Garrett's Decision Coming Today?

It could be decision day for Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

He received head coaching offers from the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons this week, according to sources familiar with the discussions, and the Cowboys are trying to retain him as their offensive coordinator.

Garrett returned to the Dallas area late Wednesday after trips to Baltimore and Atlanta.

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, a close friend, said during a Fox TV conference call with reporters Wednesday he wouldn't be shocked to see Garrett remain in Dallas even if it means passing up being a head coach, for now.

"Money doesn't motivate this guy," Aikman said. "Fame doesn't motivate him and power doesn't motivate him. He goes through life with a smile on his face and looks at the positive in everything, and I think he would come back because of the quality of the job and the quality of the life. He would be in no rush to take anything that he didn't feel was in his best interest or in his family's" best interests.

By Mark Maske |  January 17, 2008; 10:00 AM ET  | Category:  Cowboys , Falcons , Ravens
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