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An Apology

I owe an apology, because I said something stupid. Really stupid. I regret it tremendously. This is certainly not the first time I've felt terrible or stupid, but it is my first time writing about these feelings on a baseball blog. Why? Because I want you to know how I feel about my job. Read this (please), and know that Scott Boras didn't put me up to it. This is a heartfelt apology.

Here's the background: The Washingtonian did a little feature on me in this month's magazine, probably hoping to improve their sales with the Harlan family tree demographic. One of the quotes I gave them said that I hate sports, and am embarrassed to be covering them. The quote is accurate. The sentiment is not. I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for my job. I know I'm lucky as heck to do what I do. I have been guilty many times of melodramatics -- sometimes, after a particularly busy day, I'll describe the highlight as the three relaxing seconds when I used an ATM -- and this was certainly one of those instances.

Maybe it's worth explaining the conversation that led me to the I-hate-sports declaration. When I first started talking to Harry Jaffe, the journalist who talked to me for the piece, we were discussing my background, my childhood love for baseball, the fact that I played it as a teenager, etc. I didn't want to be portrayed, though, as some central casting sportswriter: the sort who always dreamed of athletic glory, lacked the skills, and chose the next best thing. That's not me. I wanted the make the point that I have other interests, many more. I suppose I made that point with an inartful tap of the sledgehammer.

This is not intended as a defense. Parts of this job are a grind. Parts are thrilling. You lose some hair, gain some Marriott points. But know this: I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't have passion. I love -- love-love-love -- writing, and love that I get the chance to document so many interesting storylines, characters and dramas. Thanks for understanding.

- Chico

By Chico Harlan  |  March 22, 2009; 7:20 PM ET
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Thanks, Chico. It takes character to apologize in private, let alone on a public blog.

Posted by: natsfan1a1 | March 22, 2009 7:31 PM | Report abuse

There is absolutely no need to apology for some remarks. You do your job and do a good job. Keep up the good stuff Chico

Posted by: irishnat | March 22, 2009 7:34 PM | Report abuse

So now you know how it feels to be taken out of context by a writer/editor who wants to sell papers/magazine. Please, learn from this my son.

Posted by: ecmdfan | March 22, 2009 7:35 PM | Report abuse

You sir are a f#*%^@! moron! Why would words like this come out of your mouth ON RECORD if it's not what your heart really felt!? What a stupid thing to say from someone being in your position. There are those of us out there that DO LOVE sports, have written and would love to be covering the Washington Nationals for the Washington Post! What a dream job and you ought to count your blessings each and every day you get up and get to do YOUR JOB! I certainly wouldn't consider covering MLB for a major newspaper as an embarrassment.

Posted by: Keenan1 | March 22, 2009 7:42 PM | Report abuse

Hey Chico,
I haven't seen the entire article yet, but am going to go out on a limb and say that we all love and hate the various parts of our lives at one time or another, sometimes in the same day. In fact, the things we care most about often get the biggest emotional range.

That you have broad interests is obvious--it is part of what makes you a wonderful writer. I for one am grateful to have a well-rounded beat reporter, and I'm not especially concerned about one quote.

Keep up your good work. I enjoy reading it.

Posted by: dcbatgirl | March 22, 2009 7:52 PM | Report abuse

Chico, thank you for the thoughtful apology.

It's apparent that you have other interests. Your first post revealed your "demented bookish side" and a link to the New Yorker, of all things. You've revealed an appreciation for fine dining, and you've brought more than just a baseball sense to the blog.

You don't have to shy away from these things to be a good baseball writer, either, Chico. And you really are developing into a very good baseball writer.

You're stepping into some very big shoes. You know that, and last week's interlude with Barry reminded us of why we love him so much. But you should also keep in mind that part of what endeared him to us was that he wasn't just a baseball beat writer. He was a person, and he allowed that to come through. It's a grueling beat, and we all need some humanity to get through it.

And in a sense, I think that's why we all love baseball. It's more than just a sport. I think I know what you mean about being "embarrassed," even though I understand you didn't really mean that. I'm not the kind of guy who yells at other guys in bars about why a particular running back's performance is so crucial. I don't use the word "bro," and I don't refer to the act of "bringing it." To be quite honest, it's one of the reasons that Barry's departure for the Redskins beat cut so deep.

I like other sports, but I'm not a sports guy, so to speak. And baseball is different. I think you get that. We all get it, and it's why, in addition to PECOTA and VORP, we quote Shakespeare and correct grammar.

So, long story short, apology accept. In fact, apology unnecessary.

Posted by: JohninMpls | March 22, 2009 7:53 PM | Report abuse

and while you're at it, why don't you put the full quote up on this blog? You know, the part about you can't wait until it's over and it' s just a paycheck? You're lucky the WaPost doesn't fire you on the spot for such a ridiculous comment like that!

Posted by: Keenan1 | March 22, 2009 7:53 PM | Report abuse

While I understand your response, I really do not like the approach to covering the game. I think the prime example of what you think you want to bring to the table is the Lasting Milledge piece. You seem to be saying, hey what a fresh and interesting approach to baseball Lastings has and I will write it up and enjoy that part of the job.

Problem is Lasting Milledge costs us games. Lasting Milledge approach will never make him into a professional baseball player. That story needed the balance perspective of how many players before him have wasted god give talent. You say, hey nobody is hurt by Lastings approach and I tell you everyone on the team, every fan and most off all people like Maxwell, Roger B. and Dukes are say they that is not my problem, you just asked the questions and I say you job is more than reporting on personalities that you find interesting. Your job is to uncover the problems this team faces and find people who know how to fix them. Give a voice to people who are qualified to see the problems. This team will not win with Milledge in CF with that approach...that was the story....not that hip hop comes to Washington MLB scene.........The team is what is important and winning is what are important, not a personality what does not get it.

Posted by: JayBeee | March 22, 2009 8:00 PM | Report abuse

So, what was stupid? Telling a reporter how you felt about covering sports for a living? What's the difference between doing that and analyzing what some Senator was doing in the bathroom or president yapping about on a talk show? It's not what you do that defines you, it's how you do it.

Apology accepted.

Posted by: flippin1 | March 22, 2009 8:02 PM | Report abuse

"But know this: I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't have passion. I love -- love-love-love -- writing, and love that I get the chance to document so many interesting storylines, characters and dramas. Thanks for understanding."

Well, Chico, I hear you saying that you love-love-love writing, but I still don't hear you saying that you even LIKE sports, and are not embarrassed to be writing sports. Is that the case? Because we all can understand how in a moment of weakness or snark you might have made the statements you did, but even in your apology here you're not taking back THOSE statements. Is this another case of "The Washington Post. If you don't get it, you don't get it?" You know, I see that you're apologetic and I accept that, but I for one still have this feeling that you really just don't get it.

Posted by: nunof1 | March 22, 2009 8:05 PM | Report abuse

But you know what, Chico? You're not alone. JayBeee clearly doesn't get it either.

Posted by: nunof1 | March 22, 2009 8:07 PM | Report abuse

It's good to get your perspective on it and, agreeing with JohninMpls, a glimpse of your human-ness. But no apology needed here either.

Posted by: NatsNut | March 22, 2009 8:08 PM | Report abuse

Well said, JohninMpls. I could not say it better.

One thing that I remember from a critical writing class a long time ago was a professor saying that a good critic approaches his subject from many angles. You learn more about something by comparing and contrasting it with other things. The best and most intellectually deep analysis is done by those who filter the whole world through their writings, to do this you need a broad base in life. Some on this blog are calling for the blog writer to be someone who loves, knows and lives only for baseball. That, my friends, would get tiresome, especially if the storyline is repeated 102 times a season: "Nats Lose". I enjoy Chico's writing because he does take a critical distance from his subject. Because of this he is able to zero in on a storyline that is broader than just the boxscore and more interesting for the reader. All of us are capable of watching the live game or the MASN broadcast to see what happened. Chico at his best is able to distill that into a narrative that describes the event on another level. That, to me at least, is what good sportswriting is supposed to be.

Posted by: driley | March 22, 2009 8:10 PM | Report abuse


Your post here feels very familiar. The immediacy of public media is no longer so separated from the immediacy of private/institutuional e-mail.

I appreciate your writing talent. I appreciate your work in evaluating the team, in interviewing members of the organization. You are free to express frustrations with your job or direction of your career. I see the devotion to your craft nonetheless.

You may take blows along with your self-flagellation. I give you at least one unconditional free pass. Please do your best to entertain and inform us about the team that matters so much to us. We also have many other things that are more important to us, but interviewers don't make usadmit them.


Posted by: kevincostello | March 22, 2009 8:15 PM | Report abuse

"Your job is to uncover the problems this team faces and find people who know how to fix them." JayB

Since when, in the history of sports journalism is it the job of the beat reporter to do this? This sounds more like the frustrated musings of a wannabe assistant gm who did not get the job in life that he wants. And lets pretend for one moment that he does agree with you that Lastings Milledge is the antithesis of a major league baseball player. Should Chico write about this every day in every article like the way you post it every day? Boy-oh boy, wouldn't that be great journalism and such a delight to read as well?

Posted by: driley | March 22, 2009 8:23 PM | Report abuse

I just finished reading Chico's apology and the various posts in response to this apology. What struck me is how unforgiving some people in this country have become. Maybe it is the current economic malaise but this attitude is a sad, truly sad. This country, to a degree, has lost its way. I for one appreciate the apology. I think it takes courage.

Posted by: mjames0 | March 22, 2009 8:27 PM | Report abuse

There is absolutely no need to apology for some remarks. You do your job and do a good job. Keep up the good stuff Chico

Posted by: irishnat | March 22, 2009 7:34 PM


I agree. You do your job and you do it well. It isn't your dream job, but it is your way in.

Posted by: GoingGoingGone | March 22, 2009 8:28 PM | Report abuse

When is Bill Ladson going to ever give an apology?

Posted by: GoingGoingGone | March 22, 2009 8:44 PM | Report abuse

I can certainly understand saying something that you immediately regret or wish you had phrased differently; any married man can attest to being in that position.

And I commend you, Chico, for bringing it up to the readers of this blog, even though many of us would probably never read the interview. Speaking for myself, I accept your apology and appreciate you offering it.

Most of us who are honest with ourselves can sympathize with you, as nobody wants to be pigeon-holed as being a one-dimensional automoton. In my work, I know plenty of people who are completely wed to their job and eat, breath and sleep it everyday. They do nothing but talk about it all day...even at happy hours and lunch hours. That's fine for other people, but it just isn't something I'm prepared to do. I get that you were trying to convey that in your interview, but man, you chose the worst way to articulate that sentiment.

As has been said above, there are many of us (myself included) who would love to have a job covering a team or a sport that we love and care about deeply, but I suspect that it would make for severely biased reporting. In that sense, I'm glad you're not going back to your hotel room in Viera or your home in DC after writing about baseball all day and studying stat lines and box scores. If that makes Nationals Journal and your articles more objective and less personally invested, that makes it more interesting and actually reporting rather than a fan blog sponsoored by the WaPo.

But man, for the love of Da Meat Hook, please shy away from the melodramatic exclamations. We know you were trying to make a point (and failed, unfortunately), but when people read a sportswriter saying that he hates sports, well, that rubs those of us love sports (or one sport, or one team, etc) the wrong way.

Posted by: pwelshans | March 22, 2009 8:49 PM | Report abuse

Hey Chico,

I appreciate the different perspective. I absolutely despise simply reading the blow-by-blow rehashing of a game I watched the night before. I also don't need a beat writer to tell me what is wrong with a team when I watch it for 7 months a year. I can figure that stuff out myself.

Thanks for the reporting, and keep it up.

Posted by: Cavalier83 | March 22, 2009 8:50 PM | Report abuse

Chico - There's no need to apologize and if I were to give you some career advice, I wouldn't make a habit of it for the future. I was trained as many others to be a guilty Catholic and apologized for many things in my early career based on what I thought other's expectations were and my own self perception. I've learned that half the time I didn't fully understand those expectations and all the time the only important thing is to do your job well and bring some passion to it. So the clarification is interesting in that it adds some depth to your coverage but there is no need to apologize and never will be. Apologies, even when heartfelt, are more often seen in a negative way. So just try to be happy with what you do and give us as much stuff as you can. Be proud of who you are and how you feel and it'll pay off in your work product that we all look forward to reading every day.

Posted by: natslifer | March 22, 2009 8:56 PM | Report abuse

I appreciate the comment but would not characterize it as an apology despite the title. Yet I am glad it was addressed.

"One of the quotes I gave them said that I hate sports, and am embarrassed to be covering them. The quote is accurate." --Chico

The irony is that your hate of sports and embarrassment to cover them will hold you back as writer until you reconcile this conflict in your psyche. There is no pure craft or art in a material world which by its nature is finite and limiting when compared with our creative vision, fate, or human potential. Our maturity to recognize this is the first step to transform our actions being driven by expectations of entitlement to the ability to be creative with our current context.

"I feel sorry for the person who can't get genuinely excited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile." -- Walter Chrysler

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work". -- Thomas Edison

Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 9:02 PM | Report abuse

Hang in there, Chico.

Posted by: AshburnVA | March 22, 2009 9:04 PM | Report abuse


Thank you! I'd rather read a fantastic writer cover my team than a complete homer with all the eloquence of a rock. Thank you WaPo for putting such a talented writer on my favorite beat.

Posted by: bpSat | March 22, 2009 9:12 PM | Report abuse

Chico, I appreciate your willingness to address this and apologizing for your comments. I can empathize with you. I used to work in the media (on the broadcast side) and covered things that were outside of my comfort area (I was a city boy and ended up covering the agricultural beat for a while).

But I agree with nunof1. You love writing and the story opportunities that come your way, but you don't express any real love for baseball, or maybe more importantly, baseball writing. Having lots of other interests doesn't really matter. Roger Angell was an outstanding editor of literature and writer before he turned his attention to writing about baseball and he became maybe the best baseball writer ever. He brings a number of his outside interests with him and adds it to his writing. I don't think he's embarassed to spend time writing about baseball.

I'm still not clear how you can truly do a great job if you're embarassed by covering sports.

Frankly, I'm not sure why the Post would want someone covering baseball who's embarassed to do it, when they could find a number of other good writers, many of whom have lots of outside interests, too, who would love to cover baseball.

I don't have the anger toward you that others have expressed, just puzzlement that someone could end up with the Washington Post with an assignment that embarasses them.

I think I'll be happy for you and for those of us who expect more from the Post, when you move on to another assignment that you'll feel better about. Until then, all the best.

Posted by: baltova1 | March 22, 2009 9:13 PM | Report abuse


You have a lot more people who enjoy your stuff, and think you do a fine job than those who dislike your body of work, I think. Remember, a lot more people complain rather than compliment.
Keep on keeping on, brother.
And I have no clue why a few posters seem to have personal issues with you. That borders on creepy stalker behavior.
Oh, and I agree with all the stuff that JiMpls said.

Posted by: Section138 | March 22, 2009 9:17 PM | Report abuse

After losing Adam Kilgore and Marc Carig, it must have made Emilio Garcia Ruiz so proud to have realized that he could have had one of two actual baseball writers covering the Nationals instead of a guy who has no real love of or feel for the sport muddling through a job he said on the record that he really doesn't like.

Posted by: leetee1955 | March 22, 2009 9:18 PM | Report abuse

You know what Chico? I don't care if you love or hate your job. I just care that you do it well, which you do.

How can we all tell that? When you find out about some breaking tidbit, it seems to find it's way here first - even before the details do. Stuff like that keeps us all subscribed to the RSS feed.

So whether you are a good writer who hates sports, or a bad one who loves box scores, you are doing your job well and making this site a better place. The paper needs a strong web site, or you will all be out on the street. Mention that in your next performance review.

Posted by: CajunD | March 22, 2009 9:22 PM | Report abuse

We've all had a bad day and said things that we meant at the moment but didn't mean when things have calmed down.

How many of us have said something very stupid to our wife or children, things that were hurtful but we didn't mean?

I wasn't happy when Barry left and didn't like the idea of a kid being handed the keys to something as important as the NJ.

True, last year was a learning experience for you Chico but this year you have given us both quality and quantity.

I say forget it and let's move on.

I love baseball too much to let this cloud what could be an exception season.

Posted by: rushfari | March 22, 2009 9:25 PM | Report abuse

Watching the WBC between Japan and USA... Adam Dunn in right field is really scary...yikes..

Posted by: rachel216 | March 22, 2009 9:28 PM | Report abuse

Very nicely handled. I just hope you learned something from this about how you write about the people you cover, no remorse, skewer them, always lead with the most sensational quote. :)

The WP needs to have two beat writers covering the Nats, it's not a job for one reporter.

Posted by: PowerBoater69 | March 22, 2009 9:30 PM | Report abuse


The Post had two baseball writers. One now covers the Boston Red Sox and the other covers the New York Yankees.

Posted by: leetee1955 | March 22, 2009 9:39 PM | Report abuse

No big deal Chico, no need to apologize. I love sports precisely because they connect to so many other things besides the actual game on the field and I think you cover that very well.

Posted by: tallbaby2121 | March 22, 2009 9:41 PM | Report abuse

Chico: There are days when I've come home and toss my car keys on the table and tell my wife "I'm done I quit" then my wife reminds me of the mortgage,private school tuition and the rest of the bills and I say "oh yeah" and I 've been in sales for thirty plus years,don't worry about it my man nobody's going to call your boss and say fire Chico, and on another note, JAYBEE will you get off of Milledge's back, i mean damn can you at least wait until the all-star break before you ship him out to Triple A, yeah,yeah,yeah we all got the memo Lastings is not your favorite player on this team he's not my idea of major league centerfielder either but this a new season lets see what transpires.

Posted by: dargregmag | March 22, 2009 9:42 PM | Report abuse

Apology accepted.

From your writing you clearly don't hate sports. Also, no a single poster on this board could stand up to having every word out of their mouths put under constant scrutiny.

Shame that this ever turned into this big a deal.

Posted by: soundbloke | March 22, 2009 9:43 PM | Report abuse

Stop talking about batting average so much, and then you are 100% off the hook for every bad deed known and unknown.

Seriously, people should chill. If they can't see from reading you every day that you work hard and deliver quality results, it's their loss.

You're right, it was a dumb thing to say because perception matters, but please.

Also--FWIW, I think sports are dumb, and I'm embarrassed that I'm a total loser baseball blogger dude. I'd rather if I enjoyed playing the violin or volunteering at the local soup kitchen as much. But this is my guilty pleasure.

Posted by: sbiel2 | March 22, 2009 9:51 PM | Report abuse

... I'm a baseball fan; that's why I'm on this blog. But I'm also a journalistist groupie, and a writer. I understand exactly what drives Chico, and I applaud him for it.

... I can't imagine what has happened to our society that a person doing a job he loves and doing it well, has to fall on his sword because some readers don't like what he said. For shame!

... I've made my views quite clear in previous threads so I won't go on, except to say John in Minneapolis said it best: this is baseball, not just some sports. If you don't know the difference, then sit back a while and listen.

Go Baseball! Go Nats!! Go Shakes, the Bard!!!

Posted by: natscanreduxit | March 22, 2009 9:59 PM | Report abuse

do we really need to hear anymore about how JayBee feels about Milledge? Let it go and lets see how things play out - its obvious Manny is not reading your posts and personally I think he will be ok leading off - might not be our best CF but I am excited about this year and think we will be competitive

Posted by: sjm3091 | March 22, 2009 10:03 PM | Report abuse

No need to apologize to us. You are an outstanding writer and you are doing an excellent job covering the beat.

I can't say I'm surprised by your interview. It does come through in your writing that you don't love baseball. Not in any one article but if read your work consistently and this blog, it's fairly clear that you don't have a passion for it. That's not a problem for me but I would think it is a problem for you.

I remember Barry would often buy a ticket with his own money to go to the game on his off day and then write about that on the blog. To me, that is why we loved him here at the blog. He was a baseball geek like us, who happened to write about it for a living.

There is no anger on my part. Again, you do your job extremely well and I enjoy having you. But it is an unfortunate development that a baseball beat writer doesn't love baseball. I hope that you are able to find another spot that suits you better when it makes sense for you. I'll be sad to see you go because you do a great job but this is a special job and ideally should be filled by a lover of the sport.

I guess it says something about the newspaper business that even though they can find great writers who will take the beat writer job, they can't find one who loves baseball. That is a shame.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. To summarize, no apology needed as you do your job excellently. But, I'm sorry to see someone in such a special and challenging position who doesn't love it. That is a shame.

Posted by: Avar | March 22, 2009 10:17 PM | Report abuse

do we really need to hear anymore about how JayBee feels about Milledge? Let it go and lets see how things play out - its obvious Manny is not reading your posts and personally I think he will be ok leading off - might not be our best CF but I am excited about this year and think we will be competitive

Posted by: sjm3091 | March 22, 2009 10:03 PM

Very well put. JayBee rhymes with baby and like my babies used to do they whine and repeat themselves.

JayBee is all over Nats Nation websites spewing this garbage about Milledge.

Give the kid a break on what happened last year. Last year he got to skate on some of those stupid mental errors. This Spring he has made a few and I don't expect Acta to put up with them this year with the depth of the OF. Enough said. The season hasn't started.

Posted by: GoingGoingGone | March 22, 2009 10:19 PM | Report abuse

Chico, I appreciate you addressing this, but I'm not quite sure what your apology is supposed to mean. It's been pretty evident for a while that you aren't exactly a baseball guy--I mean seriously, you were barely a month into your time on the beat when you described a Nats game as "painstakingly familiar" and ignored the game story entirely in your "gamer." A month into the beat and you couldn't come up with something in the game to write about??? Most wannabe-beat-writers would have been like a kid in a candy store at that point.

I think that baltova1 summed things up really well above. You made clear right from the start that you didn't really know baseball very well (witness the stopwatch and batting glove comments). If you don't love sports and baseball, I don't see how it's possible for you to do a great job covering the Nats. Especially given the baseball knowledge deficit that you started with.

A lot of times, it seems that you just don't know the right questions to ask, or the things to look for--and I think the reason is that you don't like the game. People here might pose a question to you about how Kearns looks at the plate, or how Hill looks on the mound. The thing is, I get the sense that you're unable to answer questions like that, because you don't get the game, and you don't care to *really* learn it. Sure, you can say "Kearns went 1 for 3." But you can't be our eyes and really describe things for us if you don't know what to look for.

Also, I don't understand the disdain that you seem to have for being a baseball writer as if that is somehow beneath you--i.e., "I wanted the make the point that I have other interests, many more." Many of us know about the great tradition of baseball writers who had interests other than baseball. Being a baseball writer--or, at least, starting your career as a baseball writer--is hardly limiting. Embrace it, embrace the game, or stop writing about it. I really don't care if you are trying to use the Nats beat as a stepping stone to something else, like your buddy Saslow did with other sports. But at least give an honest and full effort while you're here. Pretend that you love the beat and the game, and not just "writing."

Posted by: CoverageisLacking | March 22, 2009 10:19 PM | Report abuse

sir chico

the reductionists and bipolar black&whiteists like to set up facile contrasts such as, "as a beat writer you either love baseball or you are a hypocrite." your attempt at describing a more subtle reality than that was bound to get you into trouble. however you extricated yourself with rueful honesty, always a strong disinfectant. as for the whining from the usual suspects, i think you can tell from the comments that they are in a minority despite their vociferation. good work, keep on working, and remember, "Non-torsii subligarium (don't get your knickers in a twist.)"

Posted by: natty-bumppo | March 22, 2009 10:22 PM | Report abuse

Your apology was well done.

I enjoy your work and hope that you learn to enjoy it also.

Clean slate...let's start anew and

Let's play two!

Posted by: SlowPitch63 | March 22, 2009 10:39 PM | Report abuse


I looked up pathetic in the dictionary and it said “Thom Loverro.” 22.

Courage and grace. Thanks. Wonderful features lately, with many more Pulitzer-quality pieces to come from you, in diverse fields: interesting storylines, characters, and dramas. There is a Susan Glasser in your future. These fans (myself included) are deeply, emotionally invested, and a beat writer quickly becomes differently-illusioned, as you know. Leadoff, not Milledge, but Saslow, then Kilgore, Becker, with Harlan at cleanup. And a 50-year career. Povich would be proud! Go Orangemen!

NatsNut (she is right, as usual):
“He says he wants to capture what's unique about a game, not just the obvious, and that he's more interested in the characters than anything … he loves writing and his ‘I can't wait to stop [sports writing],’ comment isn't elitist at all, it's a young guy eager to move onto meaty journalism.”

JohninMpls (perfect sentiment):
Chico, “So, long story short, apology accepted. In fact, apology unnecessary.”

Mike Harris:
“This kid is insanely talented (as is Saslow) and he works very hard … Chico is destined for big things … .”

Juliasdad (re-pointing out why “fan” derives from “fanatic,” a barely-imperceptibly-narrowly-focused individual):
“… (the) always focused fan group are hurt that Chico Harlan is not happy to write for them … .”

Brue (referring, not to the insanely talented Chico, but surely to the unxceptably, irrevelant, disfunctional An Briosca Major, who can’t write, can’t cook, and can’t write about cooking):
“Now I feel bad for picking on him. I thought he wanted to do something important. How much thought does writing about food require?” Jealousy, ahhhhh … We need a wahhhhhmbulance for ABM (and how a propos is A BM for this guy? A Movement, if ever there was one)

Posted by: nova_g_man | March 22, 2009 10:45 PM | Report abuse

in re nunof1 himself (AKA mindless, fanboy acceptor and Thrilledge-lover, who is depriving a village somewhere of its idiot):
He’s sort of the little boy, bratty, playground “bully” that we all well remember; intellectually barren (everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but everyone is not entitled to his own set of facts.), yet embracing the concept of ad hominem fully. This approach makes him feel better about himself. Push another down, in order to raise yourself up. It’s therapy, self-medication, for the feeling-inadequate wuns. Funny, yes, but also sad? One of his targets opined, not long ago: “I never argue with an idiot. They bring me down to their level, and then they win with their experience.” Sigh. So true.

But let’s not forget that A BM is our own little pundit. The wannabee chef/writer we know, rather than the wannabee chef/writer we don’t know. He’ll surely keep bratting (suggestion: Why don’t you leave? I’ve never seen trash take itself out.).

In any case, Chico, there are hundreds of stories, dramas, and characters out there, away from the Nats’ beat. You’ll find some of them, surely, and we’ll cheer you on when you do. After all, we knew you when. All the best. Proud and grateful to have you with us for a short time. We are the lucky ones.

Posted by: nova_g_man | March 22, 2009 10:46 PM | Report abuse

Hey Chico,

As a fellow twenty-something starting out in a profession, I can understand both your wanting not to define yourself by your job and your expressing this wish inarticulately. But to do so to a reporter who's writing a story on you? I mean, Harry Jaffe's been around a while, but he can't be THAT good. I can even sympathize with what you said--and aren't disavowing--when I remember you're making crap money in an industry going down the tubes and having to work on something that seems inconsequential to you, at least in comparison to the rest of what's going on in DC. But the way you put your frustrations (and their coming from someone at your point in your career) ring a little of entitlement, although I think you were probably just complaining about all the stuff I listed above. Hence, count me among those who think an apology was necessary, if only because saying that stuff did really represent a lapse of judgment concerning your audience. Some of us have come around to thinking that sports actually are important in some respects. Like you , we're not all "the sort who always dreamed of athletic glory, lacked the skills, and chose the next best thing," namely watching the Washington fecking Nationals. Whether he's assigned a beat or not, a writer always has to have his audience and its reactions in his mind, right? Insulting them, even impliedly, does deserve an apology, which for myself I hereby accept.

Still, I do like your writing. It's not baseball writing, I think, in the strictest sense, but you've got some talent in the long-form, magazine-style direction. It seems like this public embarrassment may help your learn about why reporting--not writing--is a good and noble job. (For the record, I'm not necessarily endorsing Jaybee's or CiL's definition of reporting. I leave that distinction to the newspapermen. But that you use a different word from reporting to describe your passion and job seems revealing.)

Posted by: tmp2234 | March 22, 2009 10:48 PM | Report abuse


No need to apologize, IMO. People make mistakes just about every day of their lives, unfortunately yours went into print. You were a man and admitted your mistake. I say dust yourself off, may God Bless you and move on without worrying about it. And why? Because probably 90% of the people that read the NJ are good folks that understand that people make mistakes and therefore, don't care about this one.

It's no real surprise to me that folks like JayB, Nunof1 and CiL aren't sympathetic to your mistake.

Thom202 here's to hoping that someone catches you in mistake on your job in the near future and rags on you dork...get a friggin' life, where’s your humanity...jackass.

I have no doubt that Chico is a sports fan and a baseball fan, he wouldn’t have played sports in HS if he weren’t. He played HS baseball for crying out loud, he’s not some novice to the sport.

And finally, Chico has said that he is from Western PA. Now, I’m not from there, but I have been there many times and have met a lot of people over the years from there and I can say, that I have found them to be hard working, salt of the earth type folks. I will give Mr. Harlan the benefit of the doubt because of this.

Now, can we move on to something else, like some flippin’ baseball for crying out loud. Opening day is 2 weeks from tomorrow and I have full confidence that Chico will help us get there.

Posted by: Section505203 | March 22, 2009 10:55 PM | Report abuse

It happens to everyone. That's life. Don't presume I speak from some goofy position of false arrogance Section505203.

Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 10:58 PM | Report abuse

*shrug* Not sure why you felt you owed anyone around here any apology. Because you're guilty of loving the storyline more than the game? *shrug* That's what journalists do, right?

Posted by: TheNationalsEnquirer | March 22, 2009 11:15 PM | Report abuse

It happens to everyone. That's life. Don't presume I speak from some goofy position of false arrogance Section505203.

Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 10:58 PM

Then why don't you get off his back? Do you have an axe to grind or did Chico still your girlfriend?

I mean, we got your friggin' point after the first 5 times you posted his quote.

Karma is a biznotch my friend, next week somebody at your office may just hop on a mistake you make and run it up the flag pole, just like you did to Chico.

May God help you when that happens.

Posted by: Section505203 | March 22, 2009 11:20 PM | Report abuse


Blah, blah, blah. I posted one comment, repeat once, after Chico commented. Quit your whining toadie and I won't be posting on this thread.

Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 11:24 PM | Report abuse

Team Japan beats Team USA. 9-4. :(

Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 11:24 PM | Report abuse

An apology is not necessary. The revelation is not suprising or shocking or even important. Passion for sports is not nearly as important as doing a good job. Just make sure you do a good job. You put the spotlight on yourself. I'm sure you're already feeling a little extra pressure to perform. And the hard truth is there is a little more pressure to perform. Having a good writer on the beat is a bonus, but it means nothing if you are not doing the reporting part.

Posted by: natbisquit | March 22, 2009 11:28 PM | Report abuse

Reposting is the new black ...
Meanwhile, back in the States ... Joel Hanrahan gives the game back after the US scored 2 in the top of the 8th, and Dunn looks at strike three to end the game. 9-4, Japan.

Posted by: CEvansJr | March 22, 2009 11:27 PM

Posted by: CEvansJr | March 22, 2009 11:29 PM | Report abuse


Blah, blah, blah. I posted one comment, repeat once, after Chico commented. Quit your whining toadie and I won't be posting on this thread.

Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 11:24 PM

Hey thom202,

Whatever. Go back and crawl into the hole from whence you came...troll.

Unsympathetic people like you make me worry about the human race as it stands today.

Posted by: Section505203 | March 22, 2009 11:42 PM | Report abuse

Dear Chico (I read you every morning in the paper I buy with my hard-earned dollars, so I feel like I may address you by the first name),

Three things.

1) I hope you don't get fired, because I don't wish that on anybody in such an economy, particularly for a print reporter.

2) I hope you find yourself a new job soon, one that you really like and respect, and also one that pays the bills.

3) I hope that this hard knock sets you straight. You do realize that you sounded terribly condescending and smug and disrespectful towards your audience, those morons like me that enjoy such an embarassingly silly thing as baseball, right? And who ultimately are the ones that pay your salary.

You are a very fine writer, Chico. You have a way with words. Many a chronicle you wrote made me smile in the morning. Learn, become more humble and grow up.

Ah - the apology was necessary. I forgive you. Most of your readers probably want you to stay, because you do a good job. I pray your editor keeps you here until you find that dream job of yours, away from baseball.

Posted by: KnightofNats | March 22, 2009 11:43 PM | Report abuse

Wow Chico this makes me sad, and I have been so enjoying your blog. It doesn't make me sad that you don't really like sports, we all sometimes have to do things we'd rather not while we wait to do something better, but to be embarassed about covering sports? What's up with that? There are some excellent sports journalists, Bob Ryan in Boston, Mitch Albom I believe started as a sports writer abd still loves covering sports, I just don't get what is embarassing about covering sports. I wish you didn't feel that way because for some reason it sort of makes it seem as though you are taking down to those of us who love reading about sports. Oh well hang in there, I'm sure at some point you'll hook up with some pretentious periodical and you won't have to be embarassed by what you do any longer.

Posted by: skippy1999 | March 22, 2009 11:45 PM | Report abuse

"talking" down, that is.

Posted by: skippy1999 | March 22, 2009 11:48 PM | Report abuse

I posted one comment, repeat once, after Chico commented. Quit your whining toadie and I won't be posting on this thread.

Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 11:24 PM

Not only are you a unsympathic troll but, you're a liar.


From the Washingtonian article, titled "Harlan Would Rather Write About the Real Hot Dogs"
Harlan - "I don't like sports, I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Why don't you quit Chico? You are driving the Nat’s journal and baseball coverage at the WP into the ground anyway.
I cannot believe the WP would permit a writer to publicly show disdain for his beat and the interests of its readers.
For the second time D.C. sports fans are chanting "Fire Hanlon". Unfortunately Chico probably doesn't know enough about D.C. sports to know of the first.
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 10:34 AM

Harlan - "I don't like sports, I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 12:02 PM

Chico Harlan - "I don't like sports, I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 1:39 PM

Chico Harlan - "I don't like sports, I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 1:50 PM

Chico Harlan - "I don't like sports, I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 1:57 PM

Chico Harlan - "I don't like sports, I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 2:34 PM

Chico Harlan - "I don't like sports, I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 4:10 PM

Chico Harlan - "I don't like sports; I'm embarrassed that I cover them. I can't wait to stop. It's a means to an end and a paycheck."
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 4:57 PM

"One of the quotes I gave them said that I hate sports, and am embarrassed to be covering them. The quote is accurate." --Chico
Posted by: thom202 | March 22, 2009 9:02 PM

Posted by: Section505203 | March 23, 2009 12:03 AM | Report abuse

Key part is this thread. Discussion kept shifting from thread to thread. Practice what you preach Mr. Cranky pants.

Posted by: thom202 | March 23, 2009 12:05 AM | Report abuse

You got caught in a lie and I just proved it and your excuse is the "discussion kept shifting from thread to thread."


Posted by: Section505203 | March 23, 2009 12:09 AM | Report abuse

Reading comprehension 101. AFTER CHICO COMMENTED


Blah, blah, blah. I posted one comment, repeat once, after Chico commented. Quit your whining toadie and I won't be posting on this thread.

Posted by: thom202 | March 23, 2009 12:19 AM | Report abuse

Gosh, this is a vicious place sometimes. As long as Chico tells me what what I want to know about the Nationals, he's doing what I expect. Anybody who really wanted to know would know that he had played the game enough that there's no way he could cover it and write about it, yet, in fact, hate it. Most of us care way too much about baseball. I plead guilty. But let's not be so hung up on worrying about whether the Post's beat is as obsessive as some of the poster here.

Posted by: nats24 | March 23, 2009 12:25 AM | Report abuse

I'm afraid the apology is meaningless. Chico didn't deny the accuracy of the quote. This means that every word he writes from here to the end of the season will be scrutinized, in the context what he said in the interview.

Even worse, every time he takes a day off, Chico can expect to receive even more venom then before.

I don't think it's going to affect the reporting on the team very much but I suspect the blog entries are going to be pretty harsh and the tone of the blog is going to be even worse.

Chico has made himself an issue and that's very unfortunate.

Posted by: grforbes | March 23, 2009 12:49 AM | Report abuse

Chico is awful and you morons that are blowing him are just as bad.

Posted by: fs228 | March 23, 2009 12:49 AM | Report abuse

Ok, finally got home and read everything posted this afternoon/evening.
Is Boswell a Wizards fan? Is JlC even a football fan? Should journalists also be a fan? Arguably, the answer should be a no. You may comment however much about Chico not writing about a game (yet another loss as the starters can go more than 5 innings and the bullpen implodes along with an anemic offense. How many ways can you write that?) How is it any different from the other 101 losses? He wrote about interesting stuff and I liked it.

You may whine about the WaPo not having 2 beat writers, and that would be a valid complaint. Ideally, there would be one in the Chico style, and one more suited to you that related game specific facts, but in this day and age of newspaper contraction, to expect 2 beat writers on a 3rd rate team is asking a bit much. Be glad that you don't live in Denver or Seattle or San Francisco. At least DC is still a 2 paper town.

Posted by: swang30 | March 23, 2009 3:35 AM | Report abuse

I thought about this more after I posted. I realized that if the quote "I'm embarassed to be covering baseball" is accurate then that is fairly insulting to us baseball junkies who read everything that comes out about the Nats.

On that note, the apology didn't really cut it. For me, I will lose a good deal of enthusiam for reading Chico's material.

Why would a professional journalist say something like that to another journalist? Frustration building up? Carelessness? Hard to think of a good explanation for that, other than - he meant it.

To answer others - yes, I think a beat writer should be a fan of the sport they cover.

Posted by: Avar | March 23, 2009 6:42 AM | Report abuse

Harry Jaffe thanks you for promoting his story and his magazine.

Posted by: GavinDevastation | March 23, 2009 7:05 AM | Report abuse

Apology was required, and accepted here. Because your remarks hurt the feelings of your readers, by telling us that our passion for baseball isn't a worthy way to spend our time. It's a pastime, and yeah, I know my time with baseball including you and NJ means I'm not contributing as much to society as I could be. So on that level I understand.

But it's ok to have a part of your life be things we do to recharge and have fun. As my moniker indicates, I'm way past 26 and it's easier to reconcile these feelings from a longer perspective.

You appear to reconcile yourself to your job by using baseball as a vehicle to write "real" stories about the people and dramas. Your writing style certainly does skew toward feature writing compared to traditional sportswriting, and I like it, but don't disparage the value of straight reporting. Getting into the technical nitty gritty of baseball also has value to a career reporter because it's a challenge to your ability to infiltrate any culture and discover and illustrate what's important to the members of that culture. Your readers as well as your reporting subjects.

So keep growing and keep up the good work.


Posted by: utec | March 23, 2009 7:20 AM | Report abuse

A song comes to mind...So ya had a bad day...Hey, all is forgiven, we've all said things we regret, just not so much on a public forum.

Posted by: cokedispatch | March 23, 2009 7:50 AM | Report abuse

You can read the original Washingtonian article, now online, here:

Posted by: catherineandrews | March 23, 2009 9:04 AM | Report abuse

Just my $ good, well written reporting on the baseball team, and you can feel however you like in private.

However, you might consider speaking a little less off the cuff next time. The Internet, she is full of impassioned (and sometimes easily offended) people. And often a faint sense of "gosh, that wasn't very nice" easily mutates into "ZOMG I HATE YOU! DIAF!" when someone has a screen and a keyboard in between themselves and the object of their ire.

Posted by: AtomicOvermind | March 23, 2009 9:11 AM | Report abuse

Nothing is forgiven Chico! Let all the bleeders forgive. I chalk this up as just another local media type who has little or no use for baseball in general and the Nationals in DC. Chico count yourself in with all of the rest of them;

EG Ruiz
The Junkies
etc, etc, ect!

Posted by: TippyCanoe | March 23, 2009 9:12 AM | Report abuse

On second thought Chico, my son graduated college with degree in Journalism/Creative Writing in 2006 and couldn't crack the code in a multitude of paper mills around the country. Ya know what he is doing three years later? He's a Navy SEAL, ask him how he feels about his job.

Posted by: TippyCanoe | March 23, 2009 9:21 AM | Report abuse

Your audience aside, Chico, any thoughts to how your remarks will hurt your coverage? Might players be less forthcoming knowing that you're embarrassed to be reporting about them? Maybe they're embarrassed to be on the Nats, so it'll provide kinship. Also, didn't you tip your cards when claiming you want to figure out the Lerners? I'd expect some major stonewalling after a comment like that. And Stan doesn't like the media anyway. This is fuel to the fire.

Posted by: softballgirl | March 23, 2009 9:40 AM | Report abuse

I could care less if Chico loves baseball or not. I'm just delighted that I get to read articles like the one on Nieves today or Marquis Grissom last week. Please keep them coming.

All this drama about whether Chico is "worthy" to write about baseball seems a little obsessive to me.

Posted by: Natsgal | March 23, 2009 10:05 AM | Report abuse

Political correctness hits the world of sports. Next thing we know, fans will be required to prove they can read and write before entering the stadium.
Who really cares about sports, or this phony Internet-ready mashup? The guy was being probably honest, until his Nobel-worthy audience figured out what he'd said. Then they got angry.

Does this mean that in the future, crime reporters will be required to state that they love, absolutely love, rape, robbery and murder?

Posted by: arty1 | March 23, 2009 10:59 AM | Report abuse


Personally I dig it. Keep plugging away and things will only improve. I'm looking forward to reading this year's coverage.

Posted by: NatsandSkinsareclassclassclass | March 23, 2009 11:37 AM | Report abuse

this is absolutely the goofiest explanation/defense i can imagine. "the quote is accurate but not the sentiment"!! HUH??? WHAT??? can it be possible that chico cannot think and speak at the same time? his explanation of the remark makes absolutely NO sense.

Posted by: jtfloore | March 23, 2009 12:13 PM | Report abuse

It is my impression that everyone at The Post hates sports. You are no different from Wise, Wilbon, Kornheiser or Boswell. This is one of the reasons that The Post is in a slow death spiral.

Posted by: brihobbs | March 23, 2009 12:19 PM | Report abuse

Chico -

I enjoy your writing very much. Hopefully the Washingtonian event will help you to have a better understanding than some of your collegues on how interviews and quotes can be misleading.

Posted by: cabraman | March 23, 2009 12:31 PM | Report abuse

Chico, thank you for the apology. But, please don't be embarrassed to write about sports as if it's a lesser medium to tell a really good story. I don't memorize stats, I can't give you a detailed accounting of Rule 5; but I do love the stories that come out of sports, baseball in particular, and that's where you excel. You write it, I'll read it.

Posted by: dottdc | March 23, 2009 12:35 PM | Report abuse

I know Chico and his words were misconstrued. It's not that he doesn't like "sports", it's just that DC sports are a joke n' at.

Posted by: jar66su | March 23, 2009 12:36 PM | Report abuse

Chico - hang in there. Work hard for us and prove them wrong.

Posted by: PattyinSJ | March 23, 2009 12:41 PM | Report abuse

About 20 years ago I was at a party with Tony Kornheiser and he said nearly the same thing. Maybe he had too much to drink or maybe he had a bad day, but he did pretty well for himself.

Posted by: Atispo | March 23, 2009 1:06 PM | Report abuse

I'm glad no one was around with a pen and paper or a tape recorder writing about me during one of the million times I said how much I hated my job as a reporter. Usually it was because I was having a bad day or some unforgiving member of the community publicly (verbally) attacked me for something I wrote. All of us have said something we didn't mean or regretted saying, it's just that most people aren't in the public spotlight, so there aren't thousands of judgemental people to throw it in your face.

I also disagree with some of the posters who said you have to love what you're writing about to be good at it. If you're a professional, you can do a good job of reporting and writing, even if you don't like the subject matter.

Posted by: klgd | March 23, 2009 2:28 PM | Report abuse

At least you're not Mike Wise. God that guy is atrocious. Or maybe you are, what do I know I'm not a doctor.

Posted by: RickFelt | March 23, 2009 3:43 PM | Report abuse

You should start a bail bonds company.

Posted by: ABHFGTY | March 23, 2009 3:56 PM | Report abuse

Its hard for me not to feel this is a half-hearted statement and I can't take you seriously anymore. Your in a dying industry where you get PAID to watch baseball for a living. Do you have any idea how many professional writers would trade places with you in a heartbeat. If you would rather cover drinking water standards or write about go credit default swap go do it. Please don't let the door hit you on the way out. I am sure we can find plenty of people who want to cover sports for a living. Your arrogance is appalling.

Posted by: Natstural | March 23, 2009 4:00 PM | Report abuse

You're doing just fine, Chico, not to worry. And to those who think that "Do you have any idea how many professional writers would trade places with you in a heartbeat," honestly, I don't think many of them would -- even in these tough economic times -- and even if they did, they wouldn't stick around very long given the grind that it is.

You're a good writer, and it's been fun to watch you grow into the job.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Juan-John | March 23, 2009 5:50 PM | Report abuse

Don't apologize, Chico. As someone who has spent time around sports, I can totally understand your sentiments. Part of the problem is having to spend so many hours around other sportswriters who aren't well-rounded - and are just as vain, petty and egotistical as the athletes they cover.

Posted by: roje | March 23, 2009 6:32 PM | Report abuse

Chico you can apologize all you want but I want reports on the food! Like whether that hint of tarragon on the chicken salad at Panera did the trick. Was the bread grilled properly? I hate it when they overdo it. I hate overcooked food! Look, my only advice to you is to keep the truffle oil handy throughout life, because there are going to be a lot of days that you're going to need it if you're going to find some meaning day-to-day. You could also open up a restaurant when the economy gets better, around your 50th birthday, and make haute cuisine for the unwashed. They won't be able to understand it, but you'll look cool regardless. Or you could be like my brother and open a brewpub and sell nachos. He did $2 million/year in beer, and 100,000 in food. But what does he know? He's a baseball fan!!

Posted by: Brue | March 23, 2009 8:08 PM | Report abuse

What the hell is wrong with you?? If you dont like baseball why dont you go home and play with your dolls. Let the real men go out their and cover baseball. I hope the post realizes that it is inept prissy fools such as yourself that have helped bring readership to an all new low.

Someone please fire this guy!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: razorkid | March 23, 2009 8:59 PM | Report abuse

Forget about the nonapology apology. What a cliche! What's interesting is that here's a man who is insecure about his intellectual bona fides. George Plympton, George Will, John Updike, etc. all covered baseball religiously. But here's a newspaperman who already is ashamed that he isn't writing literature, and now, to top it off, he's in the sports pages! The shame! Chico, my man, it's not what you do, it's how you do it. Hemingway writing about a bullfight is timeless writing, while the clowns on the best seller list today, writing "heavy" stuff about God and Man (Dan Brown, I'm talkin' to you) will be remaindered in six months. Chico, just remember William Carlos William's famous poem: "So much depends/ upon/ a red wheel/ barrow/ glazed with rain/ water/ beside the white/chickens." (He spent his days, not writing poetry, but making house calls as a family doctor.) The meaning of life is in the seemingly mundane. Don't disparage it, delve into it and learn the secrets of the universe!

Posted by: Trav2 | March 23, 2009 11:01 PM | Report abuse

Chico, don't be discouraged,
Baseball he ain't so hard to understand.
Chico, if you try now,
I know that you can learn the infield fly rule.

Because there's good in everyone
And a new day has begun
You shouldn't hate just because you suck at sports.

And I know, things will be better
Oh yes for Chico because he sorry,
But the Nats still suck like they still in CANADA!!!!
But baseball always sucks in Washington!!!

Hugs and kisses Chico

Posted by: panzerkardinal | March 23, 2009 11:28 PM | Report abuse

Fist bump, big fella. Now get back to work - rumor has it Jose Rijo is out doctoring birth certificates in Kyrgyzstan.

Posted by: info_stuporhighway | March 24, 2009 8:36 AM | Report abuse

I hope the new ombudsman weighs in on this.

Posted by: subwayguy | March 24, 2009 8:49 AM | Report abuse

I agree 100 percent with Coverage is lacking's comments earlier.

Posted by: Lindemann777 | March 24, 2009 10:10 AM | Report abuse

Dude, Chico, What were you thinking? Total Rookie move.

I'd be surprised is Stan Kasten lets you in the stadium for opening day.

Posted by: MBUSA | March 24, 2009 11:21 AM | Report abuse

Chico - I just got around to reading your post. I do remember the reference to your Chico nickname as being derived from Chico Lind, and your discussions about playing as a kid, so your apology does not have the feel of being made up for convenience. I guess you now know how it feels not to have the complete context of a remark reported.

Don't believe for a second you now should be cast out. All I care about is the info and the writing, and you do a pretty good job on both. No need to apologize to me because your pieces fulfil that. Keep up the quality writing, and only those who are never satisfied will keep this up (except for the occasional ribbing that we engage in here). Good luck, this too will blow over, just like a pop(over0 in Viera.

Posted by: jca-CrystalCity | March 24, 2009 1:54 PM | Report abuse

No need to apologize. Sports are way too important in this country and those who are getting all bent out of shape about it need to take a step back and rearrange their priorities. I'm glad there's a sportswriter out there who realizes the triviality of what he's doing.

I hope you finally get to write about something you do like someday.

Posted by: JoshHamilton | March 25, 2009 1:26 PM | Report abuse

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