Packers Reportedly Offering Favre Money to Stay Retired, Reconsidering Trade Options

According to media reports in Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers made a financial offer Wednesday to quarterback Brett Favre to try to induce Favre to remain retired and not report to the team's training camp.

WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee reported that the Packers offered Favre approximately $20 million over 10 years to remain retired. The offer was made during Wednesday's meeting between Favre and Packers President Mark Murphy in Hattiesburg, Miss. Favre's agent, Bus Cook, also participated and continued meeting with Murphy after Favre left. Cook told reporters following the meeting there was a good chance that Favre would report to the Packers' camp in Green Bay soon.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette also reported that the Packers raised the possibility of paying Favre to remain in retirement.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the Packers have had internal discussions about the possibility of trading Favre to a division rival like the Minnesota Vikings or Chicago Bears. Such a move would be a last resort by the Packers to prevent Favre from rejoining the team, the newspaper reported.

Packers General Manager Ted Thompson said Monday the team would not trade Favre to a fellow NFC North club. It is believed that the Vikings are the team for which Favre most wants to play. The league is investigating a tampering charge made against the Vikings by the Packers for alleged improper contact with Favre, who retired in March but changed his mind in recent weeks.

The Packers will have 24 hours to put Favre back on their roster, trade him or release him once he's reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Favre sent his reinstatement request to the league office in New York on Tuesday. Goodell did not reinstate Favre on Wednesday because he wanted to give the Packers and the quarterback more time to settle their issues.

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How about this option:

Put Favre back on the roster ... as a special teams player. No red-shirt. And he has to participate in every drill.

Nothing says he has to play QB anymore. After the inevitable injury they put him on IR and don't worry bout him until next year.

Posted by: CheeseWiz | July 31, 2008 8:46 AM

He plays 16 years for you, he plays injured, and he played through personal tragedy and renegotiated his contract to give you more salary cap room and this is the way the Packers treat him? He's a HOF first ballot member, he beloved in the locker room and by the fans and he gives the Packers the best chance to win a Super Bowl this year. Ted T isn't it your job to get the Pack to the super bowl?? Let's trade Thompson!

Posted by: WHIZKID | July 31, 2008 9:28 AM

I do not know but 28 teams are not interested in Favre, that speaks volumes. The only ones are viking and the bears.
Are teams worried that he might not have it in him for another 16 game season? Think about it!

Posted by: Las vegas Packer | July 31, 2008 9:52 AM

This is the biggest screw up in all professional sport franchises ever! Ted you are an idiot! My god I too am a manager and have things in place the way I like to see them but I am also open minded enough to allow for change and others suggestions. By doing so my teams are strong, they know I will listen and act on their suggestions as well as cover their backs when needed. You alone are destroying the Packer's! No one will ever come here to finish a career etc as they know they will be treated like crap! Brett made this team for the last 18 years you have been here for three! Ego party of one your table for one is ready as you will be laughed out of football and then you can sit by yourself as you will be the only remaining piece of your team!

Posted by: Jim G | July 31, 2008 10:01 AM

Yes, he played 16 years, injured, blah, blah, blah. The Packers (including Thompson) never said that Favre wasn't an amazing quarterback. Also, you make it sound like Favre played out of the goodness of his heart all those years-- the guy took in about $100 million! Get over the emotional attachment and realize that Favre is done in GB!

Posted by: KayPee | July 31, 2008 10:02 AM

I was one of the biggest Brett Favre fans alive and I wanted to see favre play for another 10 years if he could but that all changed when he retired and for the next couple months following when given the chance to come back he stood firm on his position to stay retired. Its great he wants to play but I honestly don't think he wants to play for the packers. Last season, and for the past couple seasons he would say o well 2:00 left on the clock I don't know if I want to be the guy with the ball.. is that the attitude of a leader? Does the leader (or a good person) of a team wish wash on retirement for 3 years keeping everyone in a wait and see mode through the offseason. He was a great qb with a good history which allowed him to get away with the offseason uncertainty for the past seasons but this year if he were to get his way he would just be bending the organization backwards. This is not the green bay Favre's it is the green bay packers. The organization looked to the team's future when favre rejected their attempts to bring him back the first couple times. All offseason they have worked with the young players building a new team chemistry and according to mccarthy had one of the best offseasons in his short career as head coach. If given the question at seasons end which quarterback you would like to see play I would have hands down said favre. But it is just not that easy, if you think its that easy you obviously don't have a sense of what a team is or a future is. I believe Aaron Rodgers can do just fine playing within that system they have set up for him. They know favre can still play - its not a question. That is why they don't want him going to a rival team. Heck out of respect for all the fans who paid his salary and cheered him on for countless years he shouldn't want to go to any team in the NFC North. I think that right there is starting to tell the true colors of #4.... Which I find very unfortunate.

Posted by: Drew | July 31, 2008 10:38 AM

omng START HIM OR TRADE HIM or CUT HIM! if you are so afraid of him beating your ass... then start him; if you arent afraid of him then tradae him. they are so afraid of him they offered him money TO STAY RETIRED! how can packers owners allow management to get away with this... they are going to pay him soo they can lose!! omg what idiots. i know he waffled... who has NOT CHANGED THEIR MIND when faced with a huge decision. let the man play ball... just because you can't gives you no right to control another persons destiny.

Posted by: sophie | July 31, 2008 11:53 AM

They have tried to trade him but he basically has the ultimate "ok" with the decision on where he goes... He has not spoken with the Jets or Bucks after both teams expressed interest. What more can the packers do besides cut him which is just stupid! He is under contract for the next 2-3 years, why should they just give him up so he can freely go to the Bears or Vikings? Rodgers or Favre starting for either team would be leaps and bounds better than what they currently have, so why help the teams out who you are trying to beat? Especially for free!!! That makes no sense at all!

Posted by: Drew | July 31, 2008 12:19 PM

The guy is a legend--do the right thing and trade him or release him now. Stop dragging your feet. When the Packers are 4-5 there will plenty of time to realize how stupid this was. He deserves better and everyone knows it.

Posted by: Dave Duncan | July 31, 2008 1:11 PM

The GB staff have now sealed their fate for the rest of this season. Dependent upon whether Rodgers plays well or not. If he does, they are champs, if he does not, they are chumps, and will likely not return for another season in GB.

Posted by: Nick S | July 31, 2008 1:51 PM

How about bringing him back and actually having a chance at a super bowl run

Posted by: MIKE | July 31, 2008 2:05 PM

Yeah, GB mgmt has it right because I would rather have a guy who hasn't started in the last 3 years, taught by Jeff Tedford (who also provided us with Akili Smith/Kyle Boller/Trent Dilfer/Joey Harrington - all HOF QB's) instead of Favre who led the team last year to overtime in the NFC championship game. Makes sense to me. Because after all, the goal isn't to put the best team on the field but rather to make your point by trying to make the (former)face of your franchise go away.

As for Las Vegas Packer, ummm...if you cut Favre, do ya really think only Chicago and Minnesota would be interested? Go back to the buffet and have some more cheese curds...

Posted by: A Skins fan In WI | July 31, 2008 2:15 PM

This is absolutely ridiculous. Brett Favre is the main reason Green Bay has been a contender the last 17 years. He started every game. Never tried to renegotiate for more money, in fact he restructered his contract to help Green Bay with the salary cap. Ted Thompson is an idiot. I remember the 70'2 and 80's as a Packer fan. I remember the 4-12 seasons. That's where this team is headed if Thompson gets his way. He's marring the name of the Packers by treating a LEGEND like this.

Posted by: joey2times | July 31, 2008 2:33 PM

Ted is stupid!!!! Not playing your best option for the Superbowl. Let's pay a guy 20 million dollars to sit, then trade him and get good draft picks or some good players now. Farve has what 2 maybe 3 years at most in him to play, If the Vikings get him do you really think they will get to the Superbowl they always find ways to screw it up so there should be no worries about that, So gamble trade him and get the better deal.

Posted by: upset fan | July 31, 2008 3:55 PM

The Packers management team is being exposed.
"We are concerned for Brett's legacy."
"We welcome him back as a member of the Packers team." But don't let him compete, and beg him not to show to the point of paying him to stay home. GB management is full of it.
Ted Thompson's career needs to end - this is clear. And based on Murphy's trip to Hattiesburg, the Packers management needs to be replaced, as well.
Time for another stockholder's meeting...

Posted by: TXPackerBacker | July 31, 2008 4:12 PM

I'm not the brightest bulb in the box but how can any stockholders listen to management tell them they are concerned about the legacy of Brett Favre in one breath and offer him money to stay retired in another breath? I agree with the 'if you're not afraid he'll kick your butt then release him or trade him'. Regardless if your a Favre lover or hater, nobody deserves this amount of disrespect.
I just hope it is over with soon.

Posted by: GB4Life | July 31, 2008 4:39 PM

Favre was a great Q.B.with a penchant for throwing the interception in pressure situations. I'm a Packer fan who enjoyed watching Favre but he jerked the team around every year with the retirement thing. It doesn't seem to me that he is committed to the Packers. Let him report and be in a supportting role if he is truly a Packer and not the prima donna who didn't participate in the off season work-outs but wants to be the starter.

Posted by: | July 31, 2008 4:55 PM

People I love the fact Favre stayed with the Packers for as long as he did. He gave so much to the team and community. But lets wake up and smell the coffee. Did Jordan stay in chicago ? This is a buisness and frankly let him play for chicago. Or even Minisota he dosent have the supportting cast he enjoyed the past years. Everyone is insulting players of the past. Last time i checked it took more than one player to score a touch down. Go to chicago Bret I dare you. Would love to see Arron Rodgers pick apart chicago on the last drive and all Favre could do is stand there and watch.

Posted by: GBfaninFLORIDA | July 31, 2008 5:06 PM

Um, do you think maybe Favre was pushed into retirement by GM Ted Thompson back in March..? It was TT who drafted Rodgers and he's had him in his plans all along. Now TT will say whatever he needs to say to protect himself and his boy. Favre is the odd man out because he had real feeling and emotion, and it overwhelmed him after he led the team through a long season (for the 17th time) and all the way to the championship game. After which, TT said something like, "You don't wanna come back next year, do ya Brett..? ('cause I wanna start playing my boy Aaron)."

Posted by: Paulie | July 31, 2008 8:59 PM

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