More Whispers About Possible Trade of Favre to Vikings

GREEN BAY, Wis.--The vehicle that Brett Favre drove out of Lambeau Field on Monday night, a burgundy Escalade, isn't parked in the spot where it was parked Monday night, at a loading dock next to the stadium.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that Favre isn't at the stadium.

The Packers have a practice scheduled for 2 p.m. local time today (3 p.m. Eastern), and the club still hasn't rescheduled the news conference by Coach Mike McCarthy that it canceled Monday night because McCarthy's meeting with Favre was still going on.

There are whispers around the league that Favre could be traded to the Minnesota Vikings. It has been thought for weeks that Favre wanted to play in Minnesota if things couldn't be worked out in Green Bay. Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is a former Packers quarterbacks coach, and Favre also has a personal relationship with head coach Brad Childress. The Vikings might be an accomplished quarterback away from being a Super Bowl team, and Favre presumably would unseat Tarvaris Jackson as the starter in Minnesota to go along with tailback Adrian Peterson, a superb offensive line and an imposing defense.

Favre acknowledged that he had phone conversations this offseason with Childress and Bevell, leading to the tampering charge against the Vikings by the Packers for improper contact with Favre. The league dismissed the charge Monday without punishing the Vikings, ruling that the Vikings had not tried to entice Favre to play in Minnesota.

Childress on Monday denied a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Packers contacted the Vikings on Friday to let them know Favre was available. Packers General Manager Ted Thompson previously said the club would not trade Favre to a fellow NFC North team or grant Favre's request to be released. But the Packers might regard a trade to the Vikings as a last resort that still enables them to get some compensation for allowing Favre to depart.

That doesn't mean other possibilities aren't still in play:

Favre plays for the Packers.

Favre retires again.

Favre is traded to a different team.

Favre is released.

Favre doesn't practice today to buy another day to settle everything.

This strange story still could have another twist or two in store.

UPDATE (11:58 a.m.)... It's looking like Favre won't participate in the Packers' practice this afternoon.

There's no word yet if there will be a resolution, perhaps in the form of a trade to Minnesota or elsewhere, later in the day.

By Mark Maske |  August 5, 2008; 11:36 AM ET  | Category:  Packers , Vikings
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Okay, on behalf of everyone who lives out here in Wisconsin, let me just say:

Favre: Stop being selfish AND make up your !@#$%^&* mind.

The front office appears to have acquiesced to your demands, because let's face it: "competing" against Aaron Rodgers means you get your job back.

Now, this is just starting to look like a bunch of maneuvering so you could ultimately play for the Vikings with former colleagues, but still look like a player devoted to the Packers.

Considering the animosity between the teams (even I can see it, and I'm not from around here, just a recent transplant), that's not going to endear you to Wisconsin fans, no matter how long you played for the Pack.

Posted by: Chasmosaur | August 5, 2008 11:58 AM

I feel that Brett did want to play for the Packers and they dont want to lose Rodgers by letting him back. I think Green Bay is making the best business decision for the long haul. I would love to see Brett in Minnesota playing in our division, and maybe going to a superbowl with the vikings.

Posted by: Roofzcom | August 6, 2008 8:34 PM

It was plain to everyone who listened to all the facts that Brett indeed did want to play and for the Green Bay Packers. It was shameful the way they played him and then tried to make it soun d as if he couldn't commit. They told the media that he could compete for his old job but never offered that opportunity to him as was revealed when MM was asked outright in a news conference if he ever offered him the opportunity to compete in that long Monday night meeting and he said Oh no, he never felt comfortable doing that. Well, was Brett supposed to come back and sit on the bench??Then TT said after Rodgers had a problem on Sunday night that that was why he didn't want Brett anywhere around because he would be a distraction to Aaron Rodgers. Well, Brett wasn't anywhere around on Sunday when Aaron had difficulties. Someone in the crowd booed him but that is going to happen in a game when he makes any blunders. Makes one wonder if TT didn't orchestrate much of this difficulty. I am ashamed of the Packers and will not be a fan again.

Posted by: SAD PAC | August 7, 2008 3:48 AM

In your opinion, what's the best movie ever created?

Posted by: talapoku | August 7, 2008 9:57 AM

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