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Feed That President!

MERIDA, Mexico -- President Bush just wrapped up the last event of his five-country, six-day tour of Latin America and clearly food is still on his mind. "Your hospitality was very generous," he told Mexican President Felipe Calderon, "and the meals were quite good." Later in this final news availability,...

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Pass the Tortillas, It's Time to Eat

MERIDA, Mexico -- On the last night of President Bush's six-day trip through Latin America, press secretary Tony Snow finally showed up to brief in the filing center and started out with a thorough account of ... the menu. SNOW: His lunch menu included three panuchos. These are corn tortillas...

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Missing Tony Snow Located

MERIDA, Mexico -- This just in: With 17-1/2 hours left in the president's six-day trip to Latin America, press secretary Tony Snow will make his first appearance in the press filing center. The White House just sent this out: * THERE WILL BE AN OFF-CAMERA BRIEFING BY DAN FISK, SPECIAL...

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Missing Persons Update

MERIDA, Mexico - Well, the political storm back home over the firings of the U.S. attorneys has finally convinced the White House that it needs to brief reporters traveling with President Bush for the first time after five days on the road. This notice was just sent out to...

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Following the First Lady

MERIDA, Mexico -- She goes largely unseen on these visits, but don't feel sorry for Laura Bush. She's having more fun than her husband. The president is famous for not bothering to see the sites in the many places he visits and in fact on this trip is doing more...

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Tony Snow Missing -- Day Five

MERIDA, Mexico -- Updating our APB from yesterday: White House press secretary Tony Snow was spotted talking for a minute or two yesterday afternoon and this morning to the small press pool that shadows the president. But he has still not shown up in the press filing center where the...

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Everybody's a Blogger

GUATEMALA CITY -- For those interested in more backstage blogs by White House correspondents, there are a few available. The most popular among the White House staff and reporters is at the Houston Chronicle Web site. It is written by Julie Mason, possibly sharpest observer of the weird ways of...

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Have You Seen This Man?

GUATEMALA CITY -- Reports indicate that a man fitting the description of Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary, is traveling with President Bush on his six-day tour of Latin America. The job duties of the Press Secretary reportedly include talking to the press. But since this is Day Four...

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In the Pool With the President

ANCHORENA PARK, Uruguay -- Life on the road with the president is an endless series of hurry-up-and-wait movements, wakeup calls, security sweeps, bus rides, plane flights, more security sweeps, motorcades, crushing deadlines, late nights and long hours spent sitting in vans or hotel ballrooms turned into filing centers. Only occasionally...

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