR .332 63 217 47 72 14 2 14 37 132 23 47 7 5 .403 .608 1.012
HAR EAS .488 10 41 8 20 1 0 4 10 33 6 5 2 0 .553 .805 1.358
COL INT .239 49 180 21 43 13 3 7 29 83 5 48 1 1 .266 .461 .727
Minors .308 122 438 76 135 28 5 25 76 248 34 100 10 6 .364 .566 .930

Posted by: Tom | September 23, 2008 2:33 PM | Report abuse

OMG, that's awesome. Two full seasons on this thing and this is the first we've heard the phrase "Natmosphere"?????

Posted by: NatsNut | September 23, 2008 2:38 PM | Report abuse

Nolasco's numbers are just way too good for Florida to let him go. A 1.12 whip puts him close to the top 10 in the league and he's making the MLB minimum.

Arbitrators generally want to gradually bring a guy up in his 3 arbitration years to his real salary/worth on the open market, so a guy consistently with his numbers probably is worth $10-12M on the open market. So I'd assume he'll put in for an arbitration value somewhere in the $2.5-$3.5M range. You have to think Florida will keep him with that salary.

Olsen is still a pretty good pitcher, with better than league average ERA and Whip. I can't see his arbitration value going much above $1-$1.5M though, again a steal for a 24-yr old pitcher.

Posted by: Sec131 | September 23, 2008 2:38 PM | Report abuse

After a very moderate amount of sleuthing, I have learned that the Chiefs changed their name to the Sky Chiefs in 1997 "as part of an attempt to distance themselves from criticisms that their previous identity was offensive to Native Americans." The Sky Chiefs logo was a flying baseball bat. Evidently some fans "didn't want to let go of the Chiefs" and others felt that the team "had strayed away from its heart and soul when they changed their name to the SkyChiefs." So, thumbing their noses at the "political correctness" that led to the earlier change, they changed the name back to the Chiefs prior to the 2007 season. But they "placed it in an entirely new setting," specifically, in a locomotive, in a nod to Syracuse's industrial heritage. Makes perfect sense to me.

Posted by: Bob L. Head | September 23, 2008 2:38 PM | Report abuse

I guess it's not really a "phrase." Shoulda said "word".

he he

"the phrase "Natmosphere"?????"

Posted by: NatsNut | September 23, 2008 2:39 PM | Report abuse

From the Miami Herald via;

Nolasco, with a projected salary of $2.5 million, is one of three starting pitchers eligible for arbitration for the first time.

Lefty Scott Olsen ($2.6 million projected) could wind up making a bit more than Nolasco based on his durability during the two-year period that will be evaluated.

Posted by: estuartj | September 23, 2008 2:42 PM | Report abuse

Can we give Leonard Davis the nickname "Crash"?

Posted by: Bull Durham Fan | September 23, 2008 2:46 PM | Report abuse

The problem Florida has is that they have a ton of good players hitting arbitration, but the only 2 true big salary guys are Uggla and Gregg so they'll have a tough time keeping to their salary cap (expected to be about $30M) without shopping away more than a handful of players.

The ownership might be willing to go a bit in the red for next year since the downtown stadium deal looks close, plus a lot of these guys are going to be even more valuable as trade bait next year. Basically there is a good chance of them standing pat for '09 by just dumping Uggla and Gregg, which I think account for about a quarter of projected '09 salary.

Maybe we can put together a package for Dan Uggla, say Bonifacio, Detwiler, Burgess & Wilems? That's probably more than we can stomach, but would either of the pitcher mentioned before demand much less?

Posted by: MO Nats Fan | September 23, 2008 2:48 PM | Report abuse

By the way, the him of the last sentence was Lastings, not ED.

A slightly different theme, and maybe Chico can set up a poll for this, but there's been a lot of talk about signing Teixeira or Sheets/Sabathia on this site, but there have been wildly different contract estimates justifying or objecting to those signings. We should have a "what would it take to sign Teixiera (or CC) poll," with combinations of years and cash. Toss in a long term contract for Zimmerman, too, if you'd like. Include option year buyouts as guaranteed cash, but not the cost of the option if exercised.

For everyone information, here is a link to the Cots mlbcontracts blog:
That site has a list of the 24 highest paid players by total dollars, as well as a break down of the highest annual average value (top 17 or so), and highest AAV by position.

For Teixeira, here are a couple of bench marks to think about. Todd Helton's AAV is the highest for a 1st baseman at $15.7 million. I believe his deal was signed in before he reached free agency - 9 years (2003 - 11), $141.5 million. Miguel Cabrera beat that, at 8 years, $152.3, or an AAV of $19+ million, but was not moved to first until this year and was signed before free agency. Manny Ramirez hit free agency in 2001 and signed an 8 year contract for $160 million. Giambi was 7 years, $120 million ($17.1 m), signed in '02.

Because Teixeira is a free agent, I think Manny's contract is the minimum, not Cabrera's. My guess is 8 years, $170 million ($21.25 m AAV). This may be a low ball, given what A-Rod made.

Posted by: PTBNL | September 23, 2008 2:48 PM | Report abuse

>Thats a lot of outfielders. And we want to add Davis to this mix. Harris is our 2nd leading home run hitter and our best defensive player and probably deserves to start above everyone else. What do we do?<

The guy was 24 in Single A. They'll feed him breaking balls, and changeups behind in the count and he'll go back to the minors. 75 rbi is alright, but it's not as though you have to create a spot on the opening day roster for him. Most of his homers probably came on fastballs. Although, 25 dingers isn't a bad number, he had 14 of them at Single A, and it's hard to tell where he really belongs since he shot through three levels due to the weak hitting in our system.

Posted by: Brue | September 23, 2008 2:51 PM | Report abuse

Didn't A-Rod get a stake in the team?

If I had to guess I'd say Texiera eventually signs for 10 yrs and $248M. Sabathia probably goes for 7 yrs and $175M.

Posted by: estuartj | September 23, 2008 2:54 PM | Report abuse

>Maybe we can put together a package for Dan Uggla, say Bonifacio, Detwiler, Burgess & Wilems? That's probably more than we can stomach, but would either of the pitcher mentioned before demand much less?<

Dude, nobody wants Bonafacio. He can't hit, and he can't play anything but second base because he's so small. But you're right, the only players the Fish would take are the ones that are years away from arbitration.

Convert Milledge to a second baseman. Outfield numbers problem solved, you can trade for some power, and Milledge is no longer a 'tweener. He'd be a big stick at that position. He's not that tall, which would probably benefit him for playing 2B. Damn near anybody can play center as well as he did, mainly because his arm is so weak. The roster is going to take some thinking outside the box, or we'll never get better.

Posted by: Brue | September 23, 2008 3:00 PM | Report abuse

IMO the best Christmas movies are:
1 - We're No Angels (original)
2 - Die Hard

Let's play two!

Posted by: SlowPitch63 | September 23, 2008 3:18 PM | Report abuse

Nolasco and Olsen have had arm issues in the past (along with most of the other young FL pitchers...thanks Girardi).

Posted by: 756* | September 23, 2008 3:36 PM | Report abuse

But you're right, the only players the Fish would take are the ones that are years away from arbitration.

So from what I'm hearing, we trade our arbitration elligible players to the Mets (and few others) for controlled players, then trade our controlled players to FL for their arbitration elligible players???

Posted by: 756* | September 23, 2008 3:41 PM | Report abuse

PTBNL, I'm a big fan of Milledge too, and I too wonder whether he's sticking around. I read some recent comments from Bowden (presumably here) about the team's needs and his plans, then I thought about what Bowden's done these last few years, and I thought Dadgummit, we're gonna trade Milledge.

My second Dadgummit came when I realized that it might be the best way to help the ball club, and I would therefore support it.

Posted by: Scooter | September 23, 2008 3:41 PM | Report abuse

I think that Natosphere and Natmosphere have been in general use (i.e., not only on NJ) for a few years.

Posted by: natsfan1a | September 23, 2008 3:54 PM | Report abuse

I'm not sure that we want to hang that one on Leonard, BDF.

Posted by: natsfan1a | September 23, 2008 3:55 PM | Report abuse

Seeing as how Crash was somewhat of a career minor league type and all.

Posted by: natsfan1a | September 23, 2008 3:57 PM | Report abuse

On the Christmas movie front, what am I, chopped liver?

Posted by: NR George Bailey | September 23, 2008 3:59 PM | Report abuse


Really enjoy your work and I know you are still new, but how come the Wash Post is getting scooped by the Times re the "state of ownership"? That article today was incredibly interesting and it seems like a HUGE story. Yet, I haven't read word one from you guys - including Boz. Seems like if Stan and the front office are working with their hands tied behind their backs - that that could be a problem - and we should know about it. Would love the Post to look into this and report on it. Thanks.

Posted by: phillip | September 23, 2008 4:17 PM | Report abuse

I would be very curious to see who in the Nats brain trust is on which side of the Milledge as center fielder argument.

I like the idea of keeping him at CF and try to develop him defensively. This takes some pressure off Dukes and safeguards us against his potential (some would say imminent) self destruction.

However, I think you need to put the best team on the field each day and if your defense would be better with Dukes in CF and Milledge in a corner then that's the way it should (eventually) be. Doesn't hurt to try it out when your losing 90-100 games anyway, but at some point you want to win that many, not lose them...

Posted by: estuartj | September 23, 2008 4:36 PM | Report abuse

The Washington Times story is a must-read, and I say that as someone who despises that paper.

While loathing of owners is a baseball tradition as old as "kill the umpire," if the Times article is correct there is something seriously amiss. Washington, which has been so unfairly tagged as a "bad baseball town" when it has demonstrated its willingness to support a bad team with a new stadium and 2-million-plus in attendance, deserves better than to be screwed yet again by poor ownership.

For those of us who have been paying close attention since 2004 (and before), the article has the ring of truth. We need to be seeing more of this critical reporting in the Post, both on the baseball side and on the business side.

Posted by: Meridian | September 23, 2008 4:55 PM | Report abuse

Long Post Warning:

I combed through rosters this afternoon and came up with the following list of offensive players that would help us. A lot of them are not going to be available, either because they are still controlled or because they have already been locked up.

But here they are anyway, thoughts welcome:

Low-Hanging Fruit:

Nick Swisher (28 years old; plays 1B and all 3 OF positions; seasonal averages of .244/.354/.452 and 28 HRs, 87 RBIs and 2 SBs; downside is his contract goes from an attractive $3.6m this year to a manageable $5.3m in ’09, then $6.75m in ’10 and then an unappealing $9m in 2011, followed by $10.25m in ’12 but with a $1m buyout).

Hank Blalock (28; 1B; .274/.336/.462; 26-96-2; $6.2m team option in ’09 is quite reasonable).

“More Zimmermans” Already Locked Up

Grady Sizemore (26, CF; .280/.371/.493; 27-83-28; signed to a very reasonable contract through 2012; we’re not getting him back).

Troy Tulowitzki (24; SS; .273/.343/.432; 19-86-6; also signed to a reasonable contract through 2013; hard to see him leaving the Rockies).

Miguel Cabrera (26; 1B; .309/.382/.542; 36-125-1; will make $11m in 2008 and is signed through 2015 when this salary will be $22m; any chance Detroit regrets the deal given that he’s too fat to play third?)

Curtis Granderson (28; CF; .283/.351/.496; 22-71-14; signed through 2012 when he will make $10m; another reasonable contract for a relatively young star.)

Hanley Ramirez (26; SS; .307/.378/.525; 27-72-47; signed through 2014 when he will make $16m; still another reasonable contract that even the Marlins probably don’t need to move).

Ryan Braun (25; LF; .303/.351/.587; 43-123-18; signed through 2015 when he will make $12m; looks like a bargain).

Justin Morneau (28; 1B; .283/.349/.502; 30-117-1; signed through 2013 when he will make $14m; another bargain).

Jose Reyes (25; SS; .287/.337/.437; 13-66-62; signed through 2011 when he will make $11m; maybe for Guzman and our entire bullpen?)

Robinson Cano (26; 2B; .301/.334/.467; 18-86-3; signed through 2012 when he will make $14m but had a serious dropoff this year after signing the big deal; might be a Hank casualty but also might not be a good long-term risk).

Adrian Gonzalez (27; 1B; .282/.349/.494; 29-98-0; signed through 2011 when he will make $4.75m, followed by a club option in 2012 at $5.5m; another bargain and it’s hard to see them moving him).

Arbitration-Eligibles (aka the Marlins), or at least Close; or Otherwise Interesting

Mike Jacobs (28; 1B; .262/.318/.499; 31-96-2; a decent piece at the right price).

Dan Uggla (28; 2B; .263/.341/.491; 32-95-5; see Jacobs, Mike).

Jeremy Hermida (25; RF; .265/.341/.434; 18-68-6; would only fit if we trade Kearns and play Dukes in CF).

Hunter Pence (26; OF; .294/.336/.500; 26-93-13; another RF)

Matt Kemp (24; CF; .299/.340/.472; 18-75-27; would look pretty good at the top of our lineup; a Milledge-Kemp-Dukes OF, anyone?)

Andre Ethier (27; RF; .297/.361/.481; 17-76-4; a slightly older, better version of Hermida).

James Loney (25; 1B; .304/.355/.481; 17-93-4; would be nice but no reason for LA to move him).

Prince Fielder (25; 1B; .278/.370/.534; 31-98-4; do the Brewers want to avoid a Howard-style arbitration award?)

J.J. Hardy (26; SS; .271/.330/.448; 23/78/2; decent piece; no word on whether he wants to be referred to simply as JJ).

Delmon Young (23; LF; .291/.325/.412; 12-81-12; still young (so to speak) and doesn’t really fit).

Carlos Gomez (23; .251/.294/.345; 7-54-34; not ready for prime time).

Ryan Howard (29; 1B; .278/.370/.587; 50-141-1; got $10m in arbitration last year; tough to ignore those homers, or those strikeouts; Tex looks like a better bet at 29).

Adam LaRoche (29; .272/.340/.491; 26-91-0; got $5m in arbitration last year; hard to get excited about for some reason).

Nate McLouth (27; CF; .263/.339/.465; 19-60-21; has showed nice progress; an older version of Kemp but still a nice fit).

B.J. Upton (24; CF; .279/.368/.426; 17-75-35; would be a good project to have but they have no reason to trade him).

Josh Hamilton (28; CF; .300/.370/.538; 34-115-6; supposedly in negotiations over a long-term deal).

Posted by: Bob L. Head | September 23, 2008 5:08 PM | Report abuse

First, let me say that I appreciate the work that Chico does with the limitations that he (presumably) is working under. But...I have to agree w/ Meridian re: the Post's coverage in general. How is that the Times is able to put out articles like this, but the Post does not? After an off day, the Times has two articles about the state of the team while the Post only has a short "notebook" type entry?

Posted by: Coverage actually is lacking here | September 23, 2008 5:09 PM | Report abuse

1) Milledge is not going anywhere. He may move to LF, but why on earth would you trade one of the better young players in the game. Just like when fans were worried John Lannan would be traded to the White Sox, the Nats are trying to gain more young talent not move them. He's a Nat for years to come.

2) The Times article is a must read. It's pretty much a long bashing of how cheap and greedy the Lerners are. It's full of quotes of anonymous players/staff members/scouts/former employees/more. A lot of it is old news, but just reading it you think to yourself do we have any chance of ever becoming a winner in DC under the ownership in the Lerners. They are horrible baseball people and I really hope they go out and get a big bat.

3) All this Fish talk ... I agree I too have a feeling we'll be watching closely this offseason as to what young players the Marlins will rid themselves of. I've heard Mike Jacobs/Jeremy Hermida in the past.

4) Go out and trade for Matt Holliday. Rid ourselves of Kearns and Pena. Also ban Pete Orr and Levale Speigner from our organization.

5) Hopefully the Mariners win the rest of their games so we can get Strasburg.

Posted by: Section 111 (Formerly 223 @ RFK Stadium) | September 23, 2008 5:31 PM | Report abuse

I think the Mariners are gonna "beat" us to the punch and get the #1 pick. Which may just be ok, it takes a ton of pressure off whoever we get at #2, we may avoid dealing with Boras, and we still get two good players in the top 10.

This isn't the first time we've seen a story like this about the Lerners and the Franchise. Ken Rosenthal did a story like this for a while back. Same kind of information. It is kinda depressing because stuff like this hampers a franchise from the inside out.

Posted by: Sec131 | September 23, 2008 5:48 PM | Report abuse

It is kinda depressing because stuff like this hampers a franchise from the inside out.

Posted by: Sec131 | September 23, 2008 5:48 PM


I agree, but the only way to stop this from happening is for our owners to STOP BEING SO DAMN CHEAP/GREEDY!

Posted by: Section 111 (Formerly 223 @ RFK Stadium) | September 23, 2008 5:52 PM | Report abuse

SS Hanley Ramirez
C John Baker
3B Jorge Cantu
1B Mike Jacobs
2B Dan Uggla
LF Josh Willingham
CF Cody Ross
RF Jeremy Hermida
P Scott Olsen

2B Anderson Hernandez
SS Alberto Gonzalez
3B Ryan Zimmerman
CF Lastings Milledge
RF Elijah Dukes
1B Aaron Boone
LF Willie Harris
C Wil Nieves
P Shairon Martis

Posted by: speaking of the Fish... | September 23, 2008 5:59 PM | Report abuse

Alas, the Times article is the last straw and my group has voted to give up our set of season tickets. We waited so long for a team and enjoyed the years at RFK when the team seemed competitive even when they didn't win and were fun to watch. Very little this year has been fun to watch and it looks like there won't be any improvement in the foreseeable future. It's just too much money to waste time watching lousy baseball. I hope our dedicated players who gave so much effort this year such as Willie Harris, Ronnie Belliard, and Saul Rivera can go to better teams. They deserve better than this outfit.

BTW the sports reporting in the Times has been better for a long time even if you rush the rest of the paper into the recycling bin.

Posted by: Frustrated in 310 | September 23, 2008 6:10 PM | Report abuse

On the other hand, I do plan to continue following the Nationals and attending games next year.

Posted by: natsfan1a | September 23, 2008 6:26 PM | Report abuse

Shout out to all the homilies ...

Posted by: Fr. Newpost | September 23, 2008 7:00 PM | Report abuse

Late bloomer indeed. I saw Davis play last year. He has a good build -- looks like he ought to be a player, but he was highly susceptible to the strikeout. 100 strikeouts this year ain't a great number either. He might start the year at AAA, but I wouldn't expect him in Washington before September -- unless there are lots of injuries.

Posted by: Fisch Fry | September 23, 2008 10:50 PM | Report abuse

I'll take that section off your hands 310! Is it a partial season?

Man! Call yourself a NATS fan? You stick with the NATS for better or worse! So, its worse right now. It will get better!

Btw, if you read the Metro section instead of the Sports Section, you'll find articles about rent etc in the Post.

Posted by: CALSGR8 | September 24, 2008 5:55 PM | Report abuse

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