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Lula Lightens Things Up

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay -- So the White House staff and reporters on the trip are all still buzzing about yesterday's mini-news conference featuring President Bush and Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The two emerged from private talks to face journalists for a brief question-and-answer session at the Hilton Sao...

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Speaking the Language

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Thanks for all the comments on the blog so far. It's great to see the interest. Keep them coming. A few readers raised the question about why we send reporters to places where they don't speak the language. The Post certainly prefers it when reporters speak...

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Cleaning Up After Bush

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- And speaking of security, the Secret Service evidently has nothing on Mayan priests. The Associated Press reports out of Guatemala that priests there plan to purify the Iximche ruins after President Bush visits on Monday to rid the site of any "bad spirits" he may leave...

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Protecting Bush in Bogota

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Security on a presidential trip is always tight even when there aren't riots in the street. This one's certainly no exception. As we arrived at President Bush's hotel here for a Joint Press Availability with his Brazilian counterpart today, at least three helicopters carrying armed men...

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Greta Van Susteren Interested in Biofuel. Seriously.

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Some of the most recognizable television faces from the White House briefing room are not here, another sign that the energy is inexorably shifting away from a lame-duck president toward the campaign to succeed him. No David Gregory, no Martha Raddatz, no Jim Axelrod. But wait,...

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Inside a Bush Protest

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- The first real action of President Bush's visit here took place before Air Force One even landed last night. Thousands of mostly left-leaning demonstrators beating drums, shouting slogans and waving signs protested in the center of town. Some of the protesters threw objects at the helmeted...

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Bush's Day in Brazil

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Here's a look ahead at President Bush's schedule today as he opens the first full day of his Latin America tour. He plans to start the day by touring a Petrobras Transporte fuel depot, a massive facility that provides enough fuel for 600,000 cars. Some of...

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Inside the Bush Bubble

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- The first sign of trouble at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington was the large plane on the tarmac with the crown painted on it. It didn't seem likely that the White House planned to send the media that covers President Bush to Latin America in...

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The Week Ahead

Thursday, March 8 -- Bush flies to Sao Paulo, arrives evening, no events. Friday, March 9 -- Bush in Brazil, flies in evening to Montevideo, Uruguay. Saturday, March 10 -- Bush in Uruguay. Sun., March 11 -- Bush flies to Bogota, Colombia (1st president there in 24 yrs), on ground...

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