Judge Schedules Nov. 27 Hearing to Determine Trial Date for Vick in State Case

A Surry County, Va., judge today scheduled a Nov. 27 hearing to determine a trial date for suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to face state dogfighting charges.

Vick did not attend today's initial court appearance in the case in Sussex, Va. Attorney Lawrence Woodward represented Vick and appeared in court briefly, then reportedly exited without answering questions by media members. Woodward said in court that Vick turned himself in last week for pretrial processing.

Vick was indicted on two state felony counts related to his admitted participation in a dogfighting operation based at a property that he owned in southeastern Virginia. He was indicted for beating or killing or causing dogs to fight other dogs, and for engaging in or promoting dogfighting. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

William R. (Billy) Martin, Vick's Washington-based attorney, has said that he and the other members of Vick's legal team will closely study the possibility that the state charges might violate Vick's rights by improperly charging him twice with the same crime. Legal experts have said it's unclear whether the state charges, which came after Vick pleaded guilty to a federal dogfighting-related charge, constitute illegal double jeopardy.

Vick and co-defendants Purnell Peace, Tony Taylor and Quanis Phillips already have pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges related to dogfighting. Vick is to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson on Dec. 10 and faces a recommended jail sentence of 12 to 18 months, although Hudson can sentence him to up to five years in prison if he chooses.

Hudson ordered Vick to be confined to his home from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily after Vick tested positive for marijuana last month, according to court documents.

Vick is on indefinite suspension by the NFL. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday on the Falcons' attempt to force him to return more than $15 million of the $37 million in bonuses in his 10-year, $130 million contract.

By Mark Maske |  October 3, 2007; 11:21 AM ET  | Category:  Falcons , League
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What he did to the dogs should be done to him. Hang him! Anybody with such a rotten soul is not salvageable.

Posted by: abbey | October 3, 2007 12:02 PM

Why are we still hearing about this clown? I thought this was a column about NFL football.

Posted by: Bill | October 3, 2007 1:00 PM

Vick is the biggest piece of garbage around these days. He should suffer for the rest of his life in some capacity. His parents obviously raised 2 thugs (that we know about)

Posted by: AJ | October 3, 2007 5:56 PM

He didn't kill anyone- there's a reason the charges he was brought up on only carry a 6 year sentence. The outrage doesn't balance with the actual act committed.

Settle down folks... monks are getting killed in Burma for peaceful protests against their government. Focus your rage on the real atrocities that are going on throughout the rest of the world.

Michael Vick's acts rank somewhere around the 20th percentile in terms of brutality towards people, places, or things.

Posted by: CM | October 3, 2007 7:52 PM

Who cares!

Posted by: Anonymous | October 3, 2007 8:53 PM

Even though I really don't think he should get to play in the NFL every again, I can still visualize his reception in Cleveland.

Vick against the Dog Pound. Man, would that be a great show. Oh yeah, there would be a game too.

Posted by: BoltsFan | October 4, 2007 9:40 AM

I am a big fan of dogs, however Vick is sentenced by the judge who is an avid hunter, shooting animals who are defenseless against guns. The Judge is a hypocrite. A dog is another animal just like a deer. We slaughter animals everyday and eat them, just like we could with dogs, well in far east they do. Vick should not go to jail for cruelty to animals. Vick looses two years of his life because he killed animals. wow what a stupid society we live in. Lets put dogs up on a throne.

Posted by: Baron Davis | December 11, 2007 2:50 PM

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