Week 9 Picks

Local Teams

Cowboys at Redskins
The Cowboys believe in Tony Romo.
Pick: Cowboys

Bengals at Ravens
The Bengals simply aren't the team they should be.
Pick: Ravens

Lock of the Week

Dolphins at Bears
Jason Taylor says the Bears can be beaten. He's right. But not by these sorry Dolphins.
Pick: Bears

Upset of the Week

Packers at Bills
The Packers at .500 midway through the season? Who would have thought it possible?
Pick: Packers

Games of the Week

Colts at Patriots (Sunday night)
Game-winner by Adam Vinatieri, anyone?
Pick: Colts

Broncos at Steelers
It's a rematch of the AFC title game, only in a different venue, but these two teams are far different now.
Pick: Broncos

Chiefs at Rams
Two intriguing teams that both need a win, but the Rams are better at home and the Chiefs struggle on the road.
Pick: Rams

Other Games

Texans at Giants
No contests, even if the Giants are peeking ahead a week to their matchup with the Bears.
Pick: Giants

Titans at Jaguars
Whether it's David Garrard or Byron Leftwich at quarterback for Jacksonville, the Titans' winning streak ends.
Pick: Jaguars

Saints at Buccaneers
The Saints are beat up and vulnerable, but the Bucs' recent magic seems to have worn off.
Pick: Saints

Falcons at Lions
Jim Mora wins one for buddy Steve Mariucci, fired by the Lions last season.
Pick: Falcons

Vikings at 49ers
Brad Johnson needs a bounce-back performance.
Pick: Vikings

Browns at Chargers
Even without Shawne Merriman, no problems for the Chargers.
Pick: Chargers

Raiders at Seahawks (Monday night)
This one is not the gimme that it seems. The Seahawks still don't have Shaun Alexander or Matt Hasselbeck, but they should have just enough to win at home.
Pick: Seahawks

Last Week: 6-8
Season: 69-45

By Mark Maske |  November 2, 2006; 3:00 PM ET  | Category:  Picks
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You forgot one:

Eagles vs. BYE week
Though is it seems like the Eagles should have this one in the bag, a last minute collapse makes them forget where they're playing (nowhere) and they accidentally forfeit
Pick: BYE Week

Posted by: Willie G | November 2, 2006 4:05 PM

Browns are the upset pick of the week. Kellen Winslow will channel the spirit of his pops and light up the Merriman-less defense. Go Browns!!!!

Posted by: Glass half full | November 2, 2006 4:18 PM

6-8 last week and you pick against the home team? Move back to Dallas, Cowboys fan.

Posted by: James Hare | November 2, 2006 4:33 PM

picking against the home team makes you a Dallas fan? I'm picking against the skins because they flat out suck this year. It's a shame we don't play the Cards anymore, because we'd actually get a conference win then. I'm actually rooting for the cowgirls to hopefully end the disasterous second Gibbs era, and bring about the Campbell era. Every semi-decent skins quarterback has great success once leaving the skins, and I wish Brunell that same success on the shuffleboard and gold course, because his NFL career is OVER.

Posted by: disgruntled skinsfan | November 2, 2006 5:30 PM

It seems to be the personality of this team to suck like a Hoover for half a season and then go on a winning streak when the playoffs are out of reach. Remember Martyball? They'll lose to Dallas, NY, and Atlanta, possibly split with the Iggles. That leaves Carolina at home and Rams, Saints, and Bucs away. No way they come out of this season 8-8. More likely 6-10 or even worse depending on injuries.

Posted by: kurosawaguy | November 2, 2006 8:02 PM

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